She hadn't felt this in love with anyone for a very long time, if ever, and she was sure it was going to be the death of her. His thoughts, quite similar, as he stared into her blue-gray pools. He'd swore to himself the last time he lusted after a girl that he'd never allow himself to fall in love, but he knew in this moment that he was, in fact, madly in love with the woman before him and he knew that there was nothing he could do to stop her from destroying him.


2. 6-02

“So, this is what she looks like?” Ryan asked, studying the picture of her that they'd all received via text.

“Yeah,” Justin nodded, not moving from his position. He was seated on one of the many chairs in the large living room, his elbows resting on his knees and his hands clasped together, his head dipping just a bit, “We're doing it tonight.”

“I still don't understand how we're gonna get past them. I mean, they're not nearly as guarded as we are, but without us storming the place, we'll never get to her,” Carey frowned, looking towards the picture again.

“They don't use guns like we do, C,” Ryan answered, noting that Justin's jaw had began to clench in annoyance again, “I mean, they might have one guard with a gun right there, but we could practically walk right in and clean the place up if we wanted.”

“The only mission is to get her and get out, as undetected as possible,” Justin's brow furrowed in concentration as the plan played out perfectly in his head.

“Seriously, Dee, why are you guys going out on another mission tonight?” Krystal rolled her eyes, sighing. Sure, this was how they lived, but they'd already gotten more than enough money and more than enough drugs to live comfortably for the next year.

“Why do you always gotta question what we do?!” Dee nearly yelled at her. He was sick of her constantly asking him 'Why this' and 'Why that'. Sure, he loved her. Everyone in the gang loved her. She'd become sort of their 'Queen', if that's how anyone actually wanted to put it, but in his mind, she didn't understand why they continued to do what they did.

“Because I worry about you, Dee,” She sighed and flopped backwards onto the pillows of the bed, “I get it. I understand we're this 'Big, Bad Gang' and gotta keep up appearances, but the last thing I wanna see is you getting shot or hurt or killed. I don't want any of you getting hurt or killed.”

He took a deep breath, hoping to rid himself of the annoyance he felt, “I know, Babe. I just need you to stop questioning things. Do you think you'll be okay here tonight by yourself? Jerome wants us all to go along.”

“If he wants us all to go along, then why am I not going?” She cocked an eyebrow at him.

Dee gritted his teeth as he responded, “Because we don't need the liability of having to watch your ass. We're in, we get what we need and we're out. We run. You hate running. Therefore, it's that much easier if you just stay. THE FUCK. HERE!

“Okay,” She looked away from him, her eyes falling on anything but him. This is how he treated her lately and she hated it. She didn't know what she'd done to make him hate her this way, but it seemed like every day he was yelling at her for something. It was times like these that she questioned why she still stayed here, but her mind always replied with the same answer, Because you're alone, dummy. You have no one. You'd never survive on your own.Without another word, she pulled her legs up and laid back on the bed, curling into a ball as he left, slamming the door on his way out. That's when the tears began to fall, hitting the pillow. She angrily reached up and wiped them away, but they fell quicker than she could catch them. She wasn't sure how long she lay there, crying like that, but she heard a loud bang after awhile and it sounded like someone had kicked in the front door. She sat up quickly, frowning to herself and concentrating to try to hear anything to tell her what was going on. She heard a stair creek and reached under her pillow, wrapping her fingers around the knife she kept there. She stood, quietly, her knuckles turning white from holding the knife so tightly in her hand. She tip-toed towards the door and listened for a moment, hearing hushed voices. She frowned, knowing that the gang wouldn't be back from their mission yet. She slowly backed away from the door as the knob began to turn. She backed up quickly, the back of her knees hitting the mattress as the door opened. Her eyes met his, blue-gray immediately clashing against the chocolate brown.

A slow smile made it's way across his face as he spoke, seeing the knife she was wielding in her right hand out of his peripheral vision, “They left you here alone.”

“Who are you?” She asked, a frown crossing her beautiful features.

“You really don't know?” He chuckled, “Justin. Justin Bieber,” He nodded once at her.

“Okay,” She sighed, trying not to let her fear show. She'd heard of him and he was ruthless, but she'd never seen him before and she had to admit, he was definitely gorgeous, “What do you want?”

“Isn't it obvious?” He cocked an eyebrow at her, “You're what we came for.”

She let out a disgusted laugh, “Like I'd ever just go with you.”

He shrugged, “Willingly or not, you're coming with me. Your choice.”

“Taking me isn't gonna get you anywhere,” She let out a sigh, glancing down at the knife in her hand and then meeting his gaze again, debating on whether or not to put up a fight, “I'm not even sure they'd care if I was gone. It'd probably be a lot less hassle for them if they didn't have to worry about me.”

He noticed the tears dried to her cheeks and fought the pang in his chest as he stared at her, “If that's what you think, why wouldn't you willing come with me then?” She was silent for a moment. Was she sincerely debating on leaving with him? She'd been told numerous times by everyone in the gang how vile he was; how he lived to make other people's lives miserable, but would it really be better than getting yelled at every day? Would she STILL get yelled at and pushed around?

She shook her head, trying to rid herself of the thought, “No. My things are here. They're my family. I'm not leaving,” She got a better grip on the knife, prepared to stab him if he took one step towards her.

“You're not gonna be able to stab me quick enough,” He read her movements like a book, nodding towards the knife, “I'm too fast for that.”

“Cocky, aren't you?” She raised her eyebrows in surprise.

He shook his head with a taunting smirk, “No. I just know that nobody can beat me. Aside from a stray bullet here or there, there ain't nothing stopping me. And even that wouldn't kill me. Hasn't in the past, sure as hell won't in the future.” Without a word, she lunged for him, intent on stabbing him and he immediately caught her wrist, using his strength to force her to drop the knife as he met her eyes, “See?” He whispered, inches from her lips, “Easy.” Before she knew what was happening, another man appeared behind Justin, immediately putting a cloth on her mouth. The last thing she remembered seeing before everything went black, were his cocoa brown eyes.

“Are we getting anything else while we're here?” Ryan asked, picking her up, Bridal style, ready to carry her out to the car.

“Get her stuff,” Justin motioned around the room and directed his statement towards Ty.

“We're kidnapping her and bringing her things? Is she fucking moving in?” Ty was obviously displeased, mumbling incoherent things as he angrily found a duffel bag and began to throw her things into it. Justin just let out a sigh, without a verbal response, and turned on his heel, leaving the room.

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