Calum Hood's Sister

"Calum Hood's Sister" is a story filled with drama, laughter, surprises,family, and love..

Carter happens to be the lovely sister of Calum hood, of 5 seconds of Summer. Ever since he's gotten famous their sibling bond has faded. Now, in attempt to spend time together Carter Joins Calum on his bands first very own tour without One Direction. As the bands fame grows so do relationships.. Some more then others.


6. Waterfall Suprise


I would like to look back and say my first morning waking up on tour was all butterflies and sunshine, but it was more of a waterfall surprise. It was memorable though.
Just as I gasp frantically, sitting up feeling like I was drowning a second before the feeling passed a short scream erupted next to me. I let out shocked breathes as my hands rub the water from my face, to see Luke standing beside my bed with an empty bowl. I look at him to shocked to speak. He laugh so hard he was holding his stomach. "What the hell!?" Yells someone next to me. I look quickly seeing a drenched Stella glaring at my brother who is also holding an empty bowl. My eyes narrow at Luke who seems to notice my rising anger. "You think just because your not my brother, i won't hit you? I know that's why you did it instead of Calum." I say to Luke,making him stop laughing. I pull back my soaking sheets and step onto the cold floor. Glancing at the clock seeing its only 7am. Payback time. I smile innocently to Luke and notice him looking me up and down. Stella copies my actions. "Give me a hug." We both say to them. My foot steps closer to him as he takes a step back. He looks at Calum. "No way.." Says my brother. "Were not dumb." Luke tells us.


Right when I was going to tackle Luke he sprints for the door with Calum following him. "Dang it!" Stella growls. I look at my bed seeing the bowl Luke left behind. Looking to my left seeing Calum's on Stella's bed. An excited gasp escapes my lips. Grabbing the bowl I hold it up to Stella who instantly knows what I'm thinking.
"You go to Calum's room, and I'll go to my brothers." She whispers as we make our way into the hallways with the water filled bowls. She takes a right as I take a left. Once arriving infront of Calum's door I stay quiet to see if he's in there. I hear his voice whispering to someone as foot steps get closer to the door. An evil grin spreads my lips. My hand grips the door knob. 1.2.3. I pull the door open splashing the person I thought was Calum. My smile drops quickly when I realize Michael was the one walking closer to the door, not my brother. "I-I-I." my voice couldn't manage a sentence. My brother laughs loudly in the back, but I couldn't focus on anything but the drenched boy infront of me. I hear someone running from my left coming to me but I don't bother to look. "Carter. I got him! What about yo-" Stella voice stops when she notices Michael. "Crap." She mumbles. Michael wipes his eyes angrily and looks down at me. "I am so so so sorry, I thought you were m-" I regain my ability to speak.


"Save it." He snaps before brushing past me with a scowl.
I sadly watch him walk away. "Don't worry sis, its only Michael." Calum says to me. This doesn't make me feel any better. Stella pulls me to her. "Come on, lets go back to our room." Her voice filled with sympathy. I could feel my brother looking at me weird as we walk away.


I'm thankful that when we arrived back in the room Stella didn't ask how it happened, because she could tell I didn't want to talk about it. Instead we called room service to switch our sheets so after we can crawl back in a dry bed and watch Pitch Perfect. I needed to watch a funny movie and this movie always makes me laugh. In the middle of the part where Fat Amy gets hit by a flying burrito there's a knock at the door and we stop laughing. "I'll get it." I mumble. "You sure?" Stella asks unsure but I nod my head yes.
My whole body stiffens as I open the door to see Michael leaning against the door frame. Don't think of how sexy he looks. I tell myself. "What do you want?" Stella says from behind me before I could say anything. She doesn't even invite him in which I'm glad. "I came to ask if you both wanted to come out to breakfast with us?" His voice seems a bit fake even if he's smiling. It seems weird. I stare at him intensely, thinking. "Calum sent you up here didn't he?" I ask him. "Well, yeah." Michael says it like its obvious there's no other reason he'd be here. "Tell them we said no." I tell him annoyed and slam the door shut in Michael's face. Stella puts her hand up for a high five which I take and we both grin at each other before pressing play on Pitch Perfect.



We've watched 21st Jump Street before deciding we need to get some fresh air.
"How about a girls day? It'll cheer you up." Stella smiles to me. She's so sweet. "Sounds great, but we're still going to our brothers first concert." I nod to her while getting out of my bed. "Of course." She does the same.
"I'm thinking.. Ice cream and maybe the local fair?" Stella gleams. "Yes!" I agree excitedly.
We both shower and I dress in white high wasted shorts with black leggings underneath, a burgundy sweater tucked into my shorts, and black lace up ankle wedges paired with a white lace hair bow in the back of my sock bun. Then an army colored green jacket for extra warmth.Stella wore a floral printed skater dress with black rose printed tights underneath, red converse, her black leather jacket with studs, and vintage circled sunglasses.


"Now that we look hot. To the fair!" Stella cheers as we walk out of the room to the elevator, not one of the guys in sight. I sigh of relief. This is going to be fun. I check my phone seeing that its almost noon. "I hope we meet some cute British boys." Stella says to me in the elevator. "What about Ashton?" I giggle to her. "Well we just met and were not a couple, so no harm done." She winks to me. "Just have fun." Stella assures me. She's right. Lets just have fun. Screw Michael! I can find myself a hot British guy at the fair.





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