Calum Hood's Sister

"Calum Hood's Sister" is a story filled with drama, laughter, surprises,family, and love..

Carter happens to be the lovely sister of Calum hood, of 5 seconds of Summer. Ever since he's gotten famous their sibling bond has faded. Now, in attempt to spend time together Carter Joins Calum on his bands first very own tour without One Direction. As the bands fame grows so do relationships.. Some more then others.


18. Switching Roles


~ Michael's P.O.V ~ .

The cold breeze feels a bit harsh against my skin as I sit on this distressed wooden bench. All 6 of us decided to take a walk along this amazing bridge that's built above a lake. Three days have passed since Carter and I confessed to each other before she passed out, because of me. It was all my fault that she ended up in the hospital. No matter who tried to tell me other wise I know it was my fault. I've never hated my self more in my life than right now and for many reasons.
Were in Virginia, Now. We'll be here only for one more day. A part of me wanted this tour to end fast, but the other part wanted it to last forever. Since Three days ago Carter hasn't given me the time of day. I want her so badly to talk me, but the only thing I get is glances and silence. I keep thinking if this is how I made her feel? Rejected and embarrassed? I can't believe I've treated her so meanly.. She made my feelings go everywhere and I didn't know how to handle that. So I covered it up with anger. Which is no excuse and if this is how terrible I made her feel I almost wish she never forgives me.


I can't tear my eyes away. The way she's leaning against the railing and looking down to the water is so beautiful. How she erupts in laughter as Luke lifts her by the waist and spins her as she smiles down at him. Hearing her laugh always makes me smile but when Luke causes it my body tenses. He places her down gently on her feet. I grip the arm rest on the bench as she runs away playfully with Luke chasing after her, both of them laughing. My blood begins to boil, my jaw tightens, yet I couldn't look away. This has been happening alot. I see them acting all cute and I get angry..

"Michael. Michael!?" Ashton yells next me as he snaps his finger, getting my attention. "What!?" I snap. He puts his hands up in surrender. "Woah chill." He says making me realize what I did. "I'm sorry, Ash." I mumble apologetically, relaxing my body again. "Its fine. I just had to snap you out of it. You were staring intensely.." He chuckles. "I was not." I lie completely. "Yes you were." Stella says from next to Ashton. "Whatever." I mutter. "She'll come around eventually, mate." Ashton tries to convince me, but I just nod unsure. "I hope so." I mutter before kicking a rock laying on the brick floor. Just when I do Carter and Luke make their way towards us.

"Luke and I thought it'd be fun if we all went bowling before the concert tonight?" Carter says to her brother who's sitting on the bench right next to this one. She looks to everyone else. Except me of course. "Bowling?" Calum says confused. "Yeah. We haven't been in a long time and its something new to do with everyone." She smiles. Even though she doesn't even glance at me I still smile up at her. She's just perfect. "That sounds fun." Stella gleams. "Yeah great idea." Says Ashton. I nod my head. "We thought we would go to the hotel first before so that way we can change then after bowling go straight to the arena which is next to the bowling place?" Luke suggest. "Sounds good." We all agree and start making are way to the hotel.

I'd be lying if I said, I wasn't admiring from afar the whole way.


~ Carter's P.O.V ~

"Oh Carter you should have seen his face when my brother lifted you up.." Stella pouts to me as she takes off her jacket and tosses it onto her hotel bed. I shrug my shoulders. "Don't feel bad for him Stella, He made me feel like crap." I turn to her and she nods her head in understanding. "We have Known each other for a little now, geez we've been roommates the whole time and I know you more than you think." She tells me in confidence. I raise an eyebrow as I take off my shoes. Stella sighs before she continues."As much as your trying to convince yourself you don't care, I know you do and its killing you that you care so much. Its not good to block your true feelings out, because then they'll build up and all those feeling will explode from you at once. Just like they did in that elevator in New Jersey." She says while throwing her hands around as she talks. I take in all her honest words. "I have to pretend! I have to seem like me being mean to Michael is the right thing. That he deserves it!" I huff while walking quickly into the bathroom and shutting the door behind me.


I wipe the tear running down my cheek. Don't cry. Suck it up. I tell myself before taking off my clothes and putting on another outfit for bowling. I tried to go with something more casual but still eye catching. A high waisted red leather skirt, sleeveless white blouse tucked in, then a grey and white long sleeve letter men jacket, a black necklace in the shape of a C, black rose detailed tights, with all white high top converse. I pull my loose curled hair back in a ponytail and sprayed some perfume on.

I let out a deep sigh before open the door and walking out to see Stella waiting in a new outfit. White sweater with studs on the sleeves, black leather skinny pants, with a floral scarf and floral vans. She looks to me and smiles slightly. I make my way to her and sit down. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean snap at you." I hug and she chuckles. "Its fine. Your just upset about Michael." She shrugs. This girl is amaze-balls.
"We should go though. They're waiting down stairs." She rises from the bed before I do then we make our way to them.



"Just to warn you all. I'm the king at bowling!" My brother brags to them as we all exit the car parked infront of the bowling alley. Every one chuckles. "Oh bull crap, Calum. You suck." I call him out and he looks to me with a fake hurt face. "Way to kill my street cred!" he gasps making us all laugh as I shake my head. I go to pull open the door just as Michael does. Our hands brush against each other. It felt as If I was just shocked on my hand. "Sorry." He mumbles while looking down. I nod my head and pull away. "Awkward." Luke mumbles. I slap him on the chest and he chuckles. Michael ends up opening the door and I try my best to avoid his gaze as I enter first.


"One lane please, for six people." Stella tells the lady behind the short wall. She soon hands us six tickets to get our shoes then tells us what lane after we pay. I take in the salty smell of popcorn and French fries. Ah.. Smells so good. The loud echoes of the pins crashing multiple time fills the big room. My favorite part about bowling has always been when they turn the lights out and do some neon light stuff. Hopefully they'll do that. "What size shoe?" The guys asks me. "Um 7 please." I smile. He hands me my bowling shoes before I make my way to our lane where Stella and my brother are already putting there shoes on. Once we are all ready Calum walks over to the keyboard thing where you put yours names in. "We need to split into two teams of three." I say. "How about Stella, Luke, and Michael. Then Calum, Carter, and I?" Ashton says. "Okay but don't underestimate my teams skills!" Stella puts her fist in the air humorously as Luke and Michael cheer "Yeah I'm great at bowling." Luke says next to me. I turn to him and smirk. "Your so going to down." I confidently tell him and wink. "We'll see about that he smirks back. "Game on!" Ashton announces as if were playing football. God I love these people.





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