Calum Hood's Sister

"Calum Hood's Sister" is a story filled with drama, laughter, surprises,family, and love..

Carter happens to be the lovely sister of Calum hood, of 5 seconds of Summer. Ever since he's gotten famous their sibling bond has faded. Now, in attempt to spend time together Carter Joins Calum on his bands first very own tour without One Direction. As the bands fame grows so do relationships.. Some more then others.


11. RoadTrip


These last four days have been pretty great. We arrived in America three days ago and the band has done two more concerts since we got here in Maryland. Currently we're on our way to New York and I'm so excited to see time square since I've only seen it on tv. A couple things have changed since we had that party.


Lets just say for Stella.. She vowed never to drink that much again which made me laugh my ass off. For two days she was recovering from the hangover which must have sucked. Luke and I have been attached by the hip since he slept in my bed that night. Nothing romantic has happened and I tend to keep it that way for now but Stella keeps telling me how adorable we act. I've noticed glares coming from Michael more often and I just ignore him or sometimes return the glare. As for James and I, we went on one more date before I left London and said our goodbyes but promised to keep in touch as friends.
I press the button above me to role down the car window. We are all in the type of car that has two back seats so we all fit. I'm laying down with my head on Luke's lap as he plays with my hair. In the seat behind us is Stella and Ashton who are both sleeping.


They look so cute how Stella's head his laying on Ashton's shoulder while his head is leaning on top of hers. In the two front seats Michael is driving while Calum sits in the passenger seat gazing out the window. I'm so glad we decided to drive instead of flying there. I love road trips. Instantly, I regret rolling down the window since its freezing in America this time of year as well. Luke rolls the window back up for me before reaching for something behind me. I smile up at him as he lays his grey hoodie over me to keep my upper body warm. "Thanks." I mumble softly so I don't wake anyone up. Luke nods his head. "Were almost at the gas to stop for snacks and put gas in the car." Calum turns around to tell us. "Okay." Luke and I say. Luke has one hand resting on the car door and another laying gently on my stomach. I take in every detail of his features while he stares out the window at the passing scenery. My eyes look down to his hand on my stomach.


I take both my hands and slowly hold it between mine own before rising it above me at eye level as Luke looks at me amused. My fingers mess with his out of curiosity. I straighten up my hand from under his to compare their sizes, I smile up at how his overlaps mine by an inch. Just when I was about to intertwine our fingers, Michael speaks up. "Were here, everyone out!" Michael yells quickly. "What's his problem?" Ashton tiredly asks Calum. My brother shrugs and I let out a grunt. "I don't want to get out." I huff. "I wonder why?" Stella says from behind me in a sarcastic tone. "Shut up." I gush. Everyone else gets out of the car and begins to walk towards the Shells gas station store. Leaving Luke and I alone. "Come on we should go too." He tells me. "But I'm lazy." I pout. Luke laughs as he lifts my head to get out from under. He gently places it back down. "Come on." He humorously tugs my arm. "Ugh fine." I sit up while Luke turns around and squats a little. "I'll give you a piggy back ride." He offers. "Yay!" I say excitedly like a little kid. I love piggy back rides! My arms wrap around his neck and lay on his chest as he holds my thighs up. Luke opens the stores door and we walk in and start laughing at how people begin looking at us weird. I set my chin on his shoulder. "What do you want to drink?" He asks. "You already know." I chuckle.


"Of course I do." His voice filled with confidence as he walks to the cold drinks and stops infront of the tall cylinder canned Arizona teas. "Awe you do know." I say happily once he hands me the strawberry kiwi flavored one. "I know what your getting.." I tell him with pride. "And what am I getting then?" He asks unsure if I'll know. Luke begins walking. "A yellow Gatorade." I smirk just as he stops infront of the Gatorades. "I knew it." I say softly. Luke lets out a sexy chuckle while grabbing his yellow Gatorade.
"Well aren't you two just adorable." Michael says sarcastically rolling his eyes at Luke and I, once we arrive back at the car. Me still on Luke's back. "Oh shut up." I snap at him. I notice everyone is already back in the car. Luke puts me down so I can climb in then him getting in after me. The car soon begins moving out of the gas stations parking lot and onto the high way.


"OH MY GOD! WERE IN NEW YORK!" Stella squeals happily. "I KNOW!" I squeal back, returning her excitement. "Where are you performing?" Stella curiously asks. "Radio City music hall." says Ashton as he opens the door to the hotel. "Wow." I mumble. I'm so impressed of how far they've come as a band. "Were only staying one day." Pouts Luke. "Make the best of it." Calum announces to us while handing us our room keys. "Pairs still the same right?" Stella asks and I smile at her. That's when Michael spoke up. "Actually I was kinda hoping to room with Luke for now on." He states. "Ouch mate." Ashton jokes. Everyone looks at Luke. Please say no!! "Uhh I guess." Luke shrugs. I keep my mouth closed from how I much i'm fuming. Now If I want to see Luke, I have to go see Michael!? I have a feeling this is exactly what Michael wanted.. He'll just take every chance he can to be a complete jerk to me.



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