Calum Hood's Sister

"Calum Hood's Sister" is a story filled with drama, laughter, surprises,family, and love..

Carter happens to be the lovely sister of Calum hood, of 5 seconds of Summer. Ever since he's gotten famous their sibling bond has faded. Now, in attempt to spend time together Carter Joins Calum on his bands first very own tour without One Direction. As the bands fame grows so do relationships.. Some more then others.


15. Red Is The Color Of?


"Are you sure there's not just one more room?" I nervously asked the man behind the hotel desk. "Yes ma'am, I'm sure. Only two are available." He said mainly to me but the others heard. A couple of grunts came from myself and Stella. "Just great.." I mumble sarcastically. "Oh come on, it'll be fun!" My brother says cheerfully and I glare at him. "I'm with Calum." Ashton smiles. "Oh please.. Your just saying that, because you want to room with girls." Luke humorously says. Ashton blushes a little. Making me chuckle. "I don't care who I room with." Stella shrugs. "Dibs on Ashton!" Calum announces. "Can I go with you?" Luke asks me. "Yeah sure.." I see Michael glare at us in the corner of my eye. Kill with kindness.. I remind myself so I don't slap him straight across the face ugh. "So its Me, Calum, and..?" Ashton asks. A smile spreads across my lips when Stella eyes light up.


"Um, can I join you two?" she sounds so shy.. Probably afraid they'll say no. "Of course!" Calum laughs and pulls her in for a hug. Wait... That leaves Luke and I with Michael!? Yup its official.. God is trying to make me insane. You know what.. We are all adults I think we can be mature about this, but then again Michael is the opposite of that word.
I glance to Stella who's looking at me with apologetic eyes and I give her an assuring smile. I'm not going to let Michael ruin this experience for me. He's ruined it enough. "Great.. Well I'm exhausted so lets go." Michael says to Luke and I as the others walk away towards their hotel room. "I'm so glad your not a complete ass." I mumble to Luke while looking at Michaels back as we walk. Luke lets out a husky chuckle. Michael unlocks the room , I couldn't help but notice the way his combat boots make an echo when he steps against the marble floor. "I'm not sleeping with anyone in my bed, so lucky you two." Michael says rudely as he tosses his suitcases on one of the beds. "Thanks Michael." I mumble with a fake smile. "What are the plans for tonight?" Luke asks us. "Well.. I was thinking we could go out to a club?" I suggest. Michael raises an eyebrow at me, but I ignore it. "That sounds fun, did you tell the others?" Luke says. "No but I will right now." I pull out my cell phone and dial Stella's number, I think I can use a night of not caring.



"Party time!" Stella yells as she pushes the hotel door open. Everyone was all for a night out so its 11pm and were waiting for everyone to meet up in my hotel room. It was kind of weird to get ready in a room with two guys, basically meaning I spent most of the time in the bathroom. Of course Michael threw a fit about that many times and I just apologized.. But I'm so close to reaching my breaking point with him. "Your brother and Ashton will be here soon." Stella says from behind me. I look my self up and down in the hotels full body mirror. Tonight I'm wear black leather short overalls, with a black and red flannel underneath that has mid sleeves, then detailed edgy tights, paired with leather heeled ankle boots, also red lipstick. "Super sexy." Stella grins to me. "I must agree." Luke nicely says near us. Stella playfully slaps him. "He's just kidding, Stella." I tell her but she shakes her head. Just then the door opens to reveal Calum and Ashton walk in quietly. "What's up?" Michael asks confused. At least someone else caught on to how odd they were acting. "Ugh.. I hate to say this. But we can't go out." Ashton grumbles while he throws himself onto my bed. I instantly freak.


"What!? why not!?" My voice frantically asks as I quickly turn and walk to them. I really want to go out. "I'm sorry sis. Security says its to dangerous.. There's almost a million fans outside. There's no way we can get through that.." Calum frowns at me. I bury my head into my hands, frustrated. "This sucks!" Stella huffs. As much as I adored my brothers fans. They can be so irritating sometimes. Like seriously, leave the guys alone! I let out an angry grunt and toss my clutch onto the couch. "Woah. Everyone watch out Godzilla is on the loose." Michael speaks sarcastically from across the room, while frantically throwing his hands in the air. All eyes get wide when he says this. I snap my head towards him and narrow my eyes. "Not smart mate." I hear my brother mumble. In this moment its as if the only other person in this room with me was Michael.. And he was the color or anger. Red. "Why? Its not like she'll say anything.. She never does." Michael says with a tone that digs under my skin. "Well this time I am." I say sternly while slowly walk towards him and the others take a step back. This is not just about what he just said. Its about every single eye role, smart comment, and glare. I can't take it anymore and I deserve to know why me!?


"Stop being such a gigantic ass whole that has nothing better to do then torture me!" I scream into his face. "I'm so sick of it! I mean what did I do to deserve it!?" My voice screams. He takes one step closer to me. "I don't have to listen to this." He speaks with his jaw clenched and begins to walk closer to the door. "Are you kidding me!?" I yell but he keeps walking. I run after him into the hallway. "I'm the one that doesn't have to listen to your smart remarks, but I still do so tell me why!!" My heart was beating so fast and my adrenaline was high. I could punch a damn wall, but I prefer to punch Michael. "Go back to the room." Michael tells me sternly but keeps walking faster towards the elevator. I feel the others staying a close distance behind me. "No! Stop running and tell me!" I scream. He's a good distance into the elevator but I pick up my speed and slip through the doors just as they were about to close. "Damn it." Michael huffs and begins to repeatedly push the level 1 button on the elevator. "Michael. Please just tell me why!" I plead. "I can't! Just drop it!" He screams nervously, still repeatedly pressing the button.. "I've dealt with this long enough! Say it!" I yell while trying to catch my breath.
Both of or bodies jerk harshly backwards. I could feel we were no longer moving. "No. No. No.." I panic while trying to push the button again. The elevators screen has gone to a black and white static.


"You broke the elevator!" I screech as I keep my eyes on the buttons. "If you didn't follow me this wouldn't have happened." He mumbled. "Stop blaming this on me! Your the one who's been a jerk to me. I didn't do anything to offend you." I say the last words quietly. "I bet they're trying to get us out of here right now." Michael tells me. "Of course they are but don't change the subject." I hiss. Just by looking at Michael I could tell when I said that his anger built up again, making mine come back. "You hate me, so what's the point!" his words are like a slap in the face. How can he say that!?! "Me!? Michael, even before we met I had this huge fucking crush on you. Only to find out that you were an ass whole! That hurt so much, but I still couldn't shake my feeling for you! That drives me crazy!" My words came out like fire and there was no stopping it. "You don't even realize." He shakes his head. "Realize what!?" I confusingly scream. His body steps closer to me ready to explode. "How they look at you! How all the guys around you can't help but stare! Its drives me insane knowing how they all want you, Carter! The reason I've been so mean is because of how much attention you give them! I'm jealous okay! I'm fucking jealous and its killing me!" His words made tears flood down my cheeks. Before I have even a second to breath my body is pressed up against the elevator wall with Michael on top of me, eyes were filled with lust. His lips pressed against mine passionately as intense sparks ignited throughout my whole body..





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