Calum Hood's Sister

"Calum Hood's Sister" is a story filled with drama, laughter, surprises,family, and love..

Carter happens to be the lovely sister of Calum hood, of 5 seconds of Summer. Ever since he's gotten famous their sibling bond has faded. Now, in attempt to spend time together Carter Joins Calum on his bands first very own tour without One Direction. As the bands fame grows so do relationships.. Some more then others.


17. Panic


*** My bare feet walk against the cold wooden dock going out into this beautiful lake where you can see the suns reflection across the surface. What is happening? "Hello?" I call out but no answer. I look at my surroundings and a figure catches my eye.. A male it appears to be. He's sitting at the end of the dock with his feet hanging off and his back facing me. Once I begin to walk towards him his curly brown hair makes me realize who it is. "Calum?" I say from behind him. His body turns to me and smiles the warmest smile. "Hey, Carter. Come sit." He pats the spot next to him and returns his gaze at the breath taking lake. The water hits my bare feet slightly as I sit next to my brother. "Calum, where are we?" My voice is soft and filled with confusion. "Well my beautiful sister, we are on a dock." He smirks at me smugly. I let out a small laugh and give him a playful shove. "Don't be such a smart ass. Really, where are we?" I chuckle. Calum smiles at me. "Were in your head, Carter." He says seriously. My face looks at his confused. "My head? I don't understand.." I mumble. "Your dreaming." He explains. I look up at the blue and bright sky. "But it all looks so real.." I look back down at the water. The feeling of Calum's hand on top of mine caught my attention. "You must know something, baby sis.." His voice filled with caution. "What?" I smile confused. "Soon something is going to happen.. Something bad, but I need you to stay strong." He squeezes my hand slightly when he say this. I feel the gentle breeze hitting me. "Calum.. I don't understand. What's going to happen?" I say more urgently. He gives me a small smile. "Time to wake up." He whispers as his body begins to fade. I begin to panic. "No! What's going to happen! Calu-" ***


"Calum!" I scream sitting straight up in a panic. My body is panting rapidly. "Its okay. I'm here." Someone says loudly next to me. I hear many footsteps running to me. My eyes adjust to the bright lights. A room.. I'm in a baby blue room. I feel the familiar squeeze on my hand. Looking to my left my eyes meet with my brother. "Calum its you! What's going to happen!? tell me!" I scream urgently. His face looks scared and confused, from the redness of his eyes I can see he's been crying. "Carter, what are you talking about?" He asks me. "I- I- I." My body can't find the words. It was just a dream. "Sweetie its okay..." Calum grips on my shoulders and looks at me softly when he says this. I begin to relax. "Carter.." My eyes dart to the voice coming from my right. I haven't even noticed Stella, Luke, Ashton, and Michael at my side. "Oh my god, thank the lord!" Stella cries and wraps me in a bear hug. "You're in a hospital." Ashton assures me and I nod my head slowly adjusting to his words. "We were all so worried." Luke tells me and I smile a thank you. I lay my back against the bed and sigh. "Michael what happened?" I say softly while looking at the green eyed boy who looks like he hasn't slept in days due to his red eyes. He takes my free hand in his. "We'll go get the doctor." Stella smiles while looking to all the boys. "Good idea." Calum grins and walks towards the door. "But she just woke up, I wanna chat." Ashton pouts and we all laugh. "Come on, mate." Luke laughs while nudging Ashton out the door and closing it behind them all.


"I'm so glad your okay.." Michael mumbles next to me as he rubs his thumb over the top of my hand. "How long have I been in here?" I ask. "Six hours." Michael shrugs. I guess that's not that bad. "The doctor said you could go home when you woke up." He informs me. I hate hospitals. "Fill me in on what happened." I tell him and he nods. "Well, what's the last thing you remember?" I look at the wall to think. "When you hugged me while we were sitting." I say. "After that. I had to carry you out once the elevator was fixed. Everyone was waiting anxiously outside the doors for us. They started panicking when they saw you in my arms You looked so sick and fragile.. I couldn't tell them what was wrong, because I didn't know. We went straight for the car and took you here." A tear rolls down his cheek as he pauses to look around the room. I couldn't imagine how I'd feel If it was him instead of me who passed out, but I'm still angry. "They said you were having an anxiety attack. That your heart rate was running wild making your head hurt and soon making you dizzy and faint, they said you'll be fine." He smiles a small smile and looks down at rooms shiny floor. I run my fingers against his cheek to get him to look at me. "Thank you." I say with so much meaning. "Anytime." He mumbles. "Michael.. But I still don't forgive you. Not just yet." His smiles fades and he nods in understanding. "I understand.." I pull my hand from his slowly. "And I don't know when I will or if I can." I say in a serious tone.

Our eyes look to the door as the doctor enters the room. "Ah I see our patient must ready to go home?" She nicely asks. Before coming over to me and giving me and eye check and other stuff like asking me questions. "Definitely." I state anxiously.



Well last night and today have pretty memorable and crazy, but finally things are at a calm and quiet environment. Yet that dream was still fresh in my mind. I keep telling myself it was just a dream, but what if it was something more? Stella and I just got to our hotel rooms hall. It took a while to convince all the guys im fine and don't need a male babysitter. Even when my brother insisted other wise. I declined. "Are you hungry?" Stella grins as she skips happily into out hotel room. I let out a grunt at the mention of food. "My stomach is sadly still recovering and is in no mood for food. I'll probably throw it up." I shudder at the thought while laying down on my hotel bed. "Its so nice to in a comfortable bed.." I sigh and rub my hand over the fluffy comforter. "I bet." Stella chuckles while jumping onto her bed. "You little missy, have alooooot to tell me." She winks while taking a bite of a granola bar. I let out a weak giggle. "Oh Stella. I will, but later?" I ask. "Ofcourse. Just one question?" She ask anxiously. I nod letting her know to continue. "What are you and Michael?" Stella asks concerned.

"Right now. We're nothing."





Here you go beautifuls!! <3

Dang it I haven't been on movellas in forever and I'm sorry for not updating and everything

but there were a lot of difficulties and struggles and I just needing

sometime alone to myself and whatever but I'm here now, yeah?

Not sure when the next update will be if you're still interesting in reading this or not.

~ T

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