Calum Hood's Sister

"Calum Hood's Sister" is a story filled with drama, laughter, surprises,family, and love..

Carter happens to be the lovely sister of Calum hood, of 5 seconds of Summer. Ever since he's gotten famous their sibling bond has faded. Now, in attempt to spend time together Carter Joins Calum on his bands first very own tour without One Direction. As the bands fame grows so do relationships.. Some more then others.


12. Kindness Kills


"Its 3 o'clock. We have four hours till the concert. What should we do?" I hear Stella ask from her hotel bed while I sit on mine. I bluntly shrug my shoulders while keeping my eyes on the ceiling above me as I lay. She sighs as she gets up, making her way towards me. "Carter. Michael obviously did that on purpose and I saw how much that upset you, I'm so sorry. You shouldn't have to deal with that." Stella sits on the side of my bed and sympathetically place her hand on my shoulder. I look to her and smile a small smile. "Your amazing Stella, but you have nothing to be sorry about." I softly say while sitting up. "You know what you should exactly do!" Stella says excitedly. "What?" I turn to her intrigued. Stella stands up and begins to pace back and forth.


"Michael is always looking for a reaction from you, he wants you to get upset or yell at him." She pauses. "Yeah and.." I say like she has just stated the most obvious thing. "That's why you should do the opposite! Completely ignore Michael's stupid stares, mean remarks, and even how he's Luke's roommate." Stella says brilliantly. "Kill him with kindness!" I yell excitedly while getting up and hugging her. "Exactly! And eventually he'll just give up and leaving you alone." She smiles at my happy reaction. "Perfect." I squeal. Walking to the mirror, I fix my black beanie and pull on my green army jacket that I took off earlier. "Where are you going?" Stella asks confused. "I'm going to try out your brilliant plan." I give her a wink and turn around to face her. "How do I look?" I ask. "Casual but fashionable." She winks back. I showered and changed when we got to the hotel so now I'm wearing a black v-neck, my army jacket, a black beanie, distressed jeans, all black high top converse, and a silver owl necklace to dress it up a bit. My lips spread into a confident smile as we go to the door. "I'll be with your brother and Ashton if you need me." She tells me while we walk out the hotel room door and go our separate ways.


I kept my lips into a smile when Luke was the one who opened his hotel door after I knocked. "Hey.. I was just about to come see you." He says happily before motioning for me to come in. "Guess I read your mind then." I say while walking through the hall towards his couch area. He lets out a chuckle. "I would suggest we go do something but the fans here, have this place surrounded." My voice laughs at his words. "Yeah your fans are crazy yet wonderful." I reply before he nods in agreement. We enter the area with couches but no tv. Kind of like a living room area. "Actually, do you want to go watch a movie in the bed room?" Luke suggests. "Yeah sure." I begin walking in another direction leading to the hotels bedroom. "Michael just got into the shower so it'll be us for a while." I sigh mentally of relief when Luke tells me this and I glance at the bathrooms closed door, with the noise of water coming from it. I know I said I'm going to kill him with kindness. And I am! But its not like I'm looking forward to it. My body jumps onto Luke's bed from the side making me lay horizontal.


He smiles at my actions then picks up the collection of movies and brings them to me. "What kind of movie do you want to watch?" He asks. "Um.. How about something dramatic?" I suggest humorously. Luke holds up the movie LOL staring Miley Cyrus. I let out a surprised gasp. "You have this movie? Isn't it a bit girly?" I laugh shocked. "Its my sisters." He try to defend himself. "Sure it is." My voice filled with disbelief. "Fine. I like this movie." He admits while placing it into the TVs DVD player. "It takes a man to admit that." I wink at him and he smiles. I stand up smoothly so he can lay down, Luke quickly notices why I've stood up. He lays down on his back on the left side of the bed. I gently fall back down on my belly, i bend my legs upwards and cross my ankles as my arms lay on his stomach and chest while I place my head on top of my arms. So we are both looking at the tv. It just feels so nice to lay here like this with him. Once the previews pass and the movie begins it grows to a comfortable silence.


Less than half way through the movie my body tenses when the bathroom door opens. Crap I completely forgot about Michael here, I got so into the movie. "Oh great your here." He says in an unenthusiastic tone. I haven't even looked at him. "Be nice Michael." Luke protectively says. He's so sweet. I put a fake smile on my face and raise my head to look at them. "Oh its fine Luke, Michael's just in a bad mood." I look to Michael before continuing. "We all get those bad days." I shrug happily at him. Michael raises an eyebrow at me, a bit confused. Which is exactly what I wanted. "Uh okay.." He mumbles. "Do you want to watch the movie with us?" I politely ask. "No thanks. I don't want to ruin this disgusting moment your having." Michael scoffs his words to me. Trying to regain his meanness. "Okay no problem." My smugly grin before placing my head back on Luke. I can feel stares on me and one being a speechless confused Michael. God Bless Stella.



Three hours later Stella and I were back in our hotel room almost done getting ready for the concert, laughing hysterically after I told her how I made Michael speechless. "That's great. But he'll definitely try again so just keep your guard up." She informs me. "Yeah I will for sure with him." I nod. "So what's with you and Ashton?" I dramatically gasp. Stella lets out a giggle as she makes finishing touches to her makeup in the mirror. "Were flirting alot. I think he likes me, not sure." She blushes. "I'll totally find out." I wink and she nervously agrees. "Ready to go?" I ask when she turns around. "Yep." Stella answers then we walk out of the hotel room into the hall towards the elevator, since were meeting up with the boys in the lobby.

"Hey!" I yell to everyone. Ugh yes including Michael. Killing with kindness sucks. Once we all say our hellos, we all make our way out the doors, through the fans, into the car, and towards Radio City Music hall.



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