Calum Hood's Sister

"Calum Hood's Sister" is a story filled with drama, laughter, surprises,family, and love..

Carter happens to be the lovely sister of Calum hood, of 5 seconds of Summer. Ever since he's gotten famous their sibling bond has faded. Now, in attempt to spend time together Carter Joins Calum on his bands first very own tour without One Direction. As the bands fame grows so do relationships.. Some more then others.


21. Jelousy Strikes Again


"Ten minutes people, Ten minutes!" A short chubby man wearing a head set on top of his black hair yells into the bands dressing room. "Geez does he need to yell?" Calum complains while rubbing both of his ears. Some of us nod in agreement.
Luke clears his throat as the boys stand side by side in a line facing Stella and I. "Alright. How do we look?" Ashton asked nervously. I take a moment to examine them, well admire them since they look damn sexy. Except my brother, though he looks handsome just not in that way.


They all are wearing casual things but more camera ready. Ash has black jeans on and a blue flannel button up with rolled up mid sleeves. Luke is wearing denim jeans and slick white v-neck with a bunch of colorful string bracelets. My brother has on a black graphic t-shirt under a distressed dark washed jean jacket with folded mid sleeves, While Michael is wearing black ripped jeans, a rolling stones shirt, then a leather jacket.
"You all look really good!" Stella compliments them. I lean into Stella. "Some more than others." I mutter. "What was that?" Luke says with a knowing grin. "What? Oh nothing." I say quickly while turning around and walking towards the door to hide my blushing.


The wide halls are filled with people with clipboards and headsets scrambling around. The man who is leading us to the set is walking seriously fast and all six of us are racing to keep up. Its quite a funny sight.
Even though Stella and I aren't really going on tv with them, we still wanted to walk them back stage to say good luck then we'll go sit in the audience. We finally walk through the last door leading us right on the side of the set. A tall semi curvy woman in a high wasted pencil skirt and a tucked in ruffled blouse smoothly walks to us once we enter. "Hello! I'm Olivia Jennings! Welcome to my show!" She gleams overly joyful. "Uh hi, were five seconds of summer." Calum tells hers. "Of course you are, silly. Who are these lovely ladies?" Olivia gestures towards Stella and I. "I'm Carter, Calum's sister." I say politely. "And I'm Stella, Luke's sister." Says Stella. "Oh how nice." Olivia hums. "We're on in two! Take your places!" Someone yells. Olivia races to her bright turquoise arm chair then waves for the band to follow. "Good luck! You'll do great!" Stella and I wish them luck before they march to the long turquoise couch placed next to Olivia's.


We take our seats just as the camera people are counting down. " we're live!" He points to Olivia behind the huge black camera. "Hey Everyone, Its Olivia and boy do I have a treat for all you young viewers!" She gleams to the camera then pauses as the audience cheers including some younger girls. "Joining me here today is the lovely, talented, and handsome. Five SOS!" Olivia raises her hands to the guys who are waving to the camera facing them. "Hello everyone!" Michael yells loudly to the audience who's cheers grew. I let out a giggle. "We're all dying to hear from you so let's get straight to it shall we?" She says while winking at the camera. "Of course." My brother smiles. "Ashton, how has the tour been?" Olivia leans to the side and relax her elbow against the chair's arm rest. "Its been incredible. Our fans have been more amazing than usual if possible." He answers. "Awe how sweet, have there been any surprises from the fans?" Asks Olivia. "Nothing crazy except this one concert,, we were in New York and this fan literally took off her bra to throw on the stage." Ashton says in laughter as the others begin to join in on the memory. I remember that! "Oh that was crazy! Then when Luke was walking around the stage it hit his chest and out of reaction he caught it with his hand. His expression was priceless." My brother explains as the audience including Stella and I crack up. "That sounds traumatizing for you, Luke." Olivia giggles. Luke smirks and shrugs his shoulders.


"Not relating to the fans were there any other surprises, perhaps?" She raises an eyebrow curiously. I see Michael glance at me before speaking. "There were a couple but nothing bad." He says. I look to my hands for a moment. "Ahh any girls in the picture for any of you gentlemen?" She asks. Dang the guys were right when they said all these people want is gossip. "I think Ash has an answer for that." Luke nudges Ashton. "Shut it." He blushes. I smile at Stella who is blushing as well. "Well tell us. Who's the lucky girl?" Olivia pushes. "My lips are sealed." Ashton smiles. "Awe no fair." Olivia fake pouts. "I think Luke has something to say with this topic." He nudges Luke in a playful mocking way. I furrow my eyebrows in confusion. "You know its not like that." Luke speaks. "Tell everyone about it." Olivia sates. "Oh I shou-" He tries to politely say no. "Come one tell us." Michael says with an angry voice yet trying to be happy. The others look at him with a 'what the fuck are you doing' kind of face.


"W-Well she's a very close friend of mine and happens to be Calum's sister." Luke hesitantly admits. A couple of 'Ohs' come from the audience. Fucking Michael! "Oh you're with Carter?" Olivia grins. "No. No. We are just best friends." He nods. "I sense a relationship coming on." She says to the camera before continuing. "We'll be right back with more five seconds of summer." The buzzer goes off signaling its commercial. I race out of my seat and onto the stage. "What the hell was that!?" I whisper yell to Michael. "Crap. I'm sorry I just got je-" He tries to explain but I already know what he was going to say. "Jealous? Yeah I can see that, but now people are going to be saying Luke and I are in a relationship!" I hiss. "She's right, Michael." My brother says and the others all nod. "Not cool, Mate." Luke adds. I let out a frustrated grunt and walk back to my seat.

For the rest of the show Olivia kept trying to get the boys to talk of their loves lives especially Luke. She even had the camera turned on me to ask ME some questions. Like wtf that women has issues.



Now, we are all back at the hotel and everyone except Luke and I decided to hang out in Calum and Ashton's room, because instead we wanted to just hang out and talk in his hotel room shared with Michael.
"I can't believe he did that." I mumble softly. We're sitting up on his bed our back against the pillows, he's hugging me from the side with his arm wrapped around my shoulder. "It was a pretty stupid move. I mean I know he did it because he got upset, but he only made his situation worse." Luke replies. "I bet people are going to crazy over this stupid rumor." I mope. Just think of all the hate I'm going to get from their fans, then the paparazzi!

I was definitely right that this would be a big deal once that show aired, but I didn't think of what would come from it or what affects it'd create.. I wish I would've known.





Zaayyuuum two in one day :* only for you all!

But sometimes I feel like no one is reading this anymore..

~ T

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