Calum Hood's Sister

"Calum Hood's Sister" is a story filled with drama, laughter, surprises,family, and love..

Carter happens to be the lovely sister of Calum hood, of 5 seconds of Summer. Ever since he's gotten famous their sibling bond has faded. Now, in attempt to spend time together Carter Joins Calum on his bands first very own tour without One Direction. As the bands fame grows so do relationships.. Some more then others.


10. It Just Got Better


Fists are pumping in the air, bodies are grinding, shots are being taken, and laughter is filling the air. Miley Cyrus, 23 is blasting through the huge speakers. I gaze around the roof guessing there's about 500 people here. Its a huge roof..
I didn't invite James since I told Luke we could hangout. Its 11pm so the party just began an hour ago.


"This so much fun!" Stella yells to me over the music. I nod my head as we dance together. Once Stella started grinding with this cute brunette guy I go off to find her brother. While looking I notice Michael dancing with two girls. Pig. I spot Luke laughing with a bunch of guys near the drinks and begin making my way towards him. Halfway to him, we make eye contact and he smiles before walking to me and away from the other guys. I feel butterflies grow in my stomach as he comfortably places both arms on my shoulders while holding his drink behind my head. He looks down to me still smiling. "Having fun!?" I yell to him. "It just got better!" He yells back making me blush. I notice him glance at something real quick, before he takes my hand and begins walking towards it. Luke leads me to a couch we brought up here that's currently empty.


"I heard about what happened this morning!" Luke yells as we sit down closely next to each other. I look at him confused. "How did you find out?" I ask. "Its all over talk shows." He says simply. How could I think I could keep that a secret when paparazzi outside was watching the whole time. DUH. "Oh." My voice responds cautiously. "What Michael said to you was him being an ass! You don't deserve that." Luke sincerely tells me. I turn my body so I'm hugging Luke's torso as we rest against the couch. He hugs back.. We stayed like that for a while till he asked me to dance.


I was having so much fun with Luke we danced while taking shots, we joked, and cheered with one another. Our friendship just grew majorly. I most likely wouldn't have had as much fun if he wasn't here. I started with 1 shot, then I stopped at 3 and so did Luke, but as for Stella.. We all kind of lost track of how many she took.

Its now three in the morning and the roof was almost empty except for Me, Calum, Luke, Ashton, and a past out Stella in Ashton's arms. Also a couple people past out on the ground. I guess around 1am Michael took one of the girls to his roof. Which hurt a little inside. "I'll take Stella to bed." Luke tells Ashton and Ashton carefully put Stella into Luke's arms. Once we entered the hotel halls everyone went their separate ways while Luke went with me. I let out a happy sigh as I unlock my hotel room door. We both walks to Stella's bed. My hand pulls back her sheets while Luke takes off her heels and gently places Stella onto the bed. I cover her up.


My feet walks over to my bed and sits on the edge. I notice Luke beginning to walks towards the door. "Wait." I grab his hand making him stop. He looks to me confused. "Stay with me.." I mumble. Luke seems a bit caught off guard but nods his head yes. We pull back my covers at the same time. Luke waits for me to Turn off all the lights before sitting on the bed. I don't even bother changing out of my jeans. He takes off his shoes as I slip out of mine. I put my legs onto the bed and lay down as Luke does the same thing. Tonight I just didn't want to sleep alone.. Luke and I are facing comfortably close to each other. Our eyes staring into one anothers. "Thank you for a great night, Luke." I whisper softly as my lips form into a quick small smile. Luke slowly pulls me by my waist and shifts onto his back so I'm laying my head on his chest and our feet intertwine. I feel his soft lips press onto my temple. "Anytime." He mumbles. I think I just got a guy best friend.. It feels so nice to be laying here with him. I close my eyes slowly falling asleep to the sound of Luke's slow heart beat.



My peaceful sleep was interrupted by the sound of whispering. I kept my eyes close since I don't think I'm able to open them from how tired I am. "Calum, don't worry we just feel asleep. I promise. " Luke's groggy voice whispers. "That better be it." My brother whispers calmly. I feel Luke shift meaning he nodded his head. I can tell were still in the same position. He's so comfortable. "Okay. Well were staying in for the day till the concert tonight." Calum tell him. I hear footsteps then a door closing. My brother must have left. I flicker my eyes open. Realizing its morning. I shift positions so my chin is resting on Luke's chest instead of my cheek. "Hey." He smiles down at me. Damn he looks good in the morning. His blonde hair is perfectly messy. "Hi." I mumble. "What time is it?" I ask. "1 pm. The concert is at 7." Luke tells me. "I'm so tired.." I grunt while looking to my right seeing Stella is still passed out. Luke smooths my hair getting my attention. "Lets go back to sleep then. We have time." He assures me. I nod my head before laying my cheek against his chest once again.





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