Calum Hood's Sister

"Calum Hood's Sister" is a story filled with drama, laughter, surprises,family, and love..

Carter happens to be the lovely sister of Calum hood, of 5 seconds of Summer. Ever since he's gotten famous their sibling bond has faded. Now, in attempt to spend time together Carter Joins Calum on his bands first very own tour without One Direction. As the bands fame grows so do relationships.. Some more then others.


2. In Excitement there's nerves


Today is the day I'm going on tour with my brothers band, WOW never thought I'd say that before. Am I excited? Not really, but am I majorly excited? YES. I do a really good job at looking calm. If my brother knew how im secretly a huge fan of the other members and also have a crush on Michael who is my favorite other than Calum he'd tease me till the day I die. And to think I've never even met them. Weird right? Just think. Today could change everything.


"Is this the last of your luggage?" I swirved my head to see my brother Calum looking to me as he hovers over my last two suit cases. "Yeah. Thank you." He nods his head quickly making his dark hair shift, soon placing my suit cases in the trunk of our car. Calum and I turn at the sound of crying and foot steps. "Promise you'll look after each other and call as much as possible?" My mother worriedly sobbed as she makes her way from the front door to us on the curb. She pulled me in for a bone crushing hug then doing the same to Calum. "Where's dad?" Calum whispers into our moms ear as they hug. She pulls away and frowns at us. "He had to work, but he told me to tell you he loves you both and to have fun." I nod at her with an understanding look.


My eyes focus on my house infront of me and a smile spreads my lips. A hand was gently placed on my shoulder. "Carter, are you ready?" Calum asked nicely. He's such a good brother. "I think so.." My eyes fall to my pants as I fixed them. I hoped I looked like I wasn't trying too hard but still fashionable at the same time for the plane ride. A pair of black and white tribal printed comfy sweats covered my legs. The ones that look like skinny jeans but with a soft cotton fabric instead of denim, my top was a solid black v-neck but over I wore a sleeveless denim jacket with a pair of sandals and a collage of bracelets. With my long brown wavy hair in a side braid. "You look fine. No need to worry." My brother let out a chuckle and gave me a side hug as I nervously smiled. We then made our way into the car. I waved out the window wildly to my mom as the car drove further from my house.


"So, sis how are you feeling?" Calum asks a couple minutes later. "About what?" I say jokingly. He playfully nudges me. "You know what." He chuckles. "Well, I'm excited and nervous." My shoulders shrugged. "The guys will love you. Plus I'm anxious to finally show you the life of living on tour with 5 seconds of summer." Calum winked smoothly. "Great. Just me and for guys living together?" My tone filled with sarcasm. "Did I not tell you Luke's sister is coming too?" My body instantly perks up. "Really!?" I yell happily. "Yeah she's your age too." A gasp escapes my lips. I hope she's nice, its going to be great having a girl to hang out with and talk of how cute some of the boys are.



"So tell me about some of the tour stops." I suggest. "Well, Flori-" Calum was cut off by our driver. "Were here." He annouces. My breathing seems to quicken. This just got more real. I'm not nervous about the tour, but I am about the other guys. They are all so sexy. I don't do good around sexy guys, I just panic.


"We're meeting them at gate G." My brother tells me as he points that we need to turn. I hope we don't get ambushed by fans, but good thing all the guys were told to wear black sunglasses and a hoodie. Its funny how that makes Calum look creepy.. "There they are!" He points them out in the distance and I swear I stop breathing for a second. I could see everyone was there. "I'll be right there!" My body runs to the nearest bathroom before they notice me. I grip my hand to the sink and stair at myself. Pulling out my relaxing looking shade of pink lipstick I apply it to my full lips. You can do this. Before I can back out I burst through the door only to hear a big smack and a yelp. Franticly looking behind the bathroom door as I close it, I see a guy with his hands holding his nose. "I am so sorry, I'm such a spaz!" Sympathetically, my body kneels to match his height. My eyes look down to see his broken sunglasses on the ground. "Damnit. I broke your sunglas-"


I loose my ability to speak when I look up to see his hands aren't covering his face anymore. This is not happening. I did not just hit Ashton Irwin in the face with a door. "Shit." He curses under his breath as he notices why I've stopped mid sentence. "Please don't scream." He covers my mouth with his hand. Wow his hand is soft. Wait. Scream? Why would I- oh my gosh. He doesn't know who I am. He looks nervous when I gently remove his hand from my mouth.


"Ashton. I'm not going to scream." I whisper. Ashton's body relaxes and he sighs of relief. "I'm Carter, Calum's sister." His eyes widen. Quickly he gets up from the floor and politely holds out his hand to help me up.. "Sorry. I thought you were a fan." He shrugged embarrassed. "Its fine." I laugh.


"We should go with the others." He points out. "Right. Yeah." I say shyly. Okay, I rarely like guys and I noticed if a guy doesn't stand out to me then I won't take interest, and Ashton is nice but he doesn't stand out to me, but things could change. There's actually a different certain member I fancy. "Carter! Meet the band!" My brother announces. I smile at them. "This is Luke." Luke suprises me with a hug which I don't decline. "This is Michael." Oh shit. Micheal. Breathe, Carter, Breathe. "Hi." He pulls in for a hug. He smells so good. I look shyly at him. I wish I could see his eyes through the black sunglasses. A little of his colorful hair is peeking out from his black hood.. "And I've seen you met Ashton?" Calum says curiously.


All eyes turn to Ashton. I swear they all glared at him. I let out a nervous chuckle. "Yeah. I kinda hit him with the door." Everyone laughs.I keep secretly glancing at Michael. I couldn't see their eyes but why did I have a feeling Ashtons, Luke's, and Michaels were on me. "This Is my sister, Stella." Luke introduces me to his sister that just walked up to us. Wow she's pretty. He blonde hair is cut to her chin making her look edgy. She greets me with a huge smile. "Its so nice to meet you. I was so happy to hear I wasn't the only girl." Stella speaks my minds. "Me too! Wouldn't want to be stuck with just them!" I playfully pointed to the guys. They pretended to look hurt. "Hey!" Says Ashton. Stella and I laugh. She pulls me in for a hug. "Wouldn't be so bad." She whispers into my ear so only I can hear. When we pull away she gives me a wink and looks to the guys. Oh I like this girl..


"Time to aboard the plane." Michael tells us all. That voice.. "Lets go." Stella happily says to me. I join her as us two girls walk infront of them tords the line. The feeling of the three boys eyes on me, remaining.





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