Calum Hood's Sister

"Calum Hood's Sister" is a story filled with drama, laughter, surprises,family, and love..

Carter happens to be the lovely sister of Calum hood, of 5 seconds of Summer. Ever since he's gotten famous their sibling bond has faded. Now, in attempt to spend time together Carter Joins Calum on his bands first very own tour without One Direction. As the bands fame grows so do relationships.. Some more then others.


22. Hating The Hate


'Calum should control his sister'
'Why would any of the lads want her?'
'You can tell she's just using Luke'
'Carter is just a pathetic slut'


A lump formed in my throat as my breathing hitched while my eyes began to slowly water as I scrolled through The bands twitter page. I've never been talked about like this. Their fans have never had a reason to and for some sick reason this was one. Just, because people think Luke and I are a couple when we are only close friends that gives them a reason to say terrible things about me? When really they are just jealous. Yet there is nothing to be jealous about! "Carter, that's not a good idea." Calum tore the phone from my hands and looked at me with sympathetic eyes. I didn't say anything. I knew he was right, but I still wanted to look. My gaze turned to the car window looking at the passing scenery. We left the studio a couple minutes ago and we're on our way towards the hotel. Tonight we are all going to the MTV music awards since 5SOS was nominated for three categories. I'm definitely not in the mood to get super dressed up and smile like everything is okay, but there is no way I would miss it.
"We need to find a way to clear it up. That you Two are not together." Ashton states, trying to be helpful. They begin to all chat and think of ideas while Michael didn't say one word. He knows what he's done.


I feel an arm wrap around my shoulders. I jump a bit at the sudden touch but relax when I look to see it was Luke. He tries to smile but fails. Luke sees that I noticed his failed attempt. "Its hard to smile when your looking back at me all sad." He mumbles. I nod my head and lean my body more into his touch. I let out a tired sigh and close my eyes when my head relaxes on his chest, I place an arm over his stomach and hug him. We stayed like that for a while. "Its kinda hard to convince people you are not a couple, when you act like that!" Stella huffs, making me open my eyes. Everyone agrees. "So what do you want us to do? Act different?" I say annoyed. "Yeah that's not fair to us. We should be able to act like how we always act." Luke defends and I nod. "You both said you don't want the fans to think you are a couple, but you are giving them every reason to think that you are." My brother explains and I furrow my eyebrows at how he is right. No one says anything. I just tensely turn back around and lay my head back on Luke's chest. "He right." Luke places his head against mine and whispers so only I can here his words. "I know." I whisper back, sadly. That leaves Luke and I with a decision. What do we care about more?.. Being us as best friends whenever we want? Or if the media thinks we are a couple?


"I have an idea!" Ashton yells. We are back in the hotel and Stella, Ashton, Calum, and Luke and I are all in the same room trying to think of a plan. Michael wasn't invited. "What?" I say anxiously. After an hour of bad ideas I still held on to a bit of hope for a good plan. "What if Luke already had a girlfriend?" He continues but only left us all confused. "Explain more." Luke pushes and Ashton nods. "Well we can hire a girl to be your 'real' girlfriend so people will think Carter and you were just a rumor and this other girl and you are the real deal. Bam, then they would stop hating on Carter." Ashton grins at his brilliant plan. "Wow that can actually work.." My brother says and I think it over. "Wait. Where are we going to find a girl who will do that?" I ask confused. "Don't worry about that.. I have someone in mind." Ashton said smugly and looked to the boys who all began to smirk knowingly. They laughed at Stella and Is weird look we were giving them. "Just go get ready for the awards and we will take care of the plan." My brother smiles at me while pulling me in for a assuring hug. I let out a sigh and walked out the door with Stella by my side. "I'm not sure about this plan.." I tell her. "Me either." She agrees.


Shit I'm so nervous for tonight! My brother rang our hotel room thirty minutes ago saying that the plan is set to happen tonight. Thinking of some girl holding Luke's hand gave me this weird feeling. Its not that Luke and I held hands, but they obviously will be. "Geez will you just relax." Stella says with wide eyes watching me pace bath in forth. "I don't know if I can!" I say panicking. "Listen to me! You are Carter Hood! To. Can get through this!" Stella yells to encourage me. I let out a laugh and stop pacing. "I just don't want anything to go wrong or not be believable. I can't take another day of that hate from fans." My words come out softer and Stella nods her head in understanding. "Stop worrying and have fun. You look gorgeous too." She smiles nicely and gestures to my blush pink strapless dress, with a flowed bottom that ends just below my knees, a wide silver necklace that covers my chest and stops at the start of my strapless dress, paired with beautiful sparkly silver high heels and my black clutch. "Thanks. But you.. Look seriously amazing!" I gasp happily at her appearance. She's wearing a long one shoulder lavender chiffon mermaid styled dressed with white heels and a white clutch.


"Lets go meet Luke's fake girlfriend then!" Stella cheers as we begin to laugh and walk out the door. My nerves slowly fading away. We exit the elevator once the doors open, I haven't yet to look up since I'm a bit hesitant, but right as I do I only see the four boys. Even if its just them the sight I'm seeing makes me stop in my tracks only halfway towards them. My eyes stick to Michael. Oh my god. He looks so sexy in his solid grey tux with a lime green tie that matches his hair. I quickly look away as he notices me staring. A gasp escapes my lips when someone clears their throat from next to me. "Earth to Carter." Luke says. I couldn't say anything, being caught off guard by his appearance as well. He looks so good wearing a black suit, he even made it his own by wearing it without a tie or bow tie.


"Babe, stop staring!" He laughs and snaps his fingers in my face. "Oh. Sorry." I say embarrassed. "Don't worry I'll take it as a compliment. You look breath taking by the way." Luke looks me up and down and smiles nicely. I look down shyly and mumble a thank you. "Um Serena should be here very soon." He says awkwardly. It felt weird when he mentioned her.. There was this tension with us that I've never felt. So her name is Serena. That's pretty. "Right. I um hope this works." I nod to him with a smile, a fake smile honestly. He smiles back then it quickly leaves his lips as he looks down at the ground. "Ah Serena!" Everyone looks when Calum yells this to the girl entering the door. My jaw dropped at how stunning she is. Beautiful long strawberry blonde hair with hazel eyes. All the guys smile and go to give her a hug. She has the body every girl wanted.. Her skin is so radiant and her teeth are near to perfect. With what she's wearing.. My nerves came screaming back, but its not that the plan would work its something else that I can't put my finger on. Her black long dress with a low cut back shows off her lovely skin, that lays perfectly on her body, with black heels and a charm bracelet. "Carter, this is Serena." Luke walks her towards me. I get myself together and smile. "Hi." I say and give her a hug. "So your Carter, well I don't see why you wouldn't want to make the rumors true, I mean she's beautiful." Serena smiles to Luke as she says this. I smile shyly and Luke chuckles awkwardly. "Lets get this plan started shall we?" My brother announces while opening the hotel door for us all. "Lets do this, I guess." I hear Luke mumble with a serious face that had a mixture of feelings I couldn't tell which. Serena grabs Luke's hand and intertwine their fingers. I look away from the sight. "Let the plan begin." I huff as I follow the others out the door and into the crowds of paparazzi.



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