Calum Hood's Sister

"Calum Hood's Sister" is a story filled with drama, laughter, surprises,family, and love..

Carter happens to be the lovely sister of Calum hood, of 5 seconds of Summer. Ever since he's gotten famous their sibling bond has faded. Now, in attempt to spend time together Carter Joins Calum on his bands first very own tour without One Direction. As the bands fame grows so do relationships.. Some more then others.


20. Cuddle Buddies


My eyes flutter open to see my hotel rooms beige ceiling with a crystal chandelier dangling beautifully. Sometimes when I wake up in these glamorous hotels it seems surreal. I release a tired sigh and look to my left, seeing Stella peacefully sleeping with her back facing me in her bed. Last night was an emotional night. After bowling there was a lot of tension in the group but thankfully it didn't last long since they went off to perform while Stella and I kicked back in their dressing room for a couple hours. Then we all went back to the hotel and went our separate ways.


A soft knock snapped me from my thoughts. At first I had to think where that was coming from. Ugh I just woke up, my body is still half asleep don't judge. Quickly I realized it was the door. I glance to see if it woke Stella, but she's still in the same position. Trying my best to be quiet I turn the knob and peek out the door to see a tired looking Luke in his pajamas. "Hey, what are you doing here?" I croak while opening the door fully since its just him. "I woke up an hour ago and I'm lonely since Michael and the others are asleep and I wanted to see you." He gushed, walking in the room then shutting the door behind him. I chuckle at his cuteness. "Aren't you tired?" I curiously ask. "Very." He yawns before laying on the left side of my bed and pulls the covers over himself. I stand at the foot of the bed and smile down at him. "So let me get this right. You came to my room to sleep in my bed, because you were lonely?" I raise an eyebrow. He pats the empty side of the bed. "Just come cuddle with me." Luke pouts out his lips and I blush slightly. I've never had a close guy friend before, so Luke's actions were new to me, but I loved it and I don't want to loose him as a friend. Do you ever have that feel where you just want to cuddle with someone!? Plus lately I've been feeling a bit lonely, yet Luke always seems to fix that. "Who can refuse such an offer?" I say while playfully rolling my eyes then crawling onto the bed and getting under the covers.


A sigh purposely escapes my lips as if I relaxed in my position when really I'm just joking with Luke. I lay with my back facing Luke on the other side of the bed a great distance apart. He lets out a chuckle realizing I did that on purpose. "Oh yeah?" He mumbled about my actions before pulling me quickly by my waist so I'm completely against him. I let out a giggle then turn onto my back so I'm looking up at him. He lifts himself up on his elbow to hover me slightly. He examines my features for a second. "Are you okay?" Luke asks seriously. My smile fades knowing he means Michael. I don't say anything so he continues. "Babes, I'm not going to tell you what to do. Its your choice if you want to be mad at him or not. I just want to know if your okay.." He whispers sincerely. I smile slightly and hide my head in his chest. "I'm not okay, Luke. I really like him, but I just can't let go of what he did at least not yet." My words come out muffled but I can tell he still understood them. He gently strokes my hair. "Don't worry, beautiful. It'll all work it self out soon." He tells me. This guy is something else.. I pull away to look up at him. "Your the best." My face expression soft. Luke smiles down at me, showing his dimples. "Only for you." My body gets the chills as he says this while placing his arm around my waste then slowly closing his eyes. I smile one last time at his lovely features before relaxing my head in front of his and closing my eyes to fall into a peaceful sleep.


"Stella!" A voice screams loudly before a huge crash filled my ears. I sat up in a panic breathing quickly. Two hands tug my waste then hug me to their chest. "Its okay. Its okay. Stella just knocked a vase over." The person assured who I can tell is Luke's voice. I nod my head and slowly calm down. "Shit. That scared me." I cursed under my breath. Stella lets out an embarrassed giggle. "Sorry about that, C. It was Ash's fault." That's when I realize everyone else was in the room fully dressed. Even Michael who was looking at me from the couch. "Geez, how long have I been asleep?" I ask Luke. "Don't worry I just woke up too, but only three hours. They've been here for one." He answers. So that means Michael came when Luke and I were sleeping so close together! I feel a little guilty when I have no reason too. I'm not committed to anyone and Luke is just my good friend. I tell myself. "Oh." My voice came out awkward and I hear my brother begin talking to change the subject. Thank god. "Were going out! So clean up!" Stella grins to me from next to Ashton. "Where are we going?" I yawn. "We have an interview today for a tv show." Luke mumbles with his chin resting on my shoulder. "Ooh! Sounds fun. We haven't gone with you to one yet." I say happily. We, meaning Stella and I. "Its nothing special, they just want us on to get gossip out of us. Even if they ask other questions on our career what they really want is drama." Ashton shrugs disappointed. "That sucks! Why do you go on there then?" Stella says what I was thinking. Michael chuckles before answering. "Because its another way we make money and get our name there." Stella and I nod in understanding. I see everyone is dressed besides Luke and I. "Alright I'll get ready." I say before casually strutting towards the bathroom with an outfit. I hear Luke leave as well when I turn the shower on by the knob.


After I get dressing in some white skinny jeans, a burgundy fox printed sweater, a sparkly silver Peter Pan collar necklace, then flat black studded ankle boots I blow dry my hair letting my natural waves show. "Awe cute sweater." Stella compliments me as I walk out of the bath room. "Thanks " I smile. They are all standing and ready to walk out the door. "Wait. Your wearing that in an interview?" I confusingly ask the guys. They all chuckle. "Not that its bad, but for an interview?" I add. "We get ready at the studio, Sis." Calum tells me as he opens the door and we begin walking out. "That makes sense." I shrug and follow them out the door.

This should be interesting..





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