Calum Hood's Sister

"Calum Hood's Sister" is a story filled with drama, laughter, surprises,family, and love..

Carter happens to be the lovely sister of Calum hood, of 5 seconds of Summer. Ever since he's gotten famous their sibling bond has faded. Now, in attempt to spend time together Carter Joins Calum on his bands first very own tour without One Direction. As the bands fame grows so do relationships.. Some more then others.


3. Confused & Unsure


"Isn't it a bit unsafe to take a non-private plane?" Stella asks her brother. This isn't a smart idea, they could get attacked by fans. "Relax Stells, were trying to blend in." Says Luke. People glance our way while we all six walk through the plan to our seats. Most of the other passengers seem older, only a few teens and kids. "I don't think all of you wearing different color hoodies and matching sunglasses is going to make you blend in, just makes you like four guys trying to hide their identity." Stella whispers to us in a humorous tone. I let out a laugh. "You have a cute laugh." I turn around to see Luke. My lips smiled shyly. Oh I was definitely blushing. "Thanks." my voice mumbled.


 "Alright, the seats are in threes so we have two rows next to each other." Calum says while we stop infront of our seats. "Carter do you want to sit with me?" My brother asks. "Doesn't matter." I shrug. Calum walks in the first row then sits in the window seat. Ashton goes next to Calum in the middle seat, as Stella rushes but tries to seem calm about sitting next to Ashton. I know why.. "I call window!" Michael yells as he makes his way to the row of three seats behind the one Stella, Calum, and Ashton sat in. I'm sitting with Luke and Michael.. Crap. I was secretly hoping for that. Its not bad, but just.. Nerve racking. Like I don't know how to act. "Ladies first." Luke smiles to me. Making me blush again. Ugh he makes me so flustered. I hesitantly take the middle seat then Michael takes the last one. My shoulders brush on Luke and Michael's.


"Please take your seat and buckle up. We are taking of in five minutes." A flight attendant spoke loudly through an inner com. Truth be told I have never been on a plane. My hands were shaking. Calum turns around. "Are you okay?" I nod nervously. "What's wrong? Do you not like planes?" Luke asks me. "I've never been on one." I lean my head back against the seat. "You'll be fine." Luke whispers to me from my left. I look at him and nod taking a deep breath. "We will begin taking off now." The attendant announces. My fingers grip each other tensely. Just when I was calming down and taking slow breaths. Suddenly the plane jerks forward my body instantly reacts in shock jumping and grabbing the person next to me.


At first I wasn't sure who I grabbed since my head was spinning and I shut my eyes, but once I realized what direction i leaned to. I remove my head from his shoulder to look up and see Luke stunning blue eyes. He chuckled a husky laugh. My eyes widened and i pulled away. "I'm so sorry." Awkwardly my hands pulled away and i looked straight forward. I hear my brother laugh and i glare at him. "Hey.." A soft hand grabbed mine. "Don't worry about it." Luke whispered again still touching my hand. He pulls away and winks at me, then looking to his surroundings. I'm stunned. A deep scoff gets my attention. I look to my right seeing Michael roll his eyes. "You okay Michael?" I shyly asks. His expression looks cold as he glares at me. "I'm fine." He growls before looking out the plane window and putting in his headphones. What the hell was that? why was Michael just an ass to me? I thought he liked me as a friend at least. I'm so confused...



"Carter.. Carter wake up." I open my eyes to see Stella was shaking me. "Were here." She smiles down at me and takes a seat where Luke was sitting. Its just us two out of us six. "Everyone is already walking out." She sees my confusion. I quickly wake up. "So, you and my brother huh?" Stella grins and nudges my arm. A let out a giggle. "No... I just got scared and grabbed him." I shook my head in shock. "Oh I saw that. But what happened to Michael?" Stella curiously asks. "Not sure. When we first got on I noticed him upset. I asked what was wrong but he was a complete jerk." A said sadly. "He's weirdly been quiet..." Stella looked just as confused as me. "What about you and Ashton?" I grinned. Her cheeks turned a pink shade. "He's the one I've had a fan crush on him." She whispers. "Who's yours?" She asks. I sadly role eyes. "Michael.."
"Really?.." I nod my head. "Don't give up." She hugs me. We rise from our seats and decide to find the others.



The hotel is really fancy.. Like seriously fancy. How did they pay for this? "Carter you have to remember I'm famous now." Calum saw my shock and assured me. but i don't think I'll ever get use to it.
"I already paired us up. For the rooms." Ashton spoke up as the desk lady handed him three room keys. "Michael and Calum, Luke with me, and Stella with Carter." I mentally thank Ashton for pairing me with Stella instead of my brother. "Yay!" Stella cheers. "Bye losers!" We yell before walking to the elevator together. Just when the doors were closing I could see all four look at us in amusement. "So what's your plan?" Stella asks me excitedly. "My plan?" I raise an eyebrow at her. "Your plan to get Michael." She says half joking. "It seems like he wants nothing to do with me." I look at the elevator ground. "Oh sweetie. He probably wants everything to do with you." half of me is unsure whether it is possible but the other half hoped it is..





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