Calum Hood's Sister

"Calum Hood's Sister" is a story filled with drama, laughter, surprises,family, and love..

Carter happens to be the lovely sister of Calum hood, of 5 seconds of Summer. Ever since he's gotten famous their sibling bond has faded. Now, in attempt to spend time together Carter Joins Calum on his bands first very own tour without One Direction. As the bands fame grows so do relationships.. Some more then others.


19. Chicken Strips Anyone?


Let me just tell you I wasn't lying when I said Calum sucked at bowling, because he really does. Our team so far has a little less than 200 points total and Luke's has almost 230 points. Urgh. I like to think I'm good at bowling.. And lucky for my team so is Ashton. We are on our second game and of course my team didn't win the first, but I don't give up easily.

"Go Luke!" Stella yells to her brother as he steps up and roles his bright green bowling ball down the lane. His team erupts with cheers as he knocks down all the pins, getting a strike. I'm not a poor sport so I happily clap. Our team is next starting with me. I stand up from the chair as my name appears on the screen in white letters. Confidently, I pick up my deep purple bowling ball and take my place. I always count down to three before I go. I reach three and gracefully toss my bowling ball straight down the lane hitting the pin right through the middle. "Strike!" I gleam before turning to my smiling friends. "Ha!" I say to Luke before sticking out my tongue at him. He chuckles and shakes his head. "Great job!" Ashton tells me when I go sit down and give them both a high five. My brothers name appears on the screen and he goes to take his turn. We all look to Michael as he says something.


"I'm going to get some food, anybody want anything?" He asks politely. Ya know when your in such a good mood, you don't have the ability to be mean to anyone? Well I guess that's why I said this, which I regret. "Oh I'll come with you." I tell him with a smile as I grab my wallet. Everyone looks at me with a surprised face. Especially Michael who's grinning widely, with a shocked expression. I heard him mumble something under his breath but I'm not sure what it was. I begin to walk to the food area till i notice he hasn't followed. I look back to see everyone still staring at me in the same spot. "Hello?!" I laugh and snap my fingers. "Right. Sorry." Says Michael as the others put their focus back on bowling. We walk side by side in silence the whole way to the near by food area. There's only a few people infront of us in line. "What are you going to get?" I ask him curiously. "I'm craving chicken strips." He tells me while gazing over the menu. "Me too!" I gasp. He looks down to me and chuckles. I look up at the menu thinking if I didn't stop looking at his amazing eyes right then, I would have never been able to look away.


I hear soft giggles behind us and confusingly turn to glance. Two girls are in line behind us they look a little older then me. They keep glancing at Michael.. One of the girls notices me looking and glares at me. I look away quickly not wanting drama. What a bitch though. I look up to Michael who hasn't noticed them, it looks like. I forget them quickly as we take one step forward since its our tun in line. Once we ordered and got our food Michael thought we could just sit here at the booths since no body else wanted anything. I hesitantly agree. "This is exactly what I've been craving." Michael tells me while admiring his food and taking another bite, I let out a giggle before eating a French fry. "So good." I groan as the hot fry melts in my mouth. He looks to me and laughs while playfully throwing a fry at my head, I dodge it quickly and smile. He looks around the room as he eats. 


Sometimes when he isn't looking I always just look at him and can't help but smile, even if he's not looking back at me. Suddenly the two girls who were behind us in line approach us smoothly. "Hi, I'm Val." One of the girl says with a grin while rudely scooting into Michael's side of the booth and flirtatiously taking one of his fries and bites it while staring at Michael the whole time. I look to them surprised and disgusted. The other girl just leaned against the wall like she was waiting. Michael glanced to me confused then at Val. Just when he was going to say something i did. "Great to know, now do you mind leaving." I smirk with fake kindness. She looks to me and raises her eyebrow. "Oh are you two together?" She asks curiously. "No." Michael and i say at the same time and i frown inside. The bitch smirks then leans into Michael. "Good. Then how about we go out sometime." She whispers into his ear. My face drops and I look intensely at them. This girl is taller than me but shorter than Michael. She has orange hair, brown eyes, and a slim body with a huge ass and tons of make up on. Some guys would say shes sexy but i think the opposite. Plus she's the one who glared at me. I can tell she's a slut by the way she's dressed. A short tight club dress with the bowling shoes. Who wears a dress for the club to bowling!? The other one is wearing the same amount of makeup. A pair of ripped jeans and a small tank top where her boobs look like they are about to pop out of her shirt. I look at them disgusted. How she's acting all sweet when really she's probably a bitch from hell.


Michael still hasn't said a word and he keeps glancing at me. I keep my mouth shut, not wanting to show that i care but also chanting inside he says hell no. He smiles down at her. "Yeah. how about-" I can't listen to this. He was about to say yes. "Excuse me. I'll leave you to it." I say quickly before getting up from the booth and trying to casually walk away. I hear giggles come from the girls as i walk away. I close my eyes trying to block the noise out, but I couldn't ignore the sound of feet running then a presence quickly behind me. I was yanked back by Michael who looked confused. "Carter, why did you leave?" He says quickly. "No special reason." I shrug to him with a faked happy smile before trying to continue walking. He slides infront of me so I'm facing him again. "I wasn't going to say yes." He tells me like it was the most obviously thing. "Its fine." I say then once again trying to walk away, I feel like I'm going to cry and there's no way I'll let him see me cry. I'm suppose to be mean. Michael stops me by grabbing my arm and hugging me to his chest. I try to wiggle out but he won't budge. I feel his chin rest on my shoulder. "I was going to tell them to piss off, I swear." He mumbles. I take in what he says and put on a fake face before pulling away. "Michael were not together you can date whoever." I say like it was no big deal, while inside it was the biggest deal ever. He smiles a small smile before cupping my cheek with his hand. "I know you don't mean that." I feel like I just melted inside and this next part.. Is another reason I regret coming with him. I smoothly smack his hand away and scowl at him. He looks disappointed plus sad. With out saying anything I walk away from him leaving Michael to watch my back as i walk away coldly. If only he saw the tears slowly running down my cheeks.





I'm so sorry I forgot about that promise I made with the other chapter and that's why I didn't update another one! So sorry /.\
I don't know if I like this chapter.. What do you think?

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