The Vanished

Have you ever been wanding around Movellas and discovered a cool person only to realize that they've been gone for a long time? As if they vanished, but their last mumbles are as if they were on yesterday? What happened to them?


3. Chapter 3

I needed to tell someone. These mysterious accounts were getting to me. But who could I tell? I wasn't exactly the best at making friends, not even online, and my family wouldn't understand this. "Just a computer glitch" my dad would say. But I wasn't so sure. The only person I could tell who would understand what I was talking about was Constance Peacock. 
"Constance!" I said the next day, sitting down by her. 
"The weirdest thing has been happening to me on Movellas." She looked up from her book with an intrigued expression. 
"Well go on, spill!" I glanced around to see if anyone was listening. They might think I was crazy. But no one was paying us any attention. 

"People keep following me, but when I click on their accounts it says they haven't been on in years! It's like they dropped off the face of the earth." 

"How strange!" She said, pondering what else to say. 

"Have you tried to talking to them at all?" I shook my head. 

"No, why would I? They haven't been on in years." 

"Maybe, but what if they answer and you find out it is a glitch, or they might never answer, or....." Her voice trailed off and she gave me a creep grin that matched her new tone of voice as she whispered, 

"maybe it was something else. you have to try!" I rolled my eyes and she kept telling me to do it until at last I gave in. What did I have to lose anyway? They were probably just inactive accounts....

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