A killer in love

Abby was a normal girl who lived in a small town until one night Jeff the killer comes and kills her family but keeps Abby alive cause she was just like him not normal to humans. Abby had a secret she had telekinesis. Abby joins the creepy pasta family. Jeff grows very fond of Abby. But one thing stands in the way she is the daughter of Slender man.


2. My first killing

                I woke up around 11 am I thought that everything was a dream till opened my eyes and saw sleeping next to me Jeff the killer. Everything from last night was circling in my head. Fresh tears came to my eyes I got up and changed into white jeans and a black long sleeved shirt and put on my black heeled boots and walked out the door. Everything was so weird I walked for about ten minutes till I found the kitchen.  Slender was cooking food so I sat down at the table about five minutes later all the killers came in. Hoodie and Masky sat beside me so I was in the middle. "So Slendy this is your daughter are you sure she seems like she can't hurt a fly" Hoodie said. "Probably cause she's a goody goody that's to scared to get blood on her" Jane said. "Well I bet I can" I said. Jane looked at me "Okay tonight go out with Jeff and kill someone" Jane said. I nodded "Your on" I said.  Jane laughed, I just glared at her. 'Wait I just agreed to kill someone what's going on with me' I thought. Slender put a plate in front of me it had waffles I smiled and ate them. After I was done Slender took away my plate "Abby you need to practice you knife throwing skills can someone go out with her" Slender said. 

     Hoodie and Masky stood up "We'll help her" Hoodie said. Slender nodded Hoodie and Masky turned around to face me I got up and they pulled me outside. There was about 20 dummies in a row there was a table with 20 knives. "Okay Abby get a knife and throw it at the dummy we need to see how good you are first" Masky said. I took a knife holding the butt of the knife I focused on the dummy and threw the knife. In a few seconds the knife went right to the heart, I turned around to see both Hoodie and Masky's mouth wide open. "Okay throw the rest" Masky asked. I nodded and threw the next one, again right in the heart. It went like that till the last one which hit the head, I turned around to see the boys eyes and mouths opened wide. "Wow I guess she is a natural born killer." Hoodie said, Masky nodded "Well I guess you don't need training" Masky said. "Well I did before this my dad taught me just in case someone tries to kill me" I said. "Well it worked" Hoodie said. "Well lets go inside" Masky said.

           We walked inside, Slender walked up to us "You guys are done fast Abby did you even learn anything?" Slender asked. "Yep I learn it from my dead I got all of them in my first try" I said with a large smile. Slender looked down at me "That's good" he said. I walked passed him up to Jeff's and I's room, I opened the door and Jeff was on the bed sleeping. I sat at my desk and got on my laptop. I got on Facebook and looked up a person who I wanted dead for a long time her name is Hannah she was a jerk to me since Middle school. I went through her page. 'My mom and dad went on vacay and I'm home alone with my boyfriend Nathaniel I'm so happy' one of her post said. "Good, tonight is a good night to die both of you" I said.  Jeff got up and looked over my shoulder "So you found out who you want to kill?" he asked, I nodded "You can kill Nathaniel Hannah is mine" I said. "Why would you want her dead she is so hot" Jeff said. "JEFF! That's not the point the point is that I hate her and she needs to die" I snapped back. 

     "Fine, fine" Jeff said as he backed up. 


                      It was around 10 pm when we left "Okay Jeff I'll show you the way" I said. Jeff nodded and we took off in a full speed run after a quick 15 minutes we got to Hannah's house. "Okay go up that tree" I said as I started to climb it with Jeff below me. I got on the roof of the first story good thing the tree was outside her window. I looked through the window Nathaniel must be down stairs cause I didn't see him. Hannah was on the bed wearing almost nothing. "Wow, man that's hot" I heard Jeff say, I punched his arm "Remember why we're here" I said. I slowly opened the window and jumped in, Hannah's eyes widen as Jeff and I started to walk to her. "Go find Nathaniel Jeff" I said. Jeff smiled and pulled out his knife and walked out the door. My eyes turned black as her blanket tied her to her bed. I slowly walked over to her. "This won't hurt............me!" I said as I slowly dragged my knife from my pocket along her arms. I could hear Nathaniel's screams. "Please don't kill me I'm sorry" Hannah said. "No, you hurt me enough and now it's time for lights out" I said as my knife ripped through Hannah's neck. I jumped out of her window and got to the tree to wait for Jeff. Once he got back we ran back to the mansion.    




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