A killer in love

Abby was a normal girl who lived in a small town until one night Jeff the killer comes and kills her family but keeps Abby alive cause she was just like him not normal to humans. Abby had a secret she had telekinesis. Abby joins the creepy pasta family. Jeff grows very fond of Abby. But one thing stands in the way she is the daughter of Slender man.


1. Death

                        I woke up to blood curdling screams, I shot up and ran down stairs. I ran into the living room to see my father who just got home from work, his throat cut blood flowing onto the floor. I ran into my mom's room to see the same thing. Tears was flowing just like my mom's blood. I was angry when I found out who did this they won't be alive. I heard crying then screams then nothing I went into a full speed run and kicked the door open there on her bed my 12 year old sister fresh tears running down her face. She wasn't quit dead but I know it won't be long. I ran to her side "Sissy will you sing to me" my sister asked. I nodded "Hush little baby don't you cry sissy going to buy you a mocking bird and if that mocking bird don't sing sissy gonna buy you a diamond ring and if that diamond ring don't shine then sissy gonna buy you a " I didn't finish as my sister's eyes shut and her breathing stopped. 


           I stood up "No! I LOST EVERYONE!" I screamed. I walked to the kitchen looking if the killer stayed, they better hope they did cause they will regret killing my family. On the couch someone was sitting on it. "You killed them" I said anger filling my heart I want who ever it was to feel the pain that my family felt that I felt. "Why yes I did" it was a male's voice the killer stood up and turned around. "Who are you?" I asked with anger in my voice. "I'm Jeff the killer and don't worry I'm not going to kill you your different just like me" he said and walked closer to me. "No I'm not a cold blooded killer like you!" I yelled. He pushed me against the wall. "Yes you are just not yet you have amazing powers you just don't know yet" He said. I had it all of a sudden my eyes turned fully black not other color. my dad's t.v stand fell up and soon everything was falling around. "You killed my family your going to pay!" I yelled. Jeff moved back "Good girl now go pack up and let's get going" he said. "No I'm not going anywhere with you" I said as everything fell to the ground my eyes turning back to blue-green. 


          "Yes you are your dad wants you back oh and also it looks like you killed them cause your the only one home and now you have their blood on your clothes" he said. I looked down I was covered in their blood "What do you mean by dad, my dad is dead" I said. "No my leader is your father his name is Slender man" Jeff said. I remember reading about him and playing the games of course cause you know I love horror games and other games. "What you mean Slender like from the games?" I asked. Jeff just nodded I nodded back and ran to my room packing my clothes and my make up and some other small things. I ran to my sister's room getting her favorite stuffed animal and her blanket I took her drawings of our family and the happy picture of us. 


                I walked back to Jeff "Okay I'm ready to go" I said. Jeff seemed confused "Really wow that didn't take long at all" he said. I looked him in the eyes "I just want to see Slender" I said and started to walk into the woods. Jeff lead the way as we walked deeper into the woods. I couldn't believe that I was going to live with a bunch of killers and with the one who killed them. We ran to the house once we got there I slowly walked up the stairs holding tighter to my bag. I opened the old door, my head started to ache in pain my vision was getting burly. I looked up to see Slender in front of me. "Dear child welcome home I hope Jeff hasn't done anything to bad" he said. "He has he killed my family!" I yelled. "I ordered him to so they  won't have to lose you" Slender said. I rolled my eyes "Okay so where is my room I'm so tried I need all the sleep I can get" I said. Slender nodded and looked at Jeff, which made Jeff sigh "Shes not going to like this" Jeff said. "What do you mean that I'm not going to like it" I asked confused "Your staying in Jeff's room he'll teach you everything you need to know, and Jeff if you hurt her again like you did tonight I'll rip your head off" Slender said. 


             Jeff nodded and lead me to his room he opened the door the room was huge. There was a king sized bed two dressers and two desks. Jeff took my bag unpacking my clothes and putting them in a purple dresser and putting my sisters animal and blanket on the bed he hanged up the pictures on the wall. "Okay it's time to sleep so get your pjs on and let's go to sleep." Jeff said as he took off his clothes leaving his boxers on. I blushed as I looked at him, I took a pair of shorts and a tank top and went into the bathroom in Jeff's room. I changed my clothes, and laid on the bed, Jeff turned off the light and laid on the other side and we fell asleep.  


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