This Nothin' Town

Lauren had it all. The big house, the fancy car, the best life anyone could ever have. The only thing shes missing from her life is someone to love. Then one day everything changes.
She goes to a Football game and is introduced to her favorite player.
She falls for him and things go from there.
Will she be able to deal with his lifestyle or is it already a disaster even though it hasn't started yet?


1. 01

She could have him.
That was the last though Lauren had before moving.
She was with her ex for almost 2 years.
Turns out, he was cheating on her for several months.
Lauren was never supposed to find out.
She came home from work early one day.
She had forgotten her tablet.
She walked into their bedroom to find him with someone else.
Lauren was broken but tried not to show it.
“Congrats slut. He’s all yours.” Lauren said before leaving.

She stayed with a friend for a few days.
Until she decided enough was enough.
She was going to get her stuff and leave.
Arizona happened to be where she was headed.
It would be nice to get away from him.
He was the one that got away.

She decided she would drive all the way to Arizona.
She managed to pack what she could fit in her BMW.
Chances are she would just buy new stuff anyways.
She only really wanted what was important to her.
She said goodbye to everyone and got into her car.
It was about a day and a half to Phoenix.
It was time to get the show on the road.

She got to Arizona a day or so later.
It was about midnight and she was exhausted.
She was going to spend the night at a hotel.
She would start looking for a place to stay tomorrow.
Right now she wanted a shower and bed.

She woke up in the morning around 9 am.
She felt refreshed after a full nights sleep.
She couldn’t wait to see what the day had for her.
It was time to find her a perfect house.

After spending all day house hunting, Lauren finally found the one she liked.
She ended up finding a spacious house right in the city.
She was going to start moving in soon.
Then it would be time to find her a job.
She was going to take it one day at a time.
If only she knew that everything would change soon enough.

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