Remembering Her (Book Two)

Repost from my Wattpad of the same u/n. Book 2 of the Knowing Them Series. Enjoy <3


12. Chapter Ten and A Half


He wants to take me to dinner on a Thursday night. Why? Sirius is the only one who knows, he's been pretending to hate me. I told him to. Remus can't be hurt the way I think he'll be. I can't do that to him. Again. Why did this have to be my life? Why didn't Dumbledore just let me die like I was supposed to? Why can't I look him in the eyes and yell, "I am Melody! I am still here!" Dumbledore told me I couldn't tell him. He didn't tell me why, of course. He never tells anyone why he does anything and it is really getting old. Sirius didn't tell me what Remus wanted to ask me, all he said was he wanted to ask me a question and it was too personal for him to say.

Ugh. Please don't ask what I think you're going to ask, Remy.

If you do I'll have to either answer or tell you.

I can't do either.

Why didn't this end the night I was too nosy for my own good?

--A/N: I know this is really short, but I'm not switching P.O.V.'s mid chapter.

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