Remembering Her (Book Two)

Repost from my Wattpad of the same u/n. Book 2 of the Knowing Them Series. Enjoy <3


8. Chapter Seven

A straight jacket.

That's what they threatened to put me in.

James vouched for me, after I told him how I ran into a Mel look-a-like in the halls, and told Dumbledore I had had a rough day. But their reassons were the things that terrified me the most, I could easily get out of a straight jacket when the full moon came. St. Mungo's Psyciatric section had 5 reasons to put me in a straight jacket and a padded room.

1) I should be over Melanie Bagrab's death.

2) I shouldn't be having nightmares like the ones I do.

3) I am pushing my friends away.

4) Sirius has been telling them I am eating a lot of chocolate (which I may or may not be guilty of.)

5) I don't read books anymore.

And one I didn't tell anyone but I know Dumbledore knows, I'm hanging out with Sabrina. That's right, the girl who looks just like Melanie. I've noticed that she is more like Mel than I had let myself think. She doesn't think that I am a nutter who needs to be locked away, but I also haven't told her about my Furry Little Problem. I most likely won't, I need to make up some excuse like my family takes me on a holiday for a week every month.

James thinks all of this is a bad idea, but I really don't think that at all. It is a new chance to start over with a friend who doesn't think I'm insane. I don't completely understand why Dumbledore hasn't put an end to my friendship with Sabrina, but then again, I see why he has let it go on. I need friends outside of the Marauders or I am going to be completely dumb about getting to know people. I think back now and I don't even remember how I became friends with James and Sirius and Peter because I can't remember back that far. It of course is difficult because I don't remember how to make friends. As of today, (I only have two friends), James and Sabrina are actually speaking to me. Sirius is still mad and I think a little afraid of me and I don't even know with Peter. I just wish that they would accept me, we've been friends since our first year. I feel completely betrayed in a way because they are supposed to support me and be my friends. I guess they lied to me by saying that because I do not at all feel like they actually care. I am still in a tough spot and nobody seems to care except for James. Sabrina doesn't think I am crazy, but she doesn't know the whole story either. I need some new friends.

There are few people in Gryffindor who haven't heard of what has happened, so if I befriend anyone in my house I will probably be friendless in a matter of days once again. I know Arthur Weasley is one who talks with me on occasion, maybe I'll try making friends with him...although, he did just get a girlfriend, Molly, nobody knows her last name. She has told anyone who asks her in her year that, "If you want to know, you should have paid attention during first year sorting." I've taken that as a warning not to ask her what her last name is. I will have to ask him anyway though. I can't stand not having friends.

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