Remembering Her (Book Two)

Repost from my Wattpad of the same u/n. Book 2 of the Knowing Them Series. Enjoy <3


2. Chapter One

READ SLOWLY. And Listen to the music. A thousand Years Part 2 By Christina Perri and Steve Kazee.


I tried.

I failed.

I know for sure she's gone.

I don't blame Remus, I blame the beast inside him.

I looked at her cold, limp body. She had claw marks straight through her throat. Remus was no where tobe seen so I walked over to her slowly, still in my animagus shape. I couldn't hear anything. Her heart was no longer beating. It would be no good to take her to Pomfry, we had to go to Dumbledore himself.

Mr and Mrs. Potter wouldn't know what to say. I can't fathom what Mrs. Potter personally will do, it was her only daughter and James was getting nowhere with the ladies.

Remus was the one who I felt the worst for though. He wanted to be with her for the rest of his life. And then this happens. It wasn't his fault. Though I can't feel as if I have to blame someone.

I guess I should blame myself. I should've told her not to follow us. I didn't. It's all my fault. Her last words, I don't even remember. I blacked out before I could hear her sweet voice one more time. I know one thing though, before I blacked out, her words sounded terrified.

I can't tell Remus that she was scared of him, it would hurt him too much. It will just be enough knowing she's gone, he doesn't need to know her last moments were full of fear.

The last memory I have of her was in the Common Room, just before we left. I gave her a hug and whispered, "I still love you."

"I know."

I miss her now more than ever. She will never be gone to me or Remus or James or Peter.

Remus is walking here, I can tell he's human again. I shift back and try to shield her from his view. "How bad was I? I don't remember a thing." I locked gazes with him and moved away to reveal her.

He dropped down to his knees.

"I-I" He broke down.

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