Remembering Her (Book Two)

Repost from my Wattpad of the same u/n. Book 2 of the Knowing Them Series. Enjoy <3


10. Chapter Nine

"I hate you."

Thanks Sirius, you really know how to make someone smile especially before fofth year graduation.

"You hear me? I hate you!"

Who could miss a voice like that? It would be really hard.

"You are so deaf sometimes! I swear!"

Why thank you. Ignoring people is my new thing.

"Sirius, you can hate me all you want. I am done trying to be okay when I am not."

"Well that's good for you, but do I look like I care?"


"That's because I don't." I've angered Sirius because I kissed Sabrina. She kissed like Mel did. She's practically the same person as Mel. It is really scary actually how much she acts like her and talks like her. I feel bad saying that she fills the hole Mel left in my heart. I think she is more than enough to fill the void though. She is perfect, just like her, but in more ways. I'm done feeling sorry for myself, I'm almost done with school... One year now, Maybe, if things go well with her, I'll ask Sabrina to marry me? I don't know though, the idea is stupid. I might lose one of my best friends...

I'm going to run it by James first. He told me that he and Lily have been secretly dating since fourth year. I don't know how he kept it secret for this long anyway. Everything is going fine with our relationships and the only one suprisingly not in one is Sirius. Peter's girlfriend is going to dump him. I heard her and her friends talking in the hallway. Beautiful way to start sixth year right? Two out of four wanting to get married (if James says it) and the other two out of four single. Perfect. Sirius won't have a problem finding someone though...


Our dorm was empty except for me and James. Sirius was in the bathroom showering. This was the perfect time to ask him what he thought. "How's things with Lily?" I ask, casually. Making casual conversation is not something I'm good at, even woth someone like James.

"Yeah. What about you and Sabrina?"

"About that uh-"

"You're not going to break up with her, are you?"

I hear the shower turn off. "No, never. It's just that I am wanting your opinion on a decision."

"Yeah? What's up?"

"Be honest." Sirius walked out of the bathroom the instant I finished, "I want to ask her to marry me."

James and I froze in place. I quit breathing all together. Sirius shook his head and looked at me. His eyes carved into my skull and it hurt. "I'm done." He said walkimg out of the room with a towel around his waist.

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