My Brother's Pack

Jacob has a God-Sister an everything is going alright when Jake sees someone that Andrea knows, plus Seth Clearwater imprints on her. I don't own anything, everything is to the Stepanie Meyer, besides my characters! Hope you like it!


1. One

Hi I'm Andrea, I'm 16 years old and my parents while they have been divorced for about a year now, guess what now I live with my God-Father Billy Black and his son in La Push, Washington sounds boring right, wrong, ok before I go any farther let me take you back to about a year and half ago.

Andrea's POV
    “Mom..., Mary keeps on bugging me and coming into my room for no reason!” I said outside my room “Mary leave your sister alone and come help me finish dinner?” When she left I returned to my bed to resume to memorize songs, right now I'm on “You Belong with Me” By Taylor Swift. “Time for dinner Andrea Lynne.” my mom called after me from the bottom of the stairs, “Alright” I put away the sheet music and pause where the audio music was. Later that evening after Mary an I finish washing and putting the dishes away are mom said family meeting, as always Mary has to talk first before anyone because she thinks we don't let her talk in these this. “Ok, this meeting is about Andrea, you remember mom's friend Billy and that his your God-father right?” I nodded. “While I connected him and he has agreed to have you stay there with him and Jake for a little while, Mary and I will come for Thanksgiving and Christmas.” I didn't understand why I was leaving but I didn't care because I was leaving for my sophomore year of high school and NO sister for me to fight with. “Wait when will I be able to come back?”. She said “Mary and I will come for Thanksgiving this year and if you don't like it then you will come back with us.” I was alright with that I hurried up to my room to pack and while I was doing that I called my friends and I told them what was happening,
“Who is going to be my locker and lab partner” said Avery. “Ask Veronica to be your lab partner and while you will have a locker to yourself.” I told my best friend.

Two weeks later
    I got off the plane and was now going to get my bags, when I got my bags I was trying to look for a man in a wheelchair, wearing a cowboy hat on, and a guy with a baby face and cute smile. That's all I remember with Jacob cause me and him always were together when we both where young, my mom told me that Billy was in a wheelchair now, and I remember he always wore a cowboy hat. I was walking to the windows, it was raining of course, it was around three when I checked my phone, “umm, excuse me but have you seen this girl with light brown hair and blue eyes.” said a guy behind me. I turned around to see who was talking to me and I saw a man in a wheelchair “I can't believe it's you.” he wheeled himself over to me and hugged me and there was a guy beside him and he said “ Hey loca” I can't believe he still remembers my old nickname. “Hey Jake, how have you been?” he just shrugged and said “Good, how about you?” I said the same and we all went to their truck, Jacob put my bags in the back and of course since I was the smallest I sat in the middle. “How’s everything in Oklahoma?” asked Billy when we all were on the highway. “Fine, I'm sure going to miss it though.” he nodded and we were silent for a couple of minutes when Jacob put on the radio to some station. I didn't know the music, it was fine at least there was something in the background. “Ring, Ring” it was Jake's phone
“Hey, Quil” said Jake “Yes were coming, and yes she's with us, alright see you in few.” he hung up the phone and stared at me laughing “You remember Quil and my friends, right Andrea?” I remembered Quil, but it’s been so long “I remember some, but can you tell me again?” I laughed. “You will meet everyone when we get there?” said Billy. I smiled trying to act like I was actually happy to meet people but on the inside I had butterflies I didn't know why I meet them before I think “Oh, there are different people you haven't met before.” said Jacob. When turning into La Push I looked out Billy's window and it was the same as before when I was here six years ago.
    When we got to Billy's, Jake got my suitcases and I carried one of my bags, I said I would get them but he did, he was big, muscular I mean when I last saw him, he was strong but not like this. “K, Andrea I want you to meet the Pack.” I knew that Jake and his friends where shape-shifters, cause when we were young Billy told us the stories of them and he said that I wouldn't turn but Jake would, both of us thought that was awesome, while at the time. “This is Sam, Paul, Jared, Quil, Embry, and are newest ones that's Leah, her younger brother Seth, and there’s Collin and Brady.” I really hoped that I remembered all their names cause I would see all of them while I was staying here, “Plus there is going to be a little party tonight for you and you will meet other people.” I thought great more people I have to meet, I thought this was it, “I’m going to go unpack if that's alright with you guys?” Everyone nodded excepted Seth I think, he was looking at me weird, then Jacob got all mad and went straight outside and everyone else followed. “What was all that about Billy?” he was beside me and he looked disappointed, when I asked him he smiled at me and wheeled himself to the kitchen, “Billy why was he looking at me like that and why did Jake get all upset?” He still didn't answer any of my questions so I just went to the bedroom where I was going to be staying in and unpacked. I heard yelling going on outside and screaming I couldn't understand what they were saying, but I went to the window anyway, Sam I think was talking to all of them, pointed to Collin, they all stood there for a couple minutes, talked, and then left, I heard Jacob come in and was talking to Billy about something I heard him ask “What are we going to do?” so it must have been something bad so I just went back into the bedroom to find an outfit for the party tonite. 
Later on that night people started to come into the house Sam introduced me to his fiancée Emily, I became friends with her fast, then I met Sue, Leah and Seth's mom she's really nice. Then some of the other guy's parents and or guardians, “Hey can you help with the firewood loca?” Jacob asked me. “Sure” when we went to the stockpile. “Jake, why were you mad at Seth, and stormed out of the house?” he took a deep breath and looked at me “Andrea, you need to stay away from Seth while you're here, Ok please promise me that you will?” I shook my head in agreement and took the firewood from him.

Jacob's POV
    I told my god-sister the guys names she looked overwhelmed, then she asked if she can go to her room, we all nodded while all expect Seth I can't believe he just imprinted on my little sister. Sam knew I was pissed, I stormed outside. The next time I see Seth Clearwater I was going to chew him out BIG TIME. “What were you thinking inside your head Seth? That is his god-sister.” yelled Sam, “Yeah, I agree even I thought Collin would do something this stupid.” Jacob yelling while pointing to him. “Hey it's my feelings, so leave me alone!” explained Seth “Everybody knows I don't do this often but I agree with Sam on this little brother, she's a city person what happens when she finds out about the whole imprinting thing?” said Leah. “While she does know about the shape-shifting, but not that.” Jake told everyone. After about two minutes of silence Jared said “Let him be people we should be happy it is his imprint, but more like his first crush.” everyone laughed, While also take into account that she is my sister, I 
thought. While I was thinking of a way to destroy Seth, Sam was saying “Alright we all can come back here in two hours since its four. Collin, Seth you guys go on route for a run then get ready!” Everyone nodded and left, I went inside to talk to dad. “What are we going to do?” I asked my dad “I don't know, we might just have to tell her.” he suggested “NO, we are not going to tell, she already knows about the phasing.” I said “While she has to know the whole thing, Jake?” he said. I was still pissed so I went outside to clear my head, I only had two hours til he comes and asked out my sister.
    While people where coming, I ask Andrea if she can help with the firewood, I actually didn't have to have help but I had to tell her what I thought of “Hey can you help me with the firewood loca?.” she agreed and when we were at the pile of wood she asked me “Jake why were you mad at Seth, and storm out of the house?” I needed to tell her why but she just came here, so I thought of what I was going to tell her.
“Andrea, you need to stay away from Seth while you’re here, ok please promise me that you will?” Lucky for me she agreed without a why after, I handed her the wood and we both went to go stack it up.

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