My Brother's Pack

Jacob has a God-Sister an everything is going alright when Jake sees someone that Andrea knows, plus Seth Clearwater imprints on her. I don't own anything, everything is to the Stepanie Meyer, besides my characters! Hope you like it!


8. 8

Day before my birthday!
Seth needs you at the cliff Andrea!” Billy yelled from the porch, I smiled and ran to the cliff. Once I go there I didn’t see him so I sat down near the edge but then I hear someone behind me, “Hey Shorty!”, “Hey Seth! Are you on patrol?” he nodded and laid down next to me, “So have you talk to your Mom and Mary yet?” I nodded and lend back into him, “Yea they say hi!” he looked to me I could feel he was smiling then he said “While I have something I want you to have!” I sat back up then Seth left phased back to human form then came back with a huge grin on his face, “Come with me shorty!” he offered his hand to I took it and we left to the Cullen house, “What are we doing here, Seth?” I ask, he looked back to me smiled and ran inside. “Andrea, what are you doing here?” Edward asked, I shrugged then Seth came back out “Seth, serious! What are we going here.”, “While you told me that your favorite holiday was Christmas and that your birthday is tomorrow, while I have a couple presents for you but the first is in the back!” I was smiling from ear to ear he lead me in the backyard, I had my eyes closed, “Open!” when I did I saw a winter wonderland mixed with bright balloons and streamers, the whole pack was their an so was Jasmine, Courtney, Trixie, also the Cullen’s “I wanted your birthday to be special so I talked to your mom and with everything you told me I had Alice help me but I hope you like it.” I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him, “Alright lovebirds, its party time!” Emmett shouted, then one of my favorite songs came on, Courtney dragged me away from Seth to the dancefloor it was the most amazing birthday ever.
Next day!
I spent the night at the Clearwater’s house since it was a Friday, I awoke to the smell of maple syrup and bacon, I sat up from Seth’s bed, I felt two arms wrap around my waist I giggled and looked at my boyfriend, “Your mom is gonna flip once she knows that I sneak into your room every time I sleepover here.” he smiled and kissed my cheek and forehead. “While then I think she will not be mad today cause today is my shorty’s birthday!” I smiled and Seth grabbed me by my waist and pulled my onto his lap I looked at him I couldn’t’ believe I was with him that his mine. Seth lifted my chin and kissed me, it was rough my passionate, after pulling away Leah opened the door. “Come on birthday girl you have other people that want to see ya.” I giggled and gave a quick peak on the lips to Seth and went out to Leah’s room. 

Seth’s POV
After Andrea left Leah sat down on my bed while I dig through my drawers looking for a clean a shirt and the present I have to Andrea. “Do you think she will love the ring?” Leah asked, I looked at her and nodded. “I hope so! It’s not like I’m asking her to marry my but I’m just nervous about asking her to keep a promise for us to be together until both of us are done with college.” Leah smiled and nodded, “Relax she will!” she said then left.
After eating and Andrea opening the present that mom and Leah got her, I put her gifts in the back of the my truck I started driving toward the Black’s house but before I could go any farther into the driveway I got out opened her door and walked to the tree that have are initials craved into the truck, “Shorty you know that both us know that haven’t been here for a awhile but I already feel that I have known you forever. So I want to make a promise to you that I will love you forever and I hope you feel the same way so I got this for you it’s a symbol of my love and that we both will be together and that both of us after we are done with college then we will get married!” she was crying an smiling from ear to ear. “YES, YES, YES! A THOUSAND TIMES YES!” I chuckled and put the ring on her right finger, she wrapped her arms around my neck and I turned her around I put her down instead of going to the truck she ran to the house and began telling them about what just happened. I couldn’t I was so lucky to have a girlfriend like her. I know she will make me the luckiest husband alive. While let’s get through high school an college then we can began out lives together. 

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