My Brother's Pack

Jacob has a God-Sister an everything is going alright when Jake sees someone that Andrea knows, plus Seth Clearwater imprints on her. I don't own anything, everything is to the Stepanie Meyer, besides my characters! Hope you like it!


7. 7

Andrea's POV
After I went inside, my sister was eating an watching cartoons. Mom was sitting with Billy at the table, "Mom can I talk to you in the other room!" she nodded an we both went into my room. "What is it Andrea?" , "You know all the times you asked if I was dating anyone, (she nodded) while Seth an me are dating, you know the stories of imprinting." she was shocked an happy at the same time, "Billy can you get in here?" I thought oh no here we go, "Did you know that Sue's son Seth an Andrea were dating, how do you feel about this?" he looked at me, "Hold on, Seth can you come here son." he came in an sat next to me which helped a little, "Laura I think it is fine, Seth is a wonderful an very protective guy, Jacob thinks the same, they both like each other, if anyone I would pick to date her would be him!"." Billy said. My mom looked at Seth then at me, "I am going to think this over then speak to your mom, til then since I'm here no lovey dovey stuff alright!" we both looked at each other an said "Alright." she left my room.

Two days later

"HEY Clearwater, hows life?" Collin said with Quil an Brady laughing, "Alright I guess, wish her mom would hurry up!" Seth said, "I agree, my mom can be a little protective, I thought what Billy said would help but look now!" I look over at Seth, he put his arm around me, lucky my mom is over talking to Sue, "Has Jacob, tried talking to her?" asked Quil, Seth chuckled, "His scared of shorty's mom, you guys would too if you saw her mad." everyone laughed, "Andrea, your mom called she is coming over to discuss Thanksgiving dinner then some other things!" I nodded, "Thanks Sue." , "Hey mom what do you think of me an Andrea dating?" Seth asked his mom, "While you imprinted there is nothing really you can do unless if she was younger or if she said no to you after you told her the imprint, why do you asked sweetie?" Seth looked at me, then he said, "Shorty's mom really dislikes it, we don't know what to do she told us to not be lovey dovey around her so we have been sneaking around for the past two days." Sue almost dropped the bowl of brownie mix she had, "While Andrea's mom does have say even thou I said that no one really does, I do not have a problem with it, but your mom can say. Remember with Jacob, Bella said to wait until she was a little older to start thinking about that an Jake understood, Bella knows that Jake would not let anything happen to Renesmee but she also is a mother, you two will understand with your parents not that I'm saying doing it but you know." Sue went back inside and continued on the brownies, "What now?" asked Brady, “I don’t know, but here comes Andrea’s mom!” Quil said, I looked at Seth, he gave me a one arm hug and kissed my forehead, “Andrea and Seth I thought I told you no lovey dovey stuff.” he put away his arm. “Laura please come inside?” my mom looked at me then went inside, “I feel sorry for ya Clearwater, shorty was your mom a general in the army!” Collin tensed, “No but her dad my grandpa was always yelling after he came home from the bar or he drank when he came home from work, but ever since the whole separation from my dad, she’s changed.” a tear came down, Seth it wiped away.

Later on that day
“Andrea can you please go over to the next aisle and get the stuff for the green bean casserole an make sure to get double the stuff because of group we will have!” I nodded and left, “Andrea, hows your break going?” Country said to me, “You still working here, I thought you were going to quit this job, and alright.” , “Yea I thought about it but I think the guy in the meat department likes me, oh I heard about the talk about Seth and you, has your mom said anything!” I shook my head no, “No we both wish she would make up her mind but I know my mother she takes forever to make up her mind or she is trying to keep something from me or anyone.” , “ Hey girlie can you please tell me where the meat department is?” I looked around and saw my dad’s girlfriend standing there with Nakayala and Dakota, “Are you going to do anything Tammy?” , “No, I am just getting some stuff for Thanksgiving dinner, just to let you know that your dad is worried about you all he wants to do is spend time with you!” I shook my head “Then why hasn’t he call me or Mary or hang out with us for our birthdays or get us anything for it. I wish he could just leave us alone I love him Tammy, but with everything that has happened I think everyone would be happy if he would stop thinking about himself or his new family, I’m sorry for what I just said but it’s my feelings, and so to answer your question go down this way turn left and there should be a sign!” an I left. “Got the stuff mama, should we get a small bag of dog food for Foxie?” she nodded and we both went down the aisle got the dog food and checked out.” when my mom turned the corner to the street where Paul’s house was I had to ask her, “Mama, I know you hate the fact of Seth an me but he imprinted on me I like him a lot, have you decided?” she looked to me, she didn’t look happy, “Andrea Lynne, I don’t want you to be like me and your dad right now, I know I heard the stories about imprinting but what happens if he hurts you or if you can’t handle it, I don’t want to see you get hurt!” I sighed, “But I have decided but I will talk to Seth and you later.” I smirked and got the stuff from the trunk, “Laura, Jason remember welcome please come in.” she went inside, when I put the last of sacks on the porch for Paul to get,  “Shorty, my baby!” I heard my boyfriends voice yell then he hugged me from behind I love it when he do that I felt safe. “Hey babe, I ask my mom and she said that she would talk to you an me later.” , “Andrea, are you alright?” Paul yelled out well running towards us, “What are you talking about Paul?” Seth asked, “Did she hurt you or did her kids?” I shook my head no, “She was at the store getting stuff for her thanksgiving dinner and she said that my dad misses me and she didn’t say anything about Mary, so I told her that I do love him my father but I hate the way he has been treating us an the way his personality has been lately.” Paul was pacing like he has something to say or that his upset about something, “Did she say anything else?” I shook my head no. “Paul what time did Billy say we should have the dinner?” Paul’s dad Jason asked him from inside the house but looking through the screen door, “I don’t know dad, but I will find out!” he nodded an left, “Shorty (Seth looked at him angry) sorry Andrea can you call Billy or Jake, dad took my phone away after I would call or text Rachel after the whole break up, I wish she would talk to me, stop thinking about her I can’t I need her.” , “Paul, she will call you when she wants I haven’t spoke to her but you will see her again, but yea I will call right now?” I took out my phone an dialed. “Hey Sue, I didn’t want to call the house so I called yours but is Billy there or could you answer this?” , “Sure whats going on?” , “Do you know what time Thanksgiving dinner is over at Paul’s house, Jason wants to know?” she was silent, “Andrea, can you hand him the phone?” , “Sure hold on!” I looked to Paul, “Sue wants to ask your dad about it I think.” he took the phone in and “Dad, Sue Clearwater wants to talk to you, here’s Andreas phone.” he came out “He’s talking to her now!” I nodded, “shorty, what do you think she’s going to say.” I looked up to Seth “ I don’t know, hopefully good things.” then we were silent, “alright Sue see you tomorrow.” Jason handed me the phone, “Andrea can you get the rest of stuff and put it inside please?” , “Alright did mom.” Paul helped me with it. “Paul can I talk to you for a minute?” he went into another room, “Seth and Andrea can I talk to you?” we sat down on the couch. “Seth the reason I didn’t want to accept that Andrea was with someone that hardly don’t even know, but since I have been talking to your mother, I have decided that you two have my permission to date, but you two have to take it slow.” , “Laura thank you for saying that and we have been taking it slow short… I mean Andrea and me are the same this is our first relationship ma'am.” my mom smiled, then Jason and Paul came back out, “Laura would you like to stay for coffee and a snack?” , “Jason I would like to.” , “Paul since it’s almost dark out how about you take the truck and go to the movies.” he nodded and took the keys from the rack, “what was that about?” Seth asked “Yea what was that about?” I agreed, Paul was silent and turned on the truck, “Listen I promised I wouldn’t say anything but my dad likes your mom, and he wants to ask her out since he hasn’t seen her forever.” I was disappointed but was happy as long as she was happy and away from my dad, yes he made her happy but also sad. “What movie did you guys want to see?” Paul asked us when we went inside the theater, “Clearwater, Andrea, Paul what are you guys doing here or seeing?” Collin asked with Brady, Jared, and Quil behind. “While Paul’s dad kicked us out of his house leaving shorty’s mom behind.” I punched him in the arm, “hey Andrea what was that for?” i laughed “services you right Clearwater, are parents are hanging out yes and please don’t spill to anyone else I really don’t want to be in trouble!” , “while since we are all here, we can see a movie or just get popcorn an see who can get the highest score in the game room!” Quil asked we agreed and got two large popcorns and three different large drinks.

Seth’s POV
In the game room
“Clearwater, Andrea, Paul what are you guys doing here or seeing?” Collin asked with Brady, Jared, and Quil behind. “Paul’s dad kicked us out of his house leaving shorty’s mom behind.” I felt a punch on my arm, “Hey Andrea what was that for?” she laughed “Services you right Clearwater, are parents are hanging out yes and please don’t spill to anyone else I really don’t want to be in trouble!” we agreed and Quil busted out saiding “While since we are all here, we can see a movie or just get popcorn an see who can get the highest score in the game room!” we agreed an got two large popcorns and three different large drinks and left. “Seth did you know your girlfriend has some game!” I looked over at Brady about the punch him, “Clearwater I think he means with the game!”,
“Sorry have to remember to think before I speak. Any way she’s good, you should try an beat her?” I laughed “What game is it?” , “Dance Dance Revelation.” I laughed even louder, “You know she was captain of her dance group back home.” everyone looked at me to her “It’s true I thought Jake told you guys, my group the STARZ we were three time champs three times in a row.” Collin, Brady, and Jared had their mouths open, shorty was laughing, “Alright lets see how good you are!” I said walking over to the game, “Seth I don’t want you to be embarrassed in front of the pack.” , “Andrea please this is a friendly competition!” she gave in an put a dollar in. The game started she let me pick the song I picked the song Baby by Justin Beiber I didn’t know why I just wanted to get to the dancing part, “awesome”,“great” is all I kept hearing from shorty’s spot, “come on you can do it!”,“loser, better luck time.” I looked up an saw the words loser on the screen “awesome, good job.” I looked at Andrea’s screen she was smiling, “You just got beat by your girlfriend” Brady said, “It’s alright, it was fun.” I said, Andrea passed by me, “shorty what’s the matter?” she turned around “I told you that you would be mad, I can feel it in the air.” she ran out the door, I followed, “Andrea stop, shorty please I’m not mad, it was fun like I said.” she just kept on running, “Andrea stop, where do you think she’s going?” I thought then it hit me, I brought out my phone an called Edward, “Hello Seth, what is it?”,“It’s Andrea, she’s coming over to your house!” it was silent “Andrea what’s the matter!” I heard Alice asked, “Seth what is going on if you know?”,“We were playing a game at the movies game room just hanging out, and she won but she thinks I’m mad or upset at her because she won!” Edward sighed, “I will call you when she is calm down.” I agreed and hung up the phone, “what is going on?” Paul asked with everyone lending in the hear “she’s over at the Cullen’s house, I remember Edward saying that if she ever wanted to talk that she could come over, she’s alright.” Everyone sighed an went back into the game room, I couldn’t play any games I knew she was ok but that’s my shorty. “Seth go after her, it’s fine I would do it if it was Rachel!” Paul said with a hand on my shoulder. “Thanks Paul!” an I left. 
“Andrea, it was game, what really is the matter?” I heard Bella asked, “while it was just that I felt something weird going on in the air. I can’t explain it!” everyone was quiet when I opened the door, Andrea looked up at me and ran up to me an gave me a hug, “Seth I’m so sorry that I left.” I returned the hug and parted “Andrea what was going on, you look scared an not about the game?” she was crying “Andrea can you please come with me, Seth you can come also.” Carlisle said we followed him to his office “Andrea will it be alright if I take some blood from you?” she nodded “Why do you need it?” I put my arm around her, “I’m going to test and look at her blood!” she extended her arm and I let her hold my hand just in case for pressure, “Good job, I will call if I see anything or when I’m done and when I call I would need you to come back to talk about it.” Carlisle showed us out, Esme gave us a sandwich and lemonade, ‘ring,ring’ I checked my phone it was Jacob, “Hey Jake”, “Where is Andrea, Paul told me that she ran from the movie game room, “ I sighed and said, “She is with me and we are at the Cullen’s!” it was silent for about six seconds, “Where is Laura and tell her that Mary is alright an asleep.” I heard Billy ask him, “while I hope you heard that.”,“Yea I did and Laura is over at Paul’s house hanging with Justin.” I heard Jake tell Billy, “What, Jacob drive me to Justin’s house.” an he hung up, “Justin is dead now!” I said to myself, “What Seth!” Shorty asked behind me, “Billy is going after Justin because him and Laura are together.” her mouth dropped “Really his dead.” I nodded, “Andrea while I checked your blood just now real quick and it’s weird an I take weird to a level from 1 to 10 a 11, sorry but let me call someone.” he left “What does that mean?” I looked over at Seth. “Andrea whatever he says, I will stick by you no matter what!” I smiled an he kissed my forehead, about five minutes passed an Dr. Cullen finally came in. “Andrea, there’s no real way to tell you this but you have, what is called Turbo energy, you only have a small to maybe a medium size portion of it, but I know some people in Copper Canyon, Arizona that can help, if you want to go but only you!” he said I looked to Seth, “No way I’m not letting her go, I’m not leaving her!” I got up, “Can I see it?” he nodded an he showed me it, “Wow, so I’m not like other people or like people my age?” he nodded again, “You’re unique, just like my granddaughter Renesmee. You have this because when you were blessed by the Black family they gave you this shot but not a regular shot like I would give to you. I don’t know why Billy gave it to you but you may ask him when everyone gets here.” I nodded, “Seth remember when we went to the cliff?” he nodded an I had tears in my eyes, “While I guess I can say I told you so, I don’t want to live because of you an while Jake an Billy plus..” I then felt pressure on my lips, Seth was kissing me roughly an I really like it, I kissed him back. “Hey lovebirds!” we heard Emmett say when we parted, I giggled, “Shorty, I love you an I promise that if I won’t be able to come an be with you then I will write an call you everyday.” I smiled, “Andrea… Andrea.” I heard my mom an Billy say when they all rushed inside, “Mama, Billy I have to ask you a question?”, “Andrea can I tell them an ask?” Dr. Cullen asked behind me, I nodded and he told them what he found in my blood, “And.. Just to ask I know Billy told us that Andrea was blessed into the family but also whoever gave her a shot that it had the energy in it, anyway with the question, Why did you let that happen?” Billy wheeled himself over to me, “Sweetheart, when we had the girls an Jake we were happy but when we found out that Jacob will phase we thought that another girl like Leah, but we did want to give it to the girls. When your mom had you, we all came up to see you, you were so little, helpless. So when you were born we decided that you should be able to phase but that cannot happen cause you weren’t born with it but you are blessed into the family so you are able to hear and see like a wolf but not phase also you can hear them if one of them is in wolf form.” I couldn’t believe him, “Mama is this true?” she had tears in her eyes then she nodded, “That’s why he wanted to have you at his house and in the wedding so he can change you.”, “But why didn’t you tell me this when I was at home?”, “Cause you have to be trained with whatever you have. Even thou you can’t phase you have that temper and the strength of one so you have to control that.” I looked to Seth, he pulled me in for a hug. “When will I be able to go back home?” I looked to Billy for that one, he didn’t look at me but then said “Sweetheart since you have ‘phased’ to a ‘wolf’ you cannot be alone without one of the pack or someone that can help you control when your tempter rises.”, “But booger Mary and I will come whenever we can!” I nodded and wiped away the tears I had falling on my face. 
After thanksgiving Mom and Mary left, mom said she and Mary are coming back in a month I think for Christmas, so I wasn’t to sad.

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