My Brother's Pack

Jacob has a God-Sister an everything is going alright when Jake sees someone that Andrea knows, plus Seth Clearwater imprints on her. I don't own anything, everything is to the Stepanie Meyer, besides my characters! Hope you like it!


6. 6

Seth's POV
    “Was the test hard for you as it was for me?” I asked her. “ Kind of, did you get the last four questions?” she asked, “ no I didn't!” I laughed cause both of us didn't get it. “ Dang how much stuff do you keep in your locker?” shorty said, “don't hate, your locker is more crazy than mine.” she laughed, she almost always laughs, I smile cause she is my sunshine everyday. “Warning, warning I have an issue!” said Trixie, she was running down the hall screaming about something, when she come to us, she said “ Andrea do you know these people?” she looked around her and said “ who are you talking about I know a lot of people down this hall?” Trixie looked down the hall and then looked back at us with a weird looked on her face, “are you seeing things again?” she nodded and left. I closed my locker and put my hand in hers and we both went to my truck, Courtney was by her car and saw us.”It's so cute that you too are dating, An when does your mom and sis come into town?” she looked at her phone for the time, “ Snap it's almost three-thirty we should go cause I told my mom that I should be there before four.” I took her stuff and went to the truck and come over to where she was.
    “Hope you're mom likes me?” she looked at me like really she will. “ She will, ( turned into the driveway and looked up) why is Jake and Sam outside?” I shrugged turned the truck off and walked over to where shorty and them. We stood there in complete silence, we all saw some figures beyond the trees. We stood there still silent til we saw who it was, “ loca, run toward the house as fast as you can,don't tell anyone what you saw,alright? I looked at her she was somewhat scared but shook her head and ran to the house, something caught my eye and it was going toward shorty. “ Jake someone is going towards Andrea!” he shook his head, I looked back toward where I saw something and some figure was holding a person, “ where is she at?” shorty's dad said when he and his “new” family came out of the forest. “ Andrea is inside with her mother and sister.” He looked over to where the figure was coming out from the forest “ Let go of me Austin I mean it!” I so wanted him to die after he touched her. “Her mom and sister are inside, an no you may not see them!”  Soon Paul come up from behind us and said “ I heard them coming and ran as fast as I can to tell you guys!” I looked at him like we know and we need help, “ what do you want Ray?” he laughed an said “ all I want is my baby girl and for her mom and Mary to leave and to tell them to never come back plus she will be alright.” I didn't want this to happen so I ran toward them and phased, I heard Sam and Jake yelling at me to stay there but she's my imprint I have to protect her. Paul did also and stood next to me “ I will fight she's like my baby sis!” I nodded and turned toward her dad.

Andrea's POV
    “ Loca, run toward the house as fast as you can, don't tell anyone what you saw, alright?” I looked at Jacob, I was little scared cause I didn't know what was going to happen, all I knew was that there might be a fight and I need to get the heck out of there. I ran as fast as I can, I went to the back door thinking I wouldn't be followed or seen by what was there. “ Andrea, so nice to see you again!” I put my stuff on the table of the back porch and started to look around then something took my arm I thought it would be one of wolves but it turned out to be Nakayla's boyfriend Austin, “ hope you like watching a fight that will star you're brother, boyfriend, and his little friends.” I tried to get out of his grip and go to Jake and them, but he pulled me into the woods and to where it was all happening, all I keep on saying was “ Let go, let go Austin, I know that the wolves will destroy you and your family plus my father.” He started to laugh he held my arm I knew that my arm will be bruised after this if live. “ Let go of me Austin I mean it!” We both were out in the clear at this point I looked an saw Seth an them, I knew he was mad and Jake was the most pissed cause it was his little sister.
    I saw Seth running toward my dad and the rest of them, he phased and then Paul ran after him and phased then I knew that there was something going to happen, after they both looked at each other cause I think they were talking to each other, then Seth looked at my dad then to Austin and did a deep growl. “ Raymond Paul, what are you doing here, I thought you told me that you can your girlfriend where going to go to her mother's house?” I heard my mom yelling from the ramp of the house. “ While I lied and came here when you told me that Andrea was here, she was suppose to come spend Thanksgiving with me and my family then Christmas with you, but you sent her here that has an odor that is burning my family and myself noses.” I was shocked, “ your family, your family that is all you talk about is your new family, you sound like our proud and happy with what Nakayala's done not me, I try to do stuff that would please you but it doesn't!" Everyone looked toward me, then him. Sam phased even in front of my sister, I was mad but I had a lot of other problems in hand then that. “ You shouldn't talk to me like that, I'm your father I should get some respect!” I suck my tongue out at him, he shook his head and motioned his finger to Austin back into the woods, but all that came was Dakota, "if you want this to be painless as possible then don't move or yell." Dakota said to me, Tammy walked over to us, "Do you want to come over to our house an have thanksgiving?" I didn't want to answer so i just looked at with a disgusted look on my face, i think she got the picture ban turned an left. She went back over to my dad an whispered something to him, he looked over an nodded soon they started to pull me away from the clear to the woods, i started to yell an scream but soon i was deep into woods where no one would hear me.  
Seth's POV
After I phased, all i wanted to do was rip someones head off, but before i could take a chance Paul phased after me an said "Its not worth it, they would probably bite her or drag her somewhere." I knew he was right, but i had to do something,  i heard Andrea's mom say something but i had to control my angry, then her dad nodded his hand an i saw a boy come out from behind the guy holding Andrea, he grasp her other arm, soon they were dragging her away into forest, Sam had already phased, Jacob ran back towards Laura an Mary, Billy brought them inside. "Lets go!!!" Sam yelled, I was the first one in the forest, "I see them, ten paces to your right Seth an Paul." Sam said, "Let go of me, I will do anything." Shorty said , "No cause you might try to run to your little boyfriend." believed the tall vampire Austin.
I leaped into the air landed a few feet away, they both turned. "Aw say goodbye to her before we turn her." I wouldn't let them, Austin let go of her, took five steps an jumped up in the air landed an made the ground shake. He jumped up again but this time Sam got him an torn off his left arm. He was on the ground yelling, Dakota let go of shorty and ran toward Andrea's dad an my guess was his mom, ran up to Andrea an nudged her with my nose, she looked up an wrapped her arms around my neck, Sam had phased an walked over to us, "how are you, anything hurt or broken?" he asked, "No but shaken, where's Jake my mom an Mary." Jared answered that "They are still at the house, an Jake is on his way, after Dakota ran toward to his mom, your dad said that we better watch our backs.", I left phased an walked back to her an gave her a hug, "Seth, I was scared, i didn't know if they would change me." I wrapped my arms around her an said "As long as I'm around, you will be safe. Alright shorty" I looked at her she had tears coming down, but she nodded an all of us started to walk back towards the house.

Jacob's POV
I seen the boy running, an he said something to them both, "Hope our happy now, but you better watch out." Ray said, I nodded an watched them run away. I waited til they were completely done, an phased back. "where's my baby girl, where’s Andrea?" her mom rushed over to me, I couldn't think I ran towards the woods then I heard someone, "Jacob, Jacob!" Andrea shouted, she ran an wrapped her arms around my waist. "Loca, are you alright, there anything broken?" I examined her while saying that. "Yea just shaken..(she looked behind me) Mary, Mama." she took off again towards them. I glanced back she was trying to calm down Mary, and her mom was checking her. "Jake, what are going to do?" Jared asked "I don't know yet but lets try an calm them down." I told him. "I know what to do?..(it was Sam) protection, make sure that no one goes into the forest without one of us, Andrea knows that, but make sure to keep a special eye out for Mary." I believed that. Seth walked over to Andrea, Jared said that he had to get going home. Sam an me stood there looking around, just in case if they come back. "I don't think they will be coming back, I ripped the guys arm off." I laughed cause I wished I was there to see that, but I stayed over by the house cause Emily, Laura, Mary an dad where there an they couldn't defected themselves.
   Later on night, were trying to figure out the sleeping situation, Laura said her an Mary would be fine at the hotel up the road. Dad as usual said no none of that, "How about the tent in garage, my mom could sleep in my room, Mary since she hates to sleep outside, she could sleep in Jake's room, you an me can sleep out in the tent." Andrea suggested, we looked to Billy "Alright but if anything goes on or something is weird outside you guys come in an sleep on the couch or the floor." We promised, with the flashlight an the light coming from the garage we put it up. "I will go get the sleeping bags an pillows." said Andrea, I went inside the tent to get all the grass an dead or alive bugs out. She came back out from the house, "Make sure you don't snore tonite loca." I laughed, she looked me with a surprised look, "I don't snore, you do." I laughed again "Then why do I always hear it coming from your room." she looked shocked "It must be hearing from dad or when Seth was over." I looked over at her an smiled, "Just keep it down." she punched me in the arm an went inside the tent to lay out her sleeping bag. I heard the door open from the house, it was Mary. "Jacob, can i ask you question (i nodded), how come there is this picture in her room, with this guy in it with her?" I looked at the picture, it was Seth an her together, "Loca, can you come out here!" she came out of the tent. "Andrea, why is there this picture in your room of a guy an you together?" Mary asked her, "What I have a lot of pictures of different people in them, is that a crime." after she said that Mary yelled for there mom, "Mama, come out here?" when she did she showed the picture to her. "Mary its one of her friends, you have pictures like this on your phone an in your room." she gave it back to Mary an went inside, so did Mary. "So when are you going to tell them?" I asked her, "Tomorrow for sure." she answered.  It was the next morning, I heard a car coming up the driveway, "Loca, someones here?" I woke her up, "Really you had to wake me up just to tell me that?" she rolled her eyes, "No wonder you an me are god brother an sister we act alike." I told her, "haha very funny, have you checked who it is?" I zipped open the window, "Nothing to be scared about, its just Sue an Seth." After I said Seth's name she shot right up an put her shoes on, "You really must want to see Sue don't you!" she gave me a look really you know the real reason. " Good morning Sue an Seth!" Andrea said, "You an Jake slept outside, where's your Mom an sister?" Sue asked her "There inside, I believe my mom would be awake maybe not Mary, oh before I forget there is a dog in there!" Andrea told her. Sue walked up the steps to the house, Sue knocked first, Laura opened the door, "Hello, I'm Sue Clearwater, an thats my son Seth." after she introduced herself, Sue walked inside, "So when do you think we should tell your mom an sister." Seth asked her, "I told Jake today but I don't when today?"  Seth sighed an said "While the present is the best. " she look up at him, "alright."

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