My Brother's Pack

Jacob has a God-Sister an everything is going alright when Jake sees someone that Andrea knows, plus Seth Clearwater imprints on her. I don't own anything, everything is to the Stepanie Meyer, besides my characters! Hope you like it!


5. 5

Seth's POV
    After shorty's dad left she was crying, I felt bad for her cause she is almost like Leah and me she doesn't have a dad, while hers is alive but still his gone. When we where walking up to the house I put my arm around her, to comfort her, when we went into the house we all sat in the kitchen and my mom placed a plate full of pancakes in front of us and a there was a pitcher of orange juice on the table as while, I poured some orange juice for her, she smiled at me an took the juice, we started to talk about Thanksgiving, my mom said “ What do you like to eat on Thanksgiving?” she replied with “ lot's of things, manly stuffing and my Aunt Stacy's green bean casserole she let's me make it, I can make it for you guys if you want me to?” everyone nodded with agreement, “ we can eat anything” I said to her. “ Where are we going to have it this year?” asked Jake. “ have it what do you mean?” Billy answered that question, “ we have Thanksgiving at a different place every year, last year we had it at Sam and Emily's place now we have to think where we can have it this year.” she nodded. “ Paul's house?” Leah asked, “ let me call over there and asked if that would be fine?” my mom said. While she did that we all ate, “Ring, Ring” shorty's phone went off “ it's
my mom “ Hello, hey mom, everything's fine just over at one of Jacob's friends house having brunch, really you will be here on Monday, I have I history test that day so I will see you and Mary after school besides that is the last day of school for break, alright talk to you later call me when you are at the airport coming here, k love you too, bye. She hung up the phone about the same time my mom got off the phone with Paul's dad, “ what did they say?” Leah asked. “ His dad said it was alright, we all can go to the store after your mom and sister come then we can make a list of stuff we need.” my mom said. “ Alright, while as you know that was my mom I was talking to on the phone, she said that Mary and her will be here on Monday.” Shorty said.
    After I did portal, I went over to the Black's house to cram more studying time and spend more time with Andrea also before her mom and sister come here. “ What date was the attack of Pearl Harbor?” Shorty asked, “ December 3, 1941” I answered, “Nope, December 7,1941 close.” she said. I looked in the book to think of another question for her.  “ Alright, who attacked the Pearl Harbor?” she thought about it an said “ the Japanese.” I looked in the book “ yes that's correct!” I answered, we probably asked each other about twenty question each, “ what do you want to do now?” I asked her. “ I don't know, we can go to the cliff  an talk there?” shorty asked, I nodded an went outside I asked her “ we could be there faster I can phase and you can ride on my back.” she looked worried about it so I just ran into the woods phased and she now looks scared but she agreed and we were their in a couple minutes. “ I wasn't going to hurt you or let you fall off shorty!” I said after I phased back, “ I know but you know I never did anything like that!” shorty said, I laughed, “ while that's true.” we both sat on the edge of the cliff talking, laughing. “ Shorty, do you like it here?” I asked, “ yes, I love it here.” she said, “ do you like anybody here?” I had to ask that question, “ I do but when I leave next year if I do want to leave I will miss him and he'll miss me!” she said. “ I told you that I imprinted on you, do you think we can try if I'm the one you like?” She was quiet for about a minute then said “ you are the one I like, but my mom and sister will be here tomorrow and my mom will ask me if I'm dating anyone or like any of you guys!” first I was pleased that I'm the one, also I was sad cause her mom does ask her a lot on the phone about if she does, “ we can both tell her that we are dating?” after we talked we both didn't want to jump off so we just stayed sitting on the edge of the cliff an held hands. “ It's three, what do you want to do now shorty?” I asked her,her head was on my shoulder,  “ I should be getting home but I don't want to go!” she laughed after, “ while do you want me to take you home cause while tomorrow is the test and your mom and sis are coming?” I said.

Andrea's POV
"You are the one I like, but my mom and sister will be here tomorrow and my mom will ask me if I'm dating anyone or like any of you guys!” I could tell he was pleased that it was him, but also he looked a little sad. “ we both can tell her that we dating?” I did agree with that but also I was scared cause my mom did hear the stories so she does know about the shape-shifting thing. “ It's three, what to do now shorty?” Seth asked me, my head was on his shoulder, “ I should be getting home but I don't want to go?” I laughed cause it really was I didn't want to leave, I was comfortable with him by my side. “while do you want me to take you home cause tomorrow is the test and your mom and sis are coming!” I agreed, this time he didn't phase so he just gave me a piggyback ride, “ what do you think dad will say?” I said “ which one Billy or your real dad.” he said, “ Billy, but my real dad is going to be pissed cause he won't have a say of who I go out with, while maybe he will but still.” he put me down gripped my hands leaned down an kissed me, my mind raced it lasted for 8 seconds, I didn't know what to do after that, I was happy. He dropped one of my hands an we started to walk again towards the house.
    “Trixie, I have news BIG news!” I started when she picked up. “ What happened, it has to be juicy if you called me?” she said, “ you know Seth Clearwater right?” I asked her, “ yep isn't he in our history class?” she asked, “yes he is, but that isn't the best part, he asked me if I liked him I told yes!” after I told her that she was silent for about 30 seconds then said. “ girl you better watch out his sister Leah and him hang out with Sam Uley and his gang!” I was kind of mad cause she didn't really know why they hang out together, “also he kissed me, while he was walking me home.” it was silent again for 30 seconds then said, “ really how long, how good of a kisser is he, tell me everything!” so I told her that he was giving me a piggyback ride then put me down turned an gripped my hands lean down an kissed me about 8 seconds. She said that she was going to go tell Courtney an everybody but I told her that they would find out easily when Seth an I are “together” tomorrow. She agreed even though she is a gossip queen at school.
“ Loca, come here!” Jake said from down the hallway, “ hey I got to do alright an plus my brother hangs out with them also.” I said before we both hang up “ I know but still just be careful.” I agreed and hung up. When I got to the living room, there stood Bella, Edward and their daughter Renesmee, “ there you are Andrea, they have something to tell you and ask you?” Billy said, “ yes first off, hello Andrea nice to see you again.” said Edward I said nice to you again also, “ and second, do you know where your dad is right now.” I shook my head to him, “ alright then, also do you know why his here?” Edward asked, everyone looked at me, “ I don't know why his here all I know is that his may be mad at my mom for letting me come here without his knowing.” I said. “ Maybe, do you might know who did this?” I shook my head again cause I didn't know again, “ ring, ring” it was the phone Billy answered “ Andrea, its your mom.” I nodded an went into the kitchen to talk to her. “ Hey mom!” I said when I picked up the phone, “ were all ready, we will drive to Oklahoma City and we will probably see you after school alright?” my mom said, “ alright, hope you don't get too full with peanuts!” I laughed so did my mom I did miss her lucky I'm seeing her tomorrow. I felt someone touch my shoulder, I turned it was Quil and Jared “ hold on mom.” then I faced them both “ so your dating Clearwater?” I shook my head “ wait how do you know that?” they smiled at me then Quil said “ after he dropped you off he phased an we heard him while both of us were on patrol.” I smiled at them, then I got back on with my mom “ mom you still there?” she said yes “ we are bring someone, but you have to wait til tomorrow!” I got off the phone cause my mom had another call coming in.

Jacob's POV
    “I'm leaving dad?” I told him. “ alright here is the sign just in case!” I put a CD in the player, when I got to Olympic Peninsula I called my dad to make sure I made it but nobody answered so I called Sue's and of course he was there “who is going to pick up loca?” I asked him “ while this morning when Seth came by to pick her up he said that he will drive her back an call just in case to make sure her mom and sister were here.” I said alright and hung up. Parked an started to walk up the gate to wait for them. While I was reading some magazine I heard a little girls voice I looked up and saw Renesmee “ what I are you going here Nessie?” then I saw Bella, “ just wanted to keep you company while you wait for your sisters mom and sister.” Bella said. “ Jacob, Jacob” said Renesmee “
“What is it?” I said while smiling at her, she showed me her bag that her Aunt Alice give her. While she was coloring in her princess book Bella an me talked. “how is she?” she said “ fine, can't wait til she sees her mom though.” I told her, “ where is Edward?” I just had to ask cause normally he is with them. “ Working with Emmett and Jasper, there trying fix Esme's table, oh when do they get here?” before I could answer that someone went over the loudspeaker an said “ Flight from Denver to Olympic Peninsula is now arriving.”  alright time to see them, “ how old is her sister?” Bella asked “ 14 I believe but she has Asperger's of what Loca said.”  she nodded “ can I hold the sign Jacob?” Renesmee said “ Alright but they have to see it so I have to pick you up!” she nodded I picked her up. When we saw people coming through the gate, “ alright hold up the sign, high.” she nodded. Then a person came up to us an answered “ Are you Jacob Black?” I shook my head an said “ yes, are you Laura or Mary?” she turned and said “ Mary, come here I found him.” I smiled cause I thought I would miss them or lose them. “ Wow, mom that Jacob, his cute!” Mary said “ Mary, our embarrassing him, I think his girlfriend is standing beside him.” Laura explained to her, “ no I'm not his girlfriend I'm Bella Jake's friend and this is my daughter Renesmee you will meet my husband later.” Bella said. “ Thank you Mary, at least I know that I'm cute.” she laughed and I put down Renesmee “ while both of us will be leaving an see you guys later, alright pick up your stuff honey.” Bella said. “ oh is it alright if we have dogs?” I shook my head I thought to myself while we are a pack of wolves aka dogs so yea. When we got to the baggage claim they both got their suitcases an a carrier, I looked inside it they brought their dog. Joy hope Sam doesn't mistake it has one of pack members, “ this is Foxie she doesn't bark.” That's good I thought but I smiled and showed them to the truck.

    “Hey Billy, how are you?” Laura said, “good an you?” he said, “good” she replied. It was almost 2:50 then she an Seth would be here. “ Andrea has been good so far, and she has really been getting along with Jacob's friends.” my dad said to Laura, she shook her head in agreement, “ we are going to have Thanksgiving at one of our friends house.” I said to them “ tell them who it is.” dad said. “Paul's house one of my long time friends and his dad does remember you if I heard him right!” I said also. Then we all heard a truck come up the driveway it was Sam and Emily, Emily was the first one in, “ Hello I'm Emily, Sam's fiancee.” she said, “ an I'm Sam.” coming after her,  “ awwww, what a cute
puppy?” said Emily, “ That's Foxie are dog!!!” Mary told her. I heard some noise outside. “Sam can you come help me with something.” I asked him, Sam nodded. We both went out an examined the area, Sam nudged me and pointed to some trees near the house, while I looked, Seth's truck was coming up the drive.

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