My Brother's Pack

Jacob has a God-Sister an everything is going alright when Jake sees someone that Andrea knows, plus Seth Clearwater imprints on her. I don't own anything, everything is to the Stepanie Meyer, besides my characters! Hope you like it!


4. 4

Andrea's POV
Jacob and I was in living room when Seth came in and told us that he told his mom that Jake need him asap, I knew that was a lie. He sat down on the ground and we talked for a couple minutes. Then I told them that I was going to go get ready for bed they nodded and I went back and got into my pj's I wore a tank top and my hometown pajama bottoms, then I was going to go into the bathroom to brush my teeth, before I left my room I heard something outside my window I went to it and I saw no one, I thought it must have been one of the wolves in woods doing patrol. I went into the bathroom brushed my teeth and went into the living room and stayed up. When Embry came in we told him to be quiet cause dad was sleeping, after that all three of us talked and listened to music. I was getting tired, so I got up hugged Jake said goodnight to them all. When I got to my room, I heard someone behind me I turned around and saw Seth, “ What do you think you're going.” I asked while grinning cause I thought I was funny for some weird reason. “ I'm just here to tuck you in shorty.” he said and embraced me in a hug, he was warm I didn't want to let go. “ Are you cold shorty, you feel like it?” I looked up at him and said “ I'm little cold” he let go of me, I went to my bed got under my covers. Seth was sitting on the end of my bed, I was going to fall asleep when I felt him get up I opened my eyes an said “ Seth can you stay 'til I fall asleep?” he nodded and sat back down. I was trying to fall back to sleep, but I was cold, I felt Seth come closer I think he must of known that I was cold. It didn't work, “Seth can you go in my closet and get me a blanket on the second shelf?” I asked him to do. He was about to went he stopped and turned my way, “How about I just warm you up?” he asked me. I wasn't sure about it but I was cold so I agreed and he came over lied down beside me and put his arm around me, I put my head on his chest I smiled I couldn't believe this was happening. “ You don't have to do this?” I said. “ Your cold and I can keep you warm.” Seth said. I wasn't going to argue with him, so I just lied there trying to keep warm. I fell asleep, I seen some light from his phone I didn't bother. Then I heard his phone go off I think it was Leah I heard I girls voice, then other I must have been his mom. I fell asleep during his conversion with Leah and his mom.

    I woke up at 8:30am to snoring and someone holding me. I forgot that Seth was keeping me warm during the nite, I looked up and saw Seth in a deep sleep. I tried to move but I couldn't so I just leaned up and kissed his chin cause that is all I could reach, he must of figured it was me cause I saw a smile, then he moved me closer to him. “ Good morning” I said to him, he smiled again and open his eyes and said “ Good morning to you shorty!” I smiled. “ alright I know why my nickname is shorty,
but I'm not that short compared to Emily she's 5'6 an I'm 5'4 that's not that bad” I said, he looked at me like he know I was right “still your short.” he smiled and I smiled. I got up, he came over to me grab my hand and we walked to the kitchen, Billy was over by the table an saw us said good morning to the both of us. “Good morning, dad!” I kissed his cheek, “hey do you want to go over to my house to have breakfast?” he ask everyone “ are you sure we can without your mom knowing.” I asked.  Jake laughed and said “ you have a lot to know there loca, around here anywhere we smell food you know that there's a lot, manly over at the Clearwater house, Sue makes for the whole pack also over at Sam and Emily's house.” I got dressed in a t-shirt an shorts, Jacob helped Billy into the truck, I told them I would walk with Seth, when we got there Billy and Jake were already there, “ Hey, we have a few more visitors.” Seth said to his mom, Leah and who ever was at the house. “ Like always when do we not have any!” his mom said. Then I said “ While we can leave if you don't have any room?” Seth laughed and Leah said “ Girl that's a joke we all have cause we are a pack of wolves you know.” I started to blush at that moment and ran outside, I didn't know I haven't been here that long, I was so mad I just wanted to go home when Jacob came outside, my guess to check if I'm alright. “ Leah can be bitch sometimes, just tune her out I always do and so does everyone else.” Jacob said. I looked up at him, “ I've only been here for about four months I haven't been here that long, I want to go home!” I told him then Seth came. “ You don't need to go home after just one spat, that’s not how I remember you.” I looked up at him he was some what sad cause I was going to leave maybe, “ If you leave Andrea then you will miss Thanksgiving and Christmas, my mom makes the best pumpkin pie and fudge!” Seth added. I considered everything that they said. “ Can I just walk around and clear my head?” I ask the two of them, “NO!” they said at the same time. “Why?” I asked “ Cause, there is something out in the forest that we think might hurt you loca.” Jake said. Seth agreed with him, I knew that there are just protecting me but I just want to clear my head. I just agreed that I would stay and so I sat on the ground looked up at the sky, Jacob and Seth went inside but every two minutes looked out the window to check on me. It was somewhat sunny but cloudy as always. I heard something behind me, I thought it was one of the wolves spooking up on me plus for the food, I didn't hear a growl or someone saying shorty to me, I heard my name from someone I know but I couldn't put my finger on it “ Andrea, it's your dad.” someone said “ No your not my dad doesn't sound like that, plus his is in Oklahoma with Tammy an her family.” I commented back. I turned around to see who I'm fighting with I saw no one, I figured he ran off, I felt someone grab my hand and I turned to see who it was “ Hi Andrea, how are you?” the guy said. I was surprised it was my dad, I hugged him but I let go cause he was cold and plus I was still mad at him for what he did to my mom and the rest of the family. “What are you doing here, weren’t you suppose to be with Tammy and her family?” I asked him. “ We are here girlie!” Tammy said while she stepped from behind one of the trees, I thought to myself and said “ what tree would shield her.” I laughed to myself. “ what are you laughing about dear.” Tammy said, “ nothing Tammy.” I quickly said before she figured it out.

Jacob's POV
    Andrea ran out of the Clearwater house after Leah said “Girl it's just a joke we all have we are a pack of wolves you know.” My eyes followed her out the door, “ Jacob go after her!” my dad said. When I went outside she was standing in the middle of the yard, arms crossed, and mumbling something. “ Leah can be a bitch sometimes, just tune her out I always do and so does everyone else.” I said to her. I looked up at him an said “ I've only been here for about four months I haven't been here that long, I want to go home?” I told him then Seth came over. “ You don't need to go home after just one spat, that's not the person I remember you being.” Jake said, she looked up at me, I was little sad cause my sister might leave. “ If you leave Andrea then you will miss Thanksgiving and Christmas, my mom makes the best pumpkin pie and fudge.” Seth added. I laughed cause he pulled the food card. I looked back to loca and she was thinking, “ Can I just walk around and clear my head?” she asked. “NO” Seth and me said, “why?” she asked, “ Cause there is something out there in forest we think might hurt you loca!” I said, Seth agreed. She agreed with that and we both left her outside and we both took turns looking out the window to see if she was still there. “ How is she?” dad said, “ she wanted to go home, and wonder into the forest.” I said to him. “ Did you tell her
about why she can't do into the woods, the real reason?” he said, “ No dad I didn't” I said, I couldn't believe he was that stupid like actually would tell oh yea Andrea your dad is here and the reason his cold because his a vampire that would freak her out more than she was. “ How is Andrea I didn't get much speaking terms before she ran out” said Sue.  “ Yeah she's fine, she spoke to her mom yesterday and I spoke to her also and she said that there plane tickets are done all they have to do is pack and arrive an there plane leaves at 8 so there going to wake at 5:30 and leave at 6 so yea there going to arrive here at probably maybe before lunch or little after.” said dad. I checked on Andrea she was sitting on the ground looking at the sky I don't know why it's always like this, I sat on the couch with Leah and Seth to watch a movie with them “ Hey how about we ask shorty if she would like to watch this with us?” Seth afford, I thought about it I agreed. I looked outside to see her talking to they same vampire and a it must have been his girlfriend talking to loca. “ Seth, Leah someone is out there!”
    I ran out got in front of her an asked “ What do you want, you don't belong here!” I hear some murmuring behind them, they all came out one was short and had dark-brown and highlights like the blond one next to Andrea's dad, next was two boys one was short like the first two and some hair color but no highlights, the other one is taller like her dad same hair color has the boy but different.
“Andrea knows who we are, don't you?” said the blond women, “ you're not taking her anywhere.” Seth said. “ Awww how cute wolves protecting something that isn't theirs cute, but she is coming with us shes my daughter so I have a right.” said Andrea's dad I think. “ But why do want me so bad, I don't like you right now!” Andrea said. It was quiet for seemed a long time, “ you and your dad need to talk about what has happened so you can fix that bridge you burned! Said the short blond next to her dad.
“ What bridge, I didn't burn nothing you did, you left then came back then left again, after I went into my room that one day an yelled that I wish you never came back I keep on thinking that you heard that and left the second time, you never called me or Mary.” Andrea said. “ Yes you did you never called also.” her dad said, “ yes I did, I called you, you always say can I call you back later or I can't talk I'm busy, yes you came for my birthday, but not Mary's she loves you to, you think you just have me no you have two!” Andrea yelled. “ Listen I'm sorry for what I have done can you please forgive me and leave this nasty dog scent place, please Andrea.” he said. It was quiet, then loca said “ No I won't mom would be worry and I came here to have fun with my god family and their friends.” he was piss-off and stormed away with his other family. “ Shorty are you alright? Seth asked, she turned to me she was crying “ I'm sorry” she said, “ It's fine loca, you don't have to see him again while your here alright.” I said trying to make her fell better. I gave her a hug we walked back into the house nobody talked about the subject, we tried to bring normal back into the atmosphere, we talked about the next holiday Thanksgiving. “ What do you like to eat on Thanksgiving? Sue asked Andrea, “ lots of things, manly stuffing and my Aunt Stacy's green bean casserole she let's me make it , I can make it for you guys if you want me to. Everyone nodded “ we can eat anything.” Seth said, “ Where are we going to have it this year?” I asked “ have it what do you mean?” Andrea asked. My dad answered that question “ we have Thanksgiving at a different house every year, last year we had it at Sam and Emily's place now we have to think where we can have this year.” she nodded. “ Paul's house?” Leah asked, “ Let me called over there an asked if that would be fine.” Sue said.

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