My Brother's Pack

Jacob has a God-Sister an everything is going alright when Jake sees someone that Andrea knows, plus Seth Clearwater imprints on her. I don't own anything, everything is to the Stepanie Meyer, besides my characters! Hope you like it!


3. 3

Seth's POV

    After I walked Andrea home I came back to find my clothes lying out on my bed, “Mom, want is up with this?” she came into my room and said, “While I couldn't say anything with Andrea here, but there is going to be a party at the Cullen's house, and there going to tell Andrea everything about what she doesn't know about from the lasted five years.” I nodded and put on my clothes. “Wait, so we are like going to a house full of vampires?” said Leah when she came out of her room. “Yes, we are and be on your best behavior tonight young lady, don't spoil it, because almost everyone is going to tell her something.” we looked at each other and grinned, “I know I will but I don't know about Leah.” I said, she punched me in the arm and said “oh yea, what about you, you shouldn't act like a little puppy when you see her, alright lil' brother.” I blushed, she was right. “Alright Leah, let’s go.”
    We were the third guests there, “Paul and Jared come about hour ago” said Bella. We were silent for a couple of minutes when Esme came downstairs to greet us. “How are you Sue?” she asked my mom, “Fine, how are you?” she said, I walked to the living room an waited. “Hey” said a sing song voice. “Oh hey Renesmee, how are you today?” I asked her, she giggled and said “Fine” then she ran off to look out the window for Jake. “What do you think she will think of all this?” asked Paul “Maybe she will think we all gone to crazy Ville.” added Jared. I just shook my head. Then the rest of the pack come in and greeted everyone. We heard a door shut outside in the driveway, I walked over to the window and all I could heard was Renesmee saying “Jacob here, Jacob here” Bella come over and put one of her fingers to her lips to say be quiet she shook her head and Bella picked her up. Andrea was blindfolded I didn't know it was a surprise party I laughed to myself. “Why does it smell like a church in here?” we all tried not to laugh. Then Edward came over and took her hands and she said “Alright, no joke what has me?” Then Jake took off the blindfold, and before she spoke he said, “These are, our friends alright and we have to tell you something, so if you want you can go sit down?” she looked white almost like she was one of them, but she shook her head in agreement.

Andrea's POV
    After Seth walked me home, Billy said that my mom called and he said I will not have time to call her tonight. I was little sad but I knew that I would call her tomorrow. Jake came out of the bathroom and said “Hey loca, get ready we will be leaving in about 30 minutes or so.” I didn't know what was going on but I went on with it and got ready before I went to my room I asked Billy “Where are we going?” he looked at me and all he said was “It’s a surprise, and dress nice.” I went into my closet and pulled out my white tank and a brown short sleeve tee, I put that on I already had on my light blue jeans. Then I went into the bathroom and brushed through my light brown hair, and brushed my teeth again. “Are you ready sweetheart?” I heard Billy from the living room, “Yea” I yelled back. I went out into the living room to see that Jacob had a blindfold in his hands, 
“What are you doing with that?” I asked. “Were going to blindfold you, cause where were going is top secret.” said Jake. I was like this is weird but I went along with it, I just hope they don't stop the truck and drag me out and leave me there.
First Jacob helped Billy into the truck then me, we drove a long time, while I thought it was a long time. When we finally stopped I said “Are you guys just going to drop me off here an leave me.” I heard laughing “No we promise darling” Billy said. I hope he was right. Jake helped me out then Billy this time. While he was helping Billy I tried to smell and feel around, it smelled like the same as La Push, I felt around I bent down and there was rocks and some grass. I probably looked dumb, I felt like a blind person. Then Billy said “We are going into a house alright?” I just shrugged, and Jake directed me to where they were taking me. I heard a door open, “Why does it smell like a church in here?” I heard some snickering, but I ignored that. Then some really cold hands touched mine, “Alright, no joke what has me?” I didn't heard anything, but I think Jake took off the blindfold, and there stood a man probably the height of my friend Chase, and he smiled at me. I was speechless I never saw a person that pale. Then Jacob said to me, “These are, our friends alright and we have to tell you something, so if you want you can go sit down?” I agreed cause I was about to fall. After we all sat down the pale man said, “Hi Andrea, we have all been waiting to meet you.” I tried to smile and be polite but the only thing that come out was, “Why are half of you so pale, do you people need a doctor?” I looked around and saw a lot of people and some of them were pale. Then another pale person came up to me and said “I'm sure we all alright I’m a doctor anyway, hi there Andrea my name is Carlisle.” he smiled and then Jake turned me and said, “You know what me and the rest of my friends are right,” I shook my head “While we all got permission to tell you this since you are here, you know those stories about the cold ones that dad use to tell us when we were little?” I shook my head again and he continued. “While the correct term is vampire.” he stopped to see what I'm going to do. “But in all those stories they hurt you guys.” I finally said. Then the doctor I think said “We are as if to say the good guys like the wolfs.” I understood that part, then Sam said “We have this treaty with them like right now we are on their land if we do something like fight to hurt them we break it and vise visa if they are on are land.” , “I got it now, is there anything else?” Jake look to Seth and said “yes there is but we can talk about that later, but first you need to meet more people.” I thought joy more, I met doctor Cullen's wife named Esme, then there kids Edward and his wife Bella there kid Renesmee, Alice, Jasper, Emmett, and finally Rosalie, there was a lot but I could handle it. “Alright everyone I made food and everything is in the dining room.” said Esme I think. “Hey I need to talk to you?” Seth said “Alright” I said back and I followed him to the back porch “You know what Jacob said that there was another thing he was supposed to tell you?” I nodded “While he told me to tell you.” he looked to the ground before he said another thing “Seth is everything alright?” I asked “ Yes and this what Jake and your god-father wanted to tell you, you know on the day that you came Jacob and me were fighting, it was about you cause of what I did, it happens to all of us while the wolfs, not really everyone.” I really wanted him to get to the point, “I imprinted, that means I found my soul mate and that would be you, shorty.” I couldn't believe it, I knew a little about Imprinting, I started to cry cause I knew that if I did go out with him I would have to leave and both of us wouldn't be together. “I'm sorry I told you, but your god-father wanted you to know, probably you want to be left alone.” he was going to leave. “Seth wait, I'm glad you told me, so this happens to all of you?” I asked him, “Yes, only the wolfs just so you know, and to let you on a little secret, you know that little girl inside, Renesmee while Jake imprinted on her.” I couldn't believe it my God-brother did that? “Really but she is a vampire, plus a little girl.” I said still shocked. “She has grown a lot, Renesmee is half-human, half-vampire, so she grows not like other kids.” he told me. I couldn't believe of what I was hearing, Jacob imprinted on their little girl. “I bet you want to be alone?” I shook my head and got up I walk around the grounds, I felt like I was being watched so I turned an there stood Edward, “Are you going to eat?” I asked him “Vampires don't eat, Esme loves to cook she loves to cook for the wolf's.” I looked up at the moon, “Do you have any questions, or are you just confused about the whole thing?” I looked at him, “How did you feel when you found out the Jake imprinted on your daughter?” I sat on one of the swings. “I was mad but I was alright cause Jacob is a loyal and would never hurt her or anyone that he loves like all the wolves.” Edward said. “Is Esme an Carlisle your real mom and dad?” I asked “No, Carlisle is the one that made me like this, but don't worry he won't do anything to you or anyone.” I then started thinking about my dad but I put that to the back of my head, I like to talk to him, “Is there anything else, you wanted to talk about?” Edward asked, I shook my head, he started to walk back towards the house, “Andrea, just so you know, that if you need anything, you can come over anytime?” I nodded and walked around their backyard some more. I got a text from my dad it said, “I’m going to marry Tammy, she’s going to be your step-mom you should come and maybe be in it!” I finally went back inside an talked to everyone, “Is everything alright loca?” I shook my head, “No you’re not, I know you.” I looked at him, “You don't know what happened?” he took me back to a room, “Andrea, wants going on?” he ask I looked at him, “I was the one that pushed his buttons, I was the one that made him leave!” I said to him. Then someone knocked an Jacob opened it, Edward came in “I heard everything, is this about her dad?” he asked, “Yes it is.” Jacob came over to me and put his hands on my shoulders and told me this, “No you didn't your dad left cause of him he left cause he made a bad choice. But why all of a sudden you say this!” I looked at him I was mad, “You were not there when it happened, you don't know if he heard me say to god that I wish I didn't pray for him to come back!” I ran out of the room and the house.

Jacob's POV

    “No one go after her.” I said when I got out to the living room, “But Jake... what happened?” Seth asked, “Alright everyone her parents are divorced an she looks at it as her fault cause she said something behind closed doors and she swears that he heard her. But I don’t know why she just suddenly brought it up!” everyone looked at one other, “One or two of us should go after her.” Sam said, “I will” said Seth, “I will company you” Jared said. They went outside and started to search for her. “Is there anything we can do?” Bella asked me, “No, but if she comes back here, just try an keep her here and call when it happens.” I got dad in the truck and was going to take him home. “She is like you when you get mad, you leave and try to keep it all inside yourself.” I looked at him, “what happens if a passer comes in an sees her or anything for that matter.” my dad just puts a hand my shoulder and says “we will find her?” I took him home an phased to check on things, “Anything yet?” I thought out, “nothing yet Jake?” Jared said.
After all night searching I went back to the house, “Jacob she's at the Cullen's, they just called.” I ran back out and phased, “She’s back at the Cullens.” I thought out again. As soon as I get there ran inside, “she's in the other room, Jacob she is asleep.” I nodded and walk toward her, “was she alright, was she hurt?” Carlise shook his head, “No, but when she came in all she wanted was someone to talk.” I looked at him like she could of came home an talked I looked at him, “She told me an Edward not to tell you or anyone.” I looked to Bella, “how long has she been asleep?” I asked, “about hour at the most.” Bella said, “Can I use your phone an call Sam or someone to come pick us up.” she shook her head and I dialed the phone first I called Sue, “Hey can you or someone come pick Andrea and me up at the Cullens place?” she said that she could and after she dropped us off I put her on the sofa in the living room and I went out an talked to Sam. “What do you want?” I asked him. 
“There is some strange things going on in the forest, make sure your sister doesn't go in there without one of us with her!” I shook my head went into the forest phased and did portal with Paul.  It was about two when Paul and I heard something behind some bushes. We both stood our ground and waited til whatever it was to come out. “What do you think is behind there?” asked Paul, truly I didn't know, “ I don't know, do you think we should sound for help or just stand here like what the hell is going?” Paul shifted his feet and said “ Alright I have an idea, I will go back to Sam's and get some backup, if whatever is behind there you know the signal.” I shook my wolf head, Paul left and phased back, I stood there staring at the bushes then they started to move again, it finally came out it was a vampire I didn't know who it was. It said something very quiet even with my wolf trained ears I couldn't even hear it. I think it is a guy, but it's hair is long, I can't tell.  “Hey, did it come out, or” Sam stopped himself when he saw the vampire. “Did it talk Jacob?” Sam thought, “No all it did was a stare down.” I thought to him. Then after we were silent for a couple minutes then it said something, “ you guys must be the Quileute wolves, I heard stories about you guys, but it's too bad that we can't talk.” he said. We didn't know what we did to him or his coven but we must of. After he said that he walked off, me, Sam, and Paul looked at each other.
Later on that night I was back home trying to think of what would make him mad at us. “ hey dad can I talk to you in the other room?” he shook his head and went into Andrea's room for some reason being in her room made me less mad I don't know why. “ What is on your mind son?” my dad asked me, I heard him but I was looking around loca's room, then something caught my eye. I grabbed it and ask my dad “dad do you know who this is?” he looked an said “ that is Andrea's dad, she never talks to him after her parents divorced, why?” I looked at him with her after about minute I whispered to myself and said “ That's him!” my dad must've heard me cause he said “ who? What are you talking about?” I put down the picture fame and turned to my dad and said “While I was on patrol, Paul and me heard something behind some bushes so we stood there and waited, after a couple minutes Paul went to go get Sam after he left, a person came out and I think it is loca's dad after Sam and Paul came he said you guys must be the Quileute wolves, I heard stories about you guys, but it's too bad we can't talk, I've been trying to think about what must've happened.” my dad was still for a couple minutes and said “ if it is her father don't I repeat don't let her go into the woods without you or one of the wolves alright cause we don't know what will happen if they see each other.” Andrea came in and said that dinner was ready, we went out there had dinner, dad turned in for the night, Andrea and me stayed up and listened to music, about midnight Seth came over he told his mom that I needed him asap I didn't all he wanted to do is see Andrea. “I'm going to go get ready for bed?” Andrea said. We both shook are heads and after she left I spoke to Seth, “ hey did you heard anything when you came over here?” I said. “ No, why?” I took a deep breath and said “ Cause, Paul, Sam and me saw someone out there, my dad and me saw a picture of him in Andrea's room and it turns out it might be her dad if so don't let her go into the woods alone.” after I said that Andrea came out, and sat on the couch. “Alright” Seth said I looked at him and nodded.

Seth's POV
    After Jake told me about what happened, I couldn't believe it.” Alright” I told him he nodded. We couldn't talk about it cause Shorty was there, “ I will go put another CD in?” Andrea said. “ Billy turn in early?” I asked “Yep, I know he normal stays up with us on a Saturday and see's who all comes over, and listen to music and talk with us.” after Jake said that Embry came in, we all told him to be quiet cause Billy was sleeping.  We all talked, it was about one-thirty when Andrea said she was going to go to bed, she gave Jake a hug and he said “ see you in the morning, maybe?” she laughed, “ Nite, Embry.” he said the same. I followed her to her room, she saw me and said “ What do you think you're doing?” she grinned while saying it, I grinned at her and said “ I'm just here to tuck you in shorty.” while I said that I embraced her in a hug. She was cold, “ are you cold shorty, cause you feel it?” she looked up at me and said “ I'm little cold.”  I let go, so she can get under the covers. I sat on the end of her bed, before I was about to leave she said “ Seth, can you just stay in here til I fall asleep.” and of course I couldn't say no, I mean I could but I didn't want to leave. I sat on the end of the bed again, she was almost falling asleep and I could tell she was cold so I went in closer to try to see if it will help. It didn't she woke up and sat up on her bed and asked me “ Seth can you go in my closet and get me a blanket on the second shelf?” I was about to when I thought I could just warm her up. “ How about I just warm you up?” I asked her, she seemed scared but she agreed and I lied down put my arm around her, “ you don't have to do this!” shorty said. “ Your cold and I can keep you warm.” I told her, she knew she couldn't win and soon she was asleep. I looked down an smiled she look so peaceful, and I was grateful that she was apart of my life, it was about two and I knew that my mom would be wondering where I'm at, so I took out my phone text Leah to tell mom that I will just sleep over at the Black's house tonight. Instead of texting back she called I answer before shorty woke up. “ Why couldn't you just text me?” I whispered yelled to her, “Cause I want to know why you are staying there cause normally you come home.” Leah said. “While did you tell mom.” I whispered. “Not until you tell me what you're really doing.”  I sighed and said “I'm with Andrea alright, she was cold and I'm helping her with that.” she was silent and I said “Leah are you still there?” I waited. “Seth, you better be on your best behavior and don't do anything stupid.” my mom said, I told her I would and hung up the phone.
That morning I felt someone kiss my chin, I figured it must have been shorty, I brought her closer to me, then I opened my eyes. “ Good morning!” Andrea said. I smiled and said “ good morning to you shorty.” she smiled and said “Alright I know why my nickname is shorty, but I'm not that short compared to Emily she's 5'7 an I'm 5'5 that's not that bad” I knew she was right, “Still your short.” she stared at me and grinned. She got up first then me we both held hand and hand to the kitchen. Billy saw us first and said good morning to the both of us, Andrea said “good morning dad” and kissed his cheek, “ hey do you want to go over to my house to have breakfast?” I ask everyone “ are you sure we can without your mom knowing.” Shorty asked.  Jake laughed and said “ you have a lot to know there loca, around here anywhere we smell food you know that there's a lot, manly over at the Clearwater house, Sue makes for the whole pack also over at Sam and Emily's house.” Andrea got dressed in a t-shirt an shorts, Jacob helped Billy into the truck, I told them I would walk with her, when we got there Billy and Jake were already there, “ Hey, we have a few more visitors.” I said to my mom and Leah and who ever was at the house. “ Like always when do we not have any!” my mom said I laughed cause it was true. Then Andrea said “ While we can leave if you don't have any room?” I laughed and Leah said “ Girl that's a joke we all have cause we are a pack of wolves you know.” she started to blush at that moment and ran outside. “ Jacob go after her?” Billy said. He did, I look at Leah and shook my head and said “Everyone knew it was joke but she has only been here since August and it's now November.” I walked outside to see if everything was alright.

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