My Brother's Pack

Jacob has a God-Sister an everything is going alright when Jake sees someone that Andrea knows, plus Seth Clearwater imprints on her. I don't own anything, everything is to the Stepanie Meyer, besides my characters! Hope you like it!


2. 2

Andrea's POV
    “I love it here mom.” I said to her “No, I've only been here a week, mom you want me back already?” I was getting tired of my mom saying that, “K, love you to, bye” I hung up the phone and went outside to Jake's garage, “Hey Andrea, didn't hear you come out of the house.” said Jacob “While maybe you should turn down the music then you can hear.” I teased. I only been here a week and I already love it, I've stayed away from Seth, but not his sister, Leah and I understand each other, because we both have brothers that phase while plus her but that is beside the point. “Hey if you see dad tell him I'm over at the Clearwater's, k?” I started to head over there when he grab my arm “You're going to the Clearwater's, I told you to stay away from him.” yelled Jake. “I'm going over there to get Leah then were going to Sam and Emily's place to help her with their wedding.” He let go of me, and said “Alright go over there get her, and talk only to Sue and Leah.” I nodded and went over there. I knock on the front door nicely and of course the one person I shouldn't talk to opened the door. “Oh hey Andrea, what brings you here?” I didn't want to answer him, just before I was going to Sue came to the door and invited me in “So what brings you here?” the same question Seth asked “I'm here to get Leah and go over to Sam and Emily's.” she nodded and went to go get her, leaving me and Seth in the kitchen alone. “How do you like La Push so far?” he asked. I really didn't want to answer and tell him that I can't speak to him at all. “Seth, I can't really talk to you, Jacob said, my guessing is because of what happened the first day when I came in.” I told him and he looked sad “While he is your brother, an I have to respect that, but you should know that I like you a lot.” I couldn't believe what I was hearing I wanted to leave and never come back but I couldn't move in inch. He came over to me and smiled this smile that made my heart melt. I smiled at him also “wow you have an amazing smile there shorty.” he told me.
    “Shorty” that was on my mind after the whole amazing part “yeah cause you are shorter than the rest of us even Emily and that's short.” he smiled again after that I couldn't believe I just got a nickname from a guy that is a told cutie, but also I shouldn't even be talking to him in the first place, he started to come even closer to me like he was about to kiss me. “Hey Andrea, ready to go.” said Leah and she couldn't of come any sooner. “Yeah I am” we went outside and started to walk toward Emily's house “Hey do you even know if Seth talks about me a lot at home?” I asked her, she looked at me like why are you asking me this question his my little brother. “While I can see he does like you, but no he doesn't talk about you.” she finally said. “Ok, thanks.” I was kind of relieved when she told me that.
When we got there Sam was on the couch watching a game on TV with Paul, Jared, and Embry. “Hey guys, thanks for coming I can't decide on the colors, Sam doesn't want bright colors, but also not to dark, I don't know what to do.” said Emily when we came into the dining room “How about primary and secondary colors there not to bright or too dark.” I said and Leah agree “Yeah we can do orange and violet how about that honey?” Emily asked Sam who was glued to the television, she came back to the dining room, and said “I will asked him later.” We stayed there for about two and half hours when Jacob came over to tell Leah and me that we were having dinner at the Clearwater's and that it will be ready any minute now and that we should come with him. We said our goodbyes and left to the house, “Man we got a lot done in just two and half hours.” Leah said “Yeah I know.” I replied. We were silent for half of the trip there. Til Jake found a broken object it looked like a toy or something.
    When we got there Billy and Seth were in the living room watching the same game that was on over at Sam and Emily's. Sue was in the kitchen still preparing dinner, “Do you need any help Sue?” I asked her “No I don't sweetheart, but thanks for asking.” I nodded, Leah and I went into the living room. Leah took the spot next to Jake and there was no more room on that couch, “You can sit next to me Andrea?” Seth asked and so I did but on the other end far away as possible. I watched the game, “You didn't answer my question earlier, how do you like La Push so far?” I looked at him then Jacob who was looking straight at me, I didn't answer him and tried to watch the game. “Time for dinner!” Sue said. Everyone stood up and walked to the table Sue and Billy sat next together, Leah sat next to her mom, Seth sat across from her, Jacob sat next to Seth and I sat right between Jacob and Leah.       
“Let’s say grace.” Billy said he started “Heavenly father thanks for giving us this food were about to eat and thank you for bring my beloved God-Daughter back to us, thank you again and amen.” I smiled at him and everyone else said amen after. Jacob was the first one in the food. We had lasagna, veggies, and bread. Afterward Seth and I agreed to do dishes and Jacob wasn't pleased about. While I was filling up the sink Seth said to me “Alright I know that Jake doesn't want us to speak to each other, but hey were old enough to make our own choices, I'm I right?” I heard everything and said “Yeah we are but I live under their roof and I don't know if Billy has a problem with this or not but I know that Jake does.” I looked at Seth after I said this and he started to come closer to me like before, I started to move back, then I looked and saw the water I turn it off and started the dishes. “I know you have feelings for me Andrea.” My back had chills when he said my name, he brush my hair back and kissed my cheek then grab the plate that was on the rack and dried it put it on the shelf, after we did the dishes both of us went outside to the tire swing that was there when I was little.

Seth's POV

    I couldn't get her out of my head, that’s all I could think about why was Jake so protective over her, ok I knew why he was I would do it too if it was Leah. “Seth can you pick up your room and put your dirty clothes in the hamper so I can do laundry later?” asked my mom, “Sure, I will mom.” I told her. I didn't want to, but I did anyway. After that I was watching some TV when someone was knocking on the door, I answer, it was Andrea and I said to her “Oh hey Andrea, what brings you here?” I asked her. She didn't answer me then my mom came up behind me and she invited her in and said “What brings you here?” the same question I ask and she didn't answer, “I'm here to get Leah and go over to Sam and Emily's?” she shook her head and went to go get her. We were alone and I asked her “How do you like La Push so far?” I asked her she didn't answer right away I knew that she was scared cause of what Jake probably told her. “Seth, I can't really talk to you, Jake said, my guessing is cause of what happened the first day.” she said to me. I couldn't believe it, I need to talk to her tell her how I feel. And this is what I told her “While he is your brother and I have to respect that, but you should know that I like you a lot.” I can't believe I just told her that but she need to know, she looked surprised hope she doesn't tell Jacob on me. I went over to her hoping I can calm her down I smiled at her, it looked like she was about to fall after I smiled, she smiled back it was pretty “WOW, you have a nice smile there shorty.” I can't believe I just called her that, she looked at me and said “shorty” I looked at her trying to think of something to say, then I thought of something.
“Yeah, cause you're shorter than the rest of us even Emily and that's short.” I smiled trying to see if that worked. She looks so beautiful, and I just want to kiss her so I just leaned in to kiss her cheek when Leah came in and said,” K Andrea, ready to go.” It sounded like she took a sigh when Leah came in. “Yeah, I'm ready.” then she left with Leah “Man, Leah you could of came about two minutes later.” I sighed and sat on one of the chairs, “What is it Seth?” my mom asked me. I didn't want to answer. “Nothing mom.” I told her and went to my room, til dinner was ready.
    I was still in my room when Billy and Jacob came into the house, I wasn't going to tell them that I talked to her. “Hey guys” when I walked out of my room. “I need to talk to you.” said Jake and we went into my room again. “Alright we are having dinner here and yes Andrea is coming so don't talk to her.” he asked me. I just shook my head and we both went out into the living room again, “Hey Jacob, can you go pick up the girls over at Sam and Emily's they must of lost track of time, and tell them that dinner is going to be ready.” my mom asked Jacob to do. “Maybe Seth can go with you to keep you company.” Billy said. He just looked at him like why did you just ask me that dumb question, then Billy said “Alright just go get them, and hurry back.” He left, then my mom and Billy went into the kitchen and just talked. I just turned on the TV and watched the game that was on, “So who is playing.” asked Billy when he came in. “Bears and Cowboys, it looks like a good game.” I told him. He came over to me and said “I know what you did and I'm alright with it but Jacob his tough everyone knows that.” I knew he was right with Jake, “But just so you know, I don't mind you dating her, but if you hurt her then you have to answer to me and mostly Jacob.” again I knew he was right. “I know I won't hurt her I mean she’s my imprint isn't she I won't let nothing harm her, but wait what about Jake.” I asked. He sighed and said “ Ever since he knew she was coming he wanted everything to be perfect, he hasn't seen her or even spoke to her in six years plus keep in mind her parents are divorced, so she's trying to keep that in the back of her mind.” I was happy of what he said and we began to watch the game again. After about five minutes of waiting Jacob came back with the girls, I could hear them outside laughing. When they came in Leah and Andrea stayed in the kitchen “Do you need any help Sue?” I heard Andrea asked my mom, “No I don't sweetheart, but thanks for asking!” what she replied to her. Then they came into the living room to wait with the rest of us, Leah sat next to Jacob, I knew she didn't want to sit by me but I asked anyway “You can sit next to me.” I offered and she did sit on the couch but not next to me. “You didn't answer my question earlier, how do you like La Push so far?” I asked again. She looked at me then to Jacob I knew she wanted to answer but Jacob was there. “Time for dinner!” said my mom. Everyone got up and went to the kitchen, Billy and my mom sat together the same as always, Leah sat next to her, I sat across from my sister, Jacob sat next to me and Andrea sat between him and Leah. “Let's say grace.” I heard Billy say “Heavenly father thanks for giving us this food were about to eat and thank you for bring my beloved God-Daughter back to us, thank you again and amen.”  I see from the corner of my eye that Andrea was smiling, I smiled cause she was, “Amen” I said. We had lasagna, veggies, and bread. Jake couldn't wait he was the first one to dig in, me and shorty were the ones that said we can do the dishes, I knew Jacob wasn't pleased about it. After everyone left to go in the living room I went over to her, she was filling up the sink and I asked, “Alright I know that Jake doesn't want us to speak to each other, but hey we're old enough to make our own choices, I'm I right?” I told her, then I heard her say “Yeah we are, but I live under their roof and I don't know if Billy has a problem with this or not but I know that Jake does.” she looked at me those blue eyes and looked sad. After she said that I started to come closer to her, I saw that she was moving backward, she looked at the sink and turn it off and started the dishes. “I know you have feelings for me Andrea.” I told her. I brush her hair back and kissed her cheek then grab the plate that was on the rack and dried it put it on the shelf, after we did the dishes both of us went outside to the tire swing that me and my dad put together and talked.

Jacob's POV

    It has been a month since Andrea has been here and it seems that her and Seth have been talking secretly I wasn’t mad at her but I was mad cause he talked to my sister, he wasn't supposed to. Andrea was still in the school getting her homework. I was going to go into the school when I saw her walking out with some girls, “Hey Jake, this is Trixie, Courtney, and Jasmine, there in two of my classes.” after she said that I nodded “Hi ladies, nice to meet ya, you ready to go loca ” I asked her. She nodded “See you tomorrow!” she told her friends. “Text me about you know what.” I heard Courtney tell her. “Alright probably after supper.” she said, she close the door to my truck and put her seat belt on. “How was school today?” I asked her “Good different from home, I have six classes instead of four.” I laughed. Then we were quiet the whole way home. “Oh before I forget I have two classes with Seth, Collin and Brady.” she said, I went over to her and said “Did he talk to.” after about a min she responded “While Collin is my lab partner so I have to talk to him.” I shook my head, and she went into the house to go do her homework. Later on that evening I was on patrol with Embry and Jared. “How’s shorty Jacob?” I thought who is that, “Who are you talking about Embry!!” they looked at me like you don't know, “Andrea, that's her nickname, Seth gave it to her.” I thought that's nice of him to give her a nickname, but I was mad at the same time.
       The next day after I went to go get Andrea from school, I went over to the Clearwater's house, I came into the house and Sue was in the kitchen as always, “Where is Seth?” I asked Sue “I think he said he was going over to Cullen's house.” she answered back to me. “Alright I will go check there.” I called back from behind me when I came out of the house, I got on my bike and went over there, “Jacob is here, Jacob is here.” I heard Renesmee called out to her mom and Alice. “Hi Nessie, how are you?” she laughed and answered “Fine” I put her down, she was six now man. “She grow a lot!” I said to Bella. “Yes, she has, when will we meet your sister?” Bella said. “You all get to meet her this weekend, Andrea doesn't know about you guys yet.” I said. Everyone went silent and looked at Renesmee. I broke the silent and said “Where is Seth, his mom said he would be here?” after I said that him and Emmett come in from the back door, when Seth looked inside and saw me, he ran outside to the backyard, I went outside to talk. “Seriously, you gave her a nickname?” I spoke, “While you gave Renesmee a nickname remember Nessie.” he said back in a snapping tone. I stood there quiet because I knew he was right I gave her that name after I imprinted, on her. “Why do you have to be so damn protective over her?” again I know he was right. “While she is my little sister I have to be after what happened to her parents she needs family an good friends not a boyfriend, besides you would too if it was your sister.” I said. Then Bella came out and said “What happened? Why are you two fighting?” we both looked in her direction and I said “He did something, and I just want it to end?” She looked confused “What happened Seth, you can tell me?” he took a deep breath and said “I imprinted on his sister.” she laughed and looked in my direction “That, that is what is happening, alright I know you, you're a protector even with Nessie, but you know that Seth will do the same thing.” I knew she was right also. After about two minutes of silence I spoke, “Seth, you can if she wants to but if you even hurt her your butt is mine, alright?” he nodded and all three of us went inside.

Andrea's POV

‘Hey Courtney, how’s it going?’ I text her. ‘NM, how about you?’ she text back. “Ring, Ring” it was Courtney, “Hey I thought we were texting?” I told her “Just calm down and listen, alright you know the Cullen’s right?” I thought what who are they. “No I don't know the Cullen’s who are they?” it sounded like she was in shock “Seriously you don't know them, Edward he married Bella, Charlie Swan's daughter.” I really didn't know what she was talking about so I told her “No I don't know who you are talking about, maybe Bella I think I use to hang out with her when I was here about four or five years ago.”  she sighed after I told her and began to talk about them anyway, “while they had a baby and everyone is talking about it, when I went to Forks yesterday after school with my mom, I saw Bella and her baby I talked to her and her baby girl I figure out and her name is Renesmee, that's a weird name do you agree, and plus she looked pale like someone that's dead is that weird also?” she asked me, “No I think it's a beautiful name, and maybe she's a goth, or maybe she put on way to much make-up.” after that we talked for a couple minutes then we got off. “Hey Andrea can up come here please?” Jake called for me outside. I put my shoes back on and went out there, he was in the garage I heard Seth in there I went in quietly cause I didn't know if they were still mad at each other or not. “Hey there shorty, I was thinking if we can studying together?” Seth ask me “Andrea, Seth and I are not fighting anymore, so you and him can talk and hang out together.” Jake told me, I didn't know what happened cause yesterday he was mad at him and now there buddy, buddy what's up with that I'll never know. “Alright, we can studying together.” I said to Seth. We both went inside and I got my things, “do you want to go to my house to studying.” I thought about it for a couple min. “Sure we can.” When we got there, we went into the kitchen to study, “Do you kids want anything to eat or drink?” asked Sue we both nodded and she gave us apple juice and cookies, the Clearwater’s always had cookies of what Jacob told me. “Are you ready for the history test on Monday?” I asked Seth “Kind of, lucky it's Thursday and we have the whole weekend to study for it.” I smiled and we went back to are history.  After we did our homework and study for about three hours almost, both of us went outside to the tire swing again and talked. “Do you know anything about the Cullen family?” I asked Seth. “Yeah, I know them, why do you ask?” he told me. “You know Courtney right?” he nodded “While she told me that one of their kids Edward I think married Chief Swans daughter Bella, they had a little girl named Renesmee, I think it’s a beautiful name but she thinks it’s weird?” he looked at me and laughed “Yes that is true, anything else?” I nodded “Plus she said that Bella looked pale, I told her that maybe she put on too much make-up or she turned goth?” he didn't laugh this time, “What is wrong Seth?” he shook his head “Nothing shorty, can we talk about something else?” I nodded “I have something to ask you something?” I didn't know what but I listened anyway “Alright” he looked down at his feet, then looked at me with one of his fabulous smiles, “Would you like to be. ‘ring, ring’ sorry Seth its Jacob. “Hey Jake” when I answered, he wanted me to come right home. “Seth honey, please come inside and get ready?” Sue said from the porch. “What did you want to tell me?” I asked “ Do you want me to walk you home?” that was it, but I couldn't be mad I nodded and he went in got my stuff and told his mom that he will be right back and he walk me back to Billy's.

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