Fuck it, I'm learning

My life isn't a movie, it's not a book with just one ending and I can't just throw it in the trash and start over. I have to live with the choices I make, even if my choices send me straight to hell.


6. patrol patrol

So for the first weekend at uni, I obviously got very drunk because I was no longer under 24/7 parental vision.  I had my older friend buy me cheap alcohol with the highest percentage because of that #studentlife.  I invited my new friends whom I got high with to my room for pre-drinks, and I had way too much.  You know when everyone else is drunk and you don't feel it yet so you drink half the bottle of vodka to catch up? That was me.  I don't know why I thought that was a good idea because it was my first time drinking vodka and I am an extreme lightweight when it comes to drinking.  My friends were like "just take a little vodka, it'll hit you later," but I am impatient as fuck, so I just had to down the whole thing.  Twenty minutes later I was stumbling around the quad falling everywhere and laughing at the dumbest things.  I kept hanging off my friends and telling them I love them.  It was basically like watching a toddler on Christmas morning tearing open each present, but instead of a toddler, it's an 18-year-old girl trying to walk in a straight line and dancing to folk music.  Eventually, someone grabbed ahold of me and whispered in my ear "Hey, I think you should go see patrol."  Patrol is student security who patrol around the dorms making sure things are in order, and people are safe.  I crawled up the stairs and into the common room where patrol fed me water and talked to me while I was telling them my whole life story in great detail.  An hour before that my friends tried to put me to bed but I was still pretty fucking drunk, so I couldn't fall asleep, so I flopped out of my bed and made my way back down to the quad party.  They had no idea I had even escaped my room!  Patrol asked me where my friends were so I tried calling them, and they thought it would be funny if they put on accents and pretend to be someone else who just found this phone.  I believed that my friend actually lost her phone and drunk me was concerned so when she entered the common room, I embraced her with open arms and told her that she lost her phone.  She explained this whole story to me the next day, and i still didn't find it funny.  
That was my first drunk weekend story... not too bad but every weekend goes downhill from there.  ​

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