Fuck it, I'm learning

My life isn't a movie, it's not a book with just one ending and I can't just throw it in the trash and start over. I have to live with the choices I make, even if my choices send me straight to hell.


3. meky + jazzy

This chapter is about a boy named Meky and a girl named Jazzy. he is two years older than me and has a hot bod, she is my age and loves to act like Regina George from Mean Girls. I first became friends with Jazzy like six or seven years ago at camp and have been friends ever since, I met Meky in choir and I immediately fell in love. I tend to fall in love pretty fast, even though I've actually never even experienced it. The whole two years I knew him before he graduated, I just lived to impress him. It's not like he wasn't my friend and we didn't talk everyday, it's just that we weren't romantically involved.

The closest we came to being in a relationship was when we made out for like five minutes. It meant nothing to him so I pretending that the kiss meant nothing to me. Now every time I see him he makes a witty sexual remark and continuously sarcastically asks me to sleep with him.

So, this is where things get a little fucked up :). My best friend Jazzy very well knew that I had a HUGE thing for Meky and yet she fucked him anyway. I love her to the moon and back but she is a total fucking bitch and I'm okay with that. What I'm not okay with is the fact that despite knowing I was totally into Meky, she became bestfriends with him and replaced me. But little naive me couldn't see what was right in front of her and being the two-faced bitch I am, I encouraged this thing between them because I can't stand that sound of Jazzy heavy crying into her phone speaker for three hours at a time. Most friends would totally dump her ass for stealing Meky away from me but OH NO!!! Not me. It's cause I'm an idiot. I should've told her that it was either him or me but did I? Nope.

Now Meky and Jazzy fuck of the regular and everyday at school I get to hear all the details. I get to hear Jazzy complain about how Meky is acting like a total douchebag and how he wants her to stay here for university instead of leaving him and how one minute he's in love with her and the next he dumps her. You're probably getting the wrong idea from this, Meky and Jazzy aren't actually an item, they're not dating or even in any sort of romantic relationship. They love each other in the plutonic friend way but nothing more. They're relationship is strictly friends with benefits, no strings attached, just plain old fuckbuddies.

In the beginning of their blossoming sexual experiences, I told both of them that they were most likely going to develop feelings for each other and they both denied it a numerous amount of times. Now guess who keep crying on the phone to me? That's right, it's Jazzy!! "He's going to leave me because I'm becoming overly attached." I tried to tell her but, no. They NEVER listen. Like ever. So now I have to keep calming her down and acting like its okay that she's still involved with him even though I keep telling her that he's no good and that he'll just end up hurting her. And when it's all over and done with, I'll be the one she comes to for a shoulder to cry on.

Fuck I hate my friends. They fucking suck but I love them. I don't know why but I do. Fuck.

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