Every hero had a story. A story of love. A story of tragidy. Or a story of mystery. Every hero has enemies. Well, Serenity and Jay are newfound heroes. Both have stories. Both have enemies. Enemies after their abilities. Now, they must fight together to save the world. While they're at it, will they fall for each other?


6. What Just Happened? ~Nightwolf's POV~

          I was just at a casual, usual party, talking to my dad. Just then, Serenity walked in and my dad walked over to her and complimented her. I stared at her, awed... Which was weird for me. I went over and complimented her. She told me she had to be somewhere, so I let her go, but followed just in case. Outside, I hid in the bushes... Where Tyler and Serenity stood, talking... Tyler, of course, kissed her, but she messed with him. 

         I smirked. Tyler was such a pervert. I shadow traveled back home, then changed into my suit. I, again, shadow traveled to a rooftop, where I could watch the city. Serenity came up to the building and I felt her stare at me for a second. 

         "What're you doing up here?" She asked me, looking down on the illuminated street.  

       "Watching the city, as I always do." I responded, not making eye contact with her as she stared at me. I wondered what she was thinking.

       "Ah..." She paused and drew a short breath. "I was just speaking with Tyler, and heard the bushes rustle. In any case, was that you?" She continued to look at me.

      "No. After I complimented you, I left and changed into my suit, then came up here." I lied. I hated lying to the ones I care about. Especially family-friends. 

      "Okay..." I knew she knew the truth, but I shook my head. 

     Perfect timing. An alarm went off as soon as Serenity was going to confront me about it. I shadow traveled to the bank and looked around. Just great... I thought. It was Red Skull, Task Master, and his other goons. This was something I couldn't handle on my own. Not yet, at least. My powers hadn't fully developed yet. 

    "Ah... If it isn't Nightwolf. One of the heroes we were hoping to show up.'" Task Master exclaimed. I knew he was smirking underneath that mask.

   I was thinking of shape shifting into a wolf, or some large predator, but decided against it and grabbed my sword. I said nothing as Task Master charged at me. I flipped him onto his back, but he jumped to his feet and kicked me to ground. Once on the ground, I smirked underneath my helmet and tripped him to the ground and flipped up. But, before I could react, Red Skull grabbed me from behind, making me release my sword. I cursed in my mind as I tried to get free. I couldn't. I still wasn't as strong as Cap, yet. 

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