Every hero had a story. A story of love. A story of tragidy. Or a story of mystery. Every hero has enemies. Well, Serenity and Jay are newfound heroes. Both have stories. Both have enemies. Enemies after their abilities. Now, they must fight together to save the world. While they're at it, will they fall for each other?


4. Typical ~Nightwolf's POV~

      Just a normal day for me. Out in the woods, training, staying hidden... All because Steve Rogers- my dad- wants to protect me from his enemies. He has yet to know about my abilities. I know that I am capable to take care of myself. Cap should return soon... But, before he does, I must go to San Francisco

    "Some people have been thinking, and talking, of planting a bomb... In San Francisco." The shadows had informed me. I sighed inside, but nodded. 

    "All right." I, quickly, get my suit on. The shadows forgot to tell me that I left my helmet off. 

    I shadow traveled, but, before that happened... Cap came home. I looked at him, and he knew. All he did was nod briefly, then, sigh.

    "Be careful. You are my only son, and, probably, will be." He turned as I shadow traveled to the station. S.S. MINT- Serenity- was there. She quickly ran over to me. 

    "Hey, you." She whispered to me. I swear I heard a hint of flirtatiousness in there. "This is my mission."

    In reply, I shushed her. Then, I thought a moment, and replied. "I am allowed on this mission..." I paused, "Cap said."

    She sighed, almost annoyed, it seemed, and walked onto the train. From there, I don't know what happened. All I know is that I walked onto the train and all the men were stopped. The bomb was disarmed. 

    "Good job." I congratulated Serenity, then walked off, giving a slight wink to her. Not in a flirty way, no. We knew each other... Sort of. All I knew was that I could trust her. She knew my father, and, if Cap trusts her, I do. 

      That is a typical day for me. I swear, though... I swear that Serenity likes me...

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