Every hero had a story. A story of love. A story of tragidy. Or a story of mystery. Every hero has enemies. Well, Serenity and Jay are newfound heroes. Both have stories. Both have enemies. Enemies after their abilities. Now, they must fight together to save the world. While they're at it, will they fall for each other?


7. The unexpected Visitors -Serenity's P.O.V-

             As I walk away from Tyler I feel curiosity. I am just curious. What was the rustling in the bushes?

Closing my eyes, I wave my hand in front of me to time travel back into what just happened. My eyes glow green. 

          (This is her traveling back in time to the Tyler moment and the rustling in the bushes. When Serenity time travels she glows a bright green and appears invisible.) I see myself. 

"Hello Serenity." Tyler said with a smile.


 "What do you want...?" I ask defensively. Just then, I hear the rustle in the bushes. As Tyler planted the kiss on me I pretend to gag and rush to the bushes. The person in the bush leaves. I find the persons whereabouts and teleport.


          I am now on a roof standing directly behind Jay. He seems calm as always.


"What are you doing up here?" I ask walking up next to him and looking down at the illuminated street.


"Watching the city, as I always do." He says not making eye contact with me.


"Ah...." I paused and took a short breath. "I was just speaking with Tyler, and heard the bushes rustle. In any case, was that you?" I continued to look at him.


"No. After I complimented you, I left and changed into my suit, then came up here." I knew he was lying.


"Okay...." I say acting naturally


       An alarm went off. Jay seems like he knows what is going on.


  "Ah... If it isn't Nightwolf. One of the heroes we were hoping to show up.'" Task Master exclaimed. I still have no idea whats going on.


       Jay grabbed his sword. Task Master charged at him. Jay flipped him onto his back, but Task Master jumped to his feet and kicked him to ground. They keep on fighting. I am paralyzed. Red Skull grabbed him from behind, making Jay release his sword. he cursed and tried to get free, and was not capable of it. 


      I quickly snap out of my paralyzed self and Force magnetic waves through Task Masters body, or at least I try. It doesn't work and he tries to wack me with his sword. I create a telepathic shield, and I protect myself. 


"S.S Mint...You look older." He says looking at me. I levitate up a random car and force it at him. He hits it with his sword-again.


     All of the sudden something hits me in the back and jerks my body. It is stuck in my body. I am a little bit stronger enough that I can turn around. I see her.. The one that shot me in the back, Jackwell. I fall to the ground, and she stands over me. 


"Don't mess with the Jackwells roar." She says.




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