Every hero had a story. A story of love. A story of tragidy. Or a story of mystery. Every hero has enemies. Well, Serenity and Jay are newfound heroes. Both have stories. Both have enemies. Enemies after their abilities. Now, they must fight together to save the world. While they're at it, will they fall for each other?


8. Safe... For Now ~Nightwolf's POV~

          I saw Serenity rendered unconscious by Jackwell. That'd done it. You can mess with me, but, when you harm my friends and family, it's done. 

          "Enough!" I yelled as my eyes turned pitch black. The shadows had taken control. I could see, hear, and feel what was happening, but wasn't controlling my own body.

          "A wee bit defensive, are we, Nightwolf?" Taskmaster was smirking underneath his mask once more.

          "Dah. Not fer long." Red Skull finally spoke. 

          I only smirked and shape shifted into a snake and fell from Red Skull's grip. This was the first time I turned into a snake. I've never been good at shape shifting. I shifted back to human form and picked up my sword. I hit Red Skull with the but of the sword. At the same time, Task Master ran at me, his sword in his hand. Jackwell sat back, watching the unfolding battle. I jumped up and flipped, kicking Task Master's chin, and, in the process, kicked Red Skull to the ground.

          Once both were on the ground, I picked up my sword and created a shadow cloud, blocking Jackwell from seeing what was happening. I holstered my sword back onto my back and picked Serenity up. I shadow traveled to a safe location. An old, abandoned warehouse. I finally regained my control over my body and looked around, then at Serenity. She'd be out for a while. So, I found somewhere to lay her down at and went to the roof to watch for any more of the enemies. 

           I didn't know that Serenity had woken up only an hour later. I was still sitting on the roof when it had happened. When she did, though, the shadows said something, but I only shook my head and continued to watch. Night had come a half hour beforehand, and the only light source was from the moon and stars. 

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