Every hero had a story. A story of love. A story of tragidy. Or a story of mystery. Every hero has enemies. Well, Serenity and Jay are newfound heroes. Both have stories. Both have enemies. Enemies after their abilities. Now, they must fight together to save the world. While they're at it, will they fall for each other?


2. A Typical Day -Serenity's P.O.V-

            Standing behind a thorn bush is difficult, but I must stay Hidden.

I am listening to their conversations and it is not looking good. 

" Get the bomb and set it off in San Francisco." A man say's very sternly as he packs a suit case.

"Yes sir." say's a Woman with white hair obviously dyed.

            I follow them to the train station. Suddenly I spot Nightwolf-Jay-. I quickly Run over to him.

"Hey you." I whisper. " This is my mission." He shushes me and looks around. He reminds me of his handsome father Captain America. Dirty blonde hair, Thick Eye brows, That stern face. Let me just say I kind of like him. 

" I am allowed on this mission too. Cap said." He Whispers. I sigh and walk onto the train.

             The man looks at me, and he starts to walk towards me. I hurry and act natural. 

"Young lady, who might you be..?" He says with a nasty grin.

"I'm Darla..?" I Made it seem obvious.

He knows something is up.

"In that case Darla, Say goodbye to your life." He says as he punches at me.

I Immediately kick him in the face, and force his heart out of his chest. He dies, and I think to myself.

I hate my power! Can't I just be strong and beat him up?

With me and my power. Killing is mostly the only option.

It's only a typical day. Jay congratulates me, and walks off. I swear He gave me a very brief wink.

I like him.

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