What if? (discontinued)

What if you were a famous youtuber? What if you got nominated for an award for the KCA's? What if Ashton Irwin kissed you when you won? What if? (This story is on hold. I will be continuing late 2016 or early 2017)


9. 7th

I stood infront of them both and crossed my arms, trying to look angry. I was fuming inside of my head but it's hard to get the anger out of me. I'm stubborn is all I have to say.

"Why exactly are you starting a fist fight in my room?" Ashton scratched the back of his neck while Ed opened his mouth to speak, "I think you should be asking hi..." I cut him off.

"It takes two to fight Ed, and right now I really don't like you all that much." He scoffed and rolled his eyes, but I just ignored him. I turned to Ashton instead, "and how did you get in? The window as well? I swear I locked them." Ashton chuckled awkwardly before saying, "Kurt let me in through the door."

 ''Oh." I pressed my lips together."Ed,get out."I said,Ed looked at me" You can be serious! What about him?" he said and nodded his head toward Ash. "Get out or I'll call the cops." I said raising my voice and giving him a dirty look.

  "Oh,like there really going to put me in jail.For goodness sake,Julie,I'm Ed Sheeren!"he said and throw his arms up."Get out,Ed.Or you'll not have to worry about jail, it'll be the hospital instead,mate." Ash said making a fist like he was going to punch Ed.

"Ash.." I started to say but he cut me off."No,Julie.I'm done watching you be with other guys.Its my turn."Ash said and looked back at Ed.Ed shook his head,"I'm out of here."and he left.

 My head was spinning and I think was hearing things to because I could have swore that Ash said he wanted to be with me.I took a deep breath to clear my head. "Say that again,I think I miss heard you." I told him.

  He chuckled,"Julie,I lo..."he was cut off by Kurt rushing through the door"Julie,get dressed Jennifer's been in a crash."(if you don't remember how Jennifer is, read chapter 5 again)

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