What if? (discontinued)

What if you were a famous youtuber? What if you got nominated for an award for the KCA's? What if Ashton Irwin kissed you when you won? What if? (This story is on hold. I will be continuing late 2016 or early 2017)


8. 6th

I woke up to see a face infront of mine. Well, it was more ontop. I jumped out of my skin and leapt out of bed. "Oh Ed, it's you" I have chuckled, still kinda shocked by the way I woke up. Hang on a sec, where's Kurt? How did Ed get in?

  "yeah" he said and gave me a easy smile."sorry i woke you.you look beautiful when you're not stressed."i just looked at him."Not that you don't look beautiful when your awake."he added quickly.

    I gave him a small smile letting him know that i wasn't offended."Ed,how did you get in here?" I asked and folded my arms across my chest.

    "um,the window?"he said making it sound more like a question than an answer."I know that sound bad but i really wanted to see  you again."he said and got up off the bed and waked toward me.I stepped back.

  "That's sweet,but i think you should leave."i told him.He took another step toward me.

  "Julie,please.I saw you kiss Ashton last night.i'm not stupid."he was angry i could tell.He reached out really fast and grabbed my arm then pulled me toward him.

  "Ed.NO." i said before he pressed his lips on my roughly.I heard the door open.

   "Ed!get off her!"i heard Ash say.Ed let go of me and stepped back throwing his hands up in the air.

    "Ashton,I can-" Ed started before Ash punched him in the face.Before i could blink, Ash was on top of Ed.I screamed.

  "Ash! Get of him!"I yelled at him trying to pull him off.He just pushed me away."Ashton Fletcher Irwin, get off of him right now or I'll,um,never talk to again!!"he didn't stop"I mean it Ashton! I will never talk to you again or never make another youtube video again!" Did i mean that? Nah,but it got him to stop.  

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