What if? (discontinued)

What if you were a famous youtuber? What if you got nominated for an award for the KCA's? What if Ashton Irwin kissed you when you won? What if? (This story is on hold. I will be continuing late 2016 or early 2017)


5. 3rd

I cannot believe I'm going to the KCA's today! I sat in the back of a limo next to Kurt as he adds little specs of makeup  on my face, even though I told him I wanted a natural look. I pushed off his hands. "Kurt! Seriously! No more makeup!" He pouted and turned away from me, pretending to be a grumpy little boy who got told off by his mum. I chuckled as he turned back around. "I can't stay mad at you Julie, your my BFF!" He said in the best girlie voice possible. I laughed as the limo stopped. I looked out the darkened windows. Thousands of fans and paparazzi were crowding behind barriers, trying just to touch the celeb's walking on the red carpet. Suddenly it dawned on me that in less than 30 seconds I too would be walking with them. Can you imagine me on that red carpet!
The door slid open and I stepped out. Screams met my ears as the security guards held everyone back. I smiled and waved even though I was internally freaking out. I almost screamed when I saw Ed Sheeran. He winked at me and I blushed. (Don't worry this is an Ash fan fic, but all ed sheeran fan fics include one direction and i don't know why. Can someone please write a normal, just ed sheeran fan fic please???)
Trying not to wobble from all my nerves, I walked down the carpet in my pink converse high heels (look them up they're really cool) until I got inside. I was escorted to my seat somewhere neat the front of the stage and I saw I was next to a guy with long-ish, shaggy, dirty-blonde hair that was covering his face. He laughed at something the guy said next to him and looked up as I sat down. "Hi" I said, still not recognising him. "Hi!" he replied excitedly. His eyes seemed to light up when he looked at me, even in the dark. Something about him seemed familiar. He stuck out a hand for me to take and said "I'm Ashton Irwin. I'm the drummer in 5 seconds of summer, or 5sos we like to be called, but you probably wouldn't know us as your the JulieBear! Big fan. All of us boys are" He rambled all at once. I found it kinda cute though.
But just as I was about to answer, the show started. It seemed to drag on for ages but I was patient enough. At one point Ashton grabbed my hand and I felt a tingling sensation up my arm and through my body. He didn't seem to notice though as he was nervous about winnig the award for the best breakthrough artist. Sadly, though, they lost to fifth harmony. Then my award came up. I held my breath as Jennifer Lawrence (I am obsessed) read out the winner.
"The winner of best youtube 2015 is..." It was so silent you could hear a pin drop. J-law took in a breath then said "JULIE-BEAR!!!" Ashton cheered along with everyone in the audience then suddenly crashed his lips onto mine. I stood still, shocked at what was happening, and when he stepped away, Ashton's face went bright red. I chuckled awkwardly then ran up on stage to receive my award. When she handed it to me she whispered in my ear "Having fun there?" I laughed even though i didn't mean it, because I was thinking about all the hate I was about to get from the 5sos fam. I'll worry about it later, time for my speech now, I thought. I coughed and walked up to the podium thing. "Hi!" I started, not quite sure what to say. Then suddenly an idea popped into mu head (I wished it happened that quickly in real life. Homework would be so much quicker and easier to do). "I know this will have to be short so I'm not going to go with the classic 'I would like to thank my mum and dad' cliche. The person who I really want to thank is my stylist and best friend Kurt. He made this wonderful dress, did my makeup and made me beautiful, not just outside but also on the inside. He was always there when I needed him and taught me not to accept life how it is, he taught me that you should live life the way you want it to be. So I hope all of my fans and supporters, just everyone in the whole world listening right now, will find there own Kurt and give them a hug if you already have one." I concluded. The crowd erupted in cheers and started hugging everyone around them. I hugged Jennifer and we exchanged numbers (she is now going to be Julie's best GIRL friend coz why not) then I ran off stage and tackled Kurt in a hug, knocking him to the ground. He chuckled before my knee met his privates. "Julie! Why????????" he groaned in me. When someone laughed behind me I got off him and saw Ashton. He looked down and walked away. I sighed. What have I gotten myself into? Me, Kurt and Jen locked arms and we walked out of the building the the afterparty celebrastion

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