What if? (discontinued)

What if you were a famous youtuber? What if you got nominated for an award for the KCA's? What if Ashton Irwin kissed you when you won? What if? (This story is on hold. I will be continuing late 2016 or early 2017)


1. 1st chapter

My head popped up into the screen shot. "HELLO my wondrous noobs, JulieBear is back!" Grinning from ear to ear I did the usual video. Just messing about and rambling on about random stuff. By the end of it I was tired as. A long sigh escaped my lips as I began the boring bit; editing. But this is my life and I wouldn't want any other.

I decided to start a new ash fan fic so please tell me if you think I should continue with this story. The chapter is only short because I am doing it on my phone so sorry for any typos.

Don't forget to read my other story forgetting luke and comment if you want???

DrummerGirl xxx

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