Lester finds himself in a most unfavorable situation.


1. Buried

I woke up in a sweat, it was dark, and the air felt used.

I reached over to turn on my lamp, when my hand folded up against a wooden wall. "Wha-?" My voice trailed off.

I began to scruff my hands along the structure, coming to my senses I was finally able to grasp that no way in hell was this my room, and I was definitely laying on some hard wood as well. I pulled myself up in a swift motion, and hit more wood with my head, I was spinning when I came back down, laying on my aching back. 

My back popped multiple times as I slowly rolled over onto my stomach. Not enough room. I told myself. I began to breathe very heavily and rapidly, this air was foul and rotten with warm contaminating particles of dust. I had already used this air in many occasions, and it was beginning to thin.

I know this has to be getting bad. I have to kick my way out I told myself. I rolled back over onto my back and started kicking at the sturdy wooden roof. It wasn't budging anytime soon, since my foot was bruising I would have to stop this nonsense. 

My air was drizzling out of the tiny pores of the wooden structure. Time was running out. 

I skimmed my hand across my sides, looking for anything that could possibly be of use to me. 

Then I feel something plastic. A phone cover. It still had some battery, why did they drop it in here with me? Did they overlook it or something?

I ran through my contacts looking for my wife's number. The phone vibrated for a good eight seconds before an answer. I heard a sniffle from the other side of the device. "Who's this?" 
I paused, "It's Lester, your husband." 

There was no response from the other side of the phone. 
I slipped in a hello before she responded, "That's not possible, my husband died, and we just got finished burying him. So how do you have my husband's number?" 

I was shivering, "No, this is Lester. You buried me alive." I drop the phone, breathing my last breaths slowly, I prayed that they would dig me up in time before I ran out of ai

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