Justin and the rest

Maria Pedraza has brothers and they will do anything for get as long as she doesn't get hurt. Then there's Justin bieber the guy that Dhaka a crush on her but just won't tell her even though she knows he likes her. And then there's the rest of the friends that like her to. What will happen?


4. next day

Maria's pov

In the morning when I woke up I felt somebody's arms wrapped around me, I turned around to meet eyes with Justin.

Justin:" morning baby

Me:" morning loser

Justin:" that wasn't real nice was it". He said with a offended look. I smiled and kissed him. You then heard a voice from the other side of the door.

Juan:" hey losers get up we have to go to school in an hour. Oh and Justin if u need clothes u can go to my brothers old room".

Me:" how the fuck did u know Justin was here".

Juan:" his car is outside dumbass".

Me:" oh".

Justin:" well I'm going to be in so much trouble when I get home.

Me:" aww babe don't think like that".

Justin:" fine. Well anyways u might need a scarf to cover up ur neck".

Me:" oh fuck I forgot that I had those hickeys that YOU gave me".

Justin:" shush up babe u left them on me to and my mom is probably going to ask if I got laid". U started to laugh because he was being so stupid.

Me:" let's get up".

Justin:" nope". While u were getting up u accidentally put ur ass in Justin's reach and he smacked it saying.

Justin:" u really want me to fuck u huh".

Me:" keep telling ur self that".

Justin:" oh I will". U smiled than kissed him

At school

I went to school with Justin and everybody just kept looking at u guys. U just ignored them.

Justin:" hey babe I want you to meet some of my other friends".

Me:" ok".

We walked down to them with Justin's arm around ur waist".

Justin:" so babe this is Ryan butler and Chaz somers".

Me:" hi".

Ryan:" Justin u really scored with this one".

Chaz:" yeah".

Justin:" yeah I guess I did". Justin said that while kissing ur forehead. U just smiled.

Justin:" well she's also my one and only. So I don't want nothing to hurt her ok".

Me:" babe I can defend myself".

Justin:" I know but I still I'm going to be ur night in shining Armor".

Me:" ur so corny".

Ryan and Chaz:" stop stop stop go get a room.

Justin:" stop listening then".

The bell than rings. Me and Justin start to walk down the hallway hand in hand fingers intertwined. Justin follows me to ur locker.

Me:" Justin u should go to ur locker babe don't want you to be late to class.

Justin:" I have everything I need in my backpack can I put it in ur locker".

Me:" ugh fine".

Justin:" thanks baby girl. I love u". He lightly kisses me on the lips.

Me:" now let's go to class".

Justin and I start to walk down the hallway while everybody else is in their ownittle world.

Justin:" babe".

Me:" yes".

Justin:" uhm I wanted to ask you something".

Me:"what would that be". U asked.

Justin:" would u want to go on a date with me today". Justin beamed

Me:" yessss baby I would love to". I said.

Once i reached the class u guys walked in and sat next to each other. Justin tried to kiss me but I backed away because we were in class

Justin:" WTF babe". He suddenly said really angry.

Me:" what baby".

Justin:" don't baby me bitch. U know what I want.

Me:" I'm sorry". I suddenly felt like crying. So I asked to go to the bathroom. Suddenly I felt a presence beside me I turn to see my brothers Isaac Juan Andreas and Brandon.

Brothers:" Maria y r u crying!!!"

Me:" because jus Justin ccalled mme a a bitch".

Andreas:" WTF y did he call u a bitch".

Me:" because I didn't want to kiss him during class". Once u finished saying that heard a familiar voice.

Justin:" I'm so sorry baby I didn't mean to hurt you like that I wasn't thinking".

Brothers:" go away Justin u already hurt her we're not letting u hurt her again.

Me:" guys can u leave us alone".

Brothers:" no".

Me:" plz".

Brothers:" fine". With that they left.

Justin came up to hug u but u took a step back.

Justin:" I'm so sorry baby I didn't mean to be like that".

Me:" Justin I'm not sure anymore".

Justin:" let me make it up to u today at our date ok".

Me:" fine I guess u win". That when Justin leaned in and kissed u passionately, so u guys left to ur house. Once u guys got up to ur room Justin pushed u up to ur room door shutting it and locking it. Justin then moved his lips from my lips to my neck and he started to suck on it.

Me:" uuuuuu baby".

Justin:" yes baby keep saying my name".

Justin was just kissing me.

Justin:" baby jump".

I jumped and justi caught me he took me over to my bed and started to de dress us.

Justin:" baby u ready".

Me:" yes".

Justin got a condom and slipped it on. He started to thrust in me letting me get use to him.

Justin:" baby u ok". He asked.

Me:" yeah faster babeeeeeey". U moaned.

Justin started to thrust inside u faster and faster. U switched each other around and u road Justin's dick. Justin started to suck on ur boob and swirl his tongue around ur nipple u started to moan.

Justin:" scream out my name baby".

Me:" Justin"

Justin:" i said scream".

Me:"JUSTINNNNNNN !!!!!!!!". U screamed and moaned.

Justin was thrusting and thrusting until he stopped. U groaned. He just smirked and said " don't want me to stop huh".

Justin then got low and opened ur legs and stuck his tongue in u. U let out a grown like moan. Justin stated licking u. Justin then said " baby cum for me". Then u let out everything Justin then said " yumm". Justin then was going to get up but u pushed him down. U said " baby it's ur turn to have pleasure" u smirked. U got down and started to suck his dick. He started to moan out ur name and pull my hair. He started to thrust inside ur mouth and you liked it, that's when he let out and u swallowed it. U kissed each one of his balls and then gave one last kiss to his dick.

U got back up to be attacked by Justin's lips on mine.

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