Justin and the rest

Maria Pedraza has brothers and they will do anything for get as long as she doesn't get hurt. Then there's Justin bieber the guy that Dhaka a crush on her but just won't tell her even though she knows he likes her. And then there's the rest of the friends that like her to. What will happen?


5. morning

Once Justin and I were done i fell asleep in his arms.


The next morning I woke up because Isaac was banging on the door telling us to wake up. I got up but to only remember what has happened. I was naked. So I got dressed in a blue flannel with a red hot chilli peppers shirt to go under. I got black skinny jeans and my black vans. I decided that I would wake up Justin cause I totally forgot that he was even here. "JUSTINNNN" I screamed. He ended up on the floor and me laughing my ass off. I got interrupted by Justin " ur lucky I love u and I'm in a good mood". "Well anyways u should get dressed cause we have school" I said. " shit I forgot" Justin said. Soon after he said that he was getting dressed. We both went downstairs to find my brothers eating. " mornin brothers from other mothers" I said. " STFU we came from the same moms except them 3" Juan said. " no shit Sherlock" we all said in unison except for Juan. Juan just stood there dumb founded. " where's dad" I said. " hum I believe he went to work" Andreas said. Oh was all that left my mouth. " well I have to get to school. Who's coming with me or r u guys going to take ur own cars? I questioned. " me and Isaac will go with u I don't feel like driving today" Rafael said. I just started to giggle. I went to the drivers seat of my skyline.

Skip car ride.

We got to school and Justin put his arm around me and kissed my forehead. " wuv u" Justin said. I started to blush and put my head down. " aye don't think I didn't see that babe" Justin said lifting my head up with his index finger and kissing my lips.

Skip school it was boring and nothing exciting happened.

My brothers made it to the car before Justin and I did. The ride home was pretty silent and that wasn't normal so I decide I was going to ask. " aye y so quiet" I said. Rafael responded " hum non much to talk about other than urs and Isaacs party this Saturday". " oh shit I forgot about my own birthday shit" Isaac and I said together. We started laughing.

We were at home and Justin and I waited for everybody to leave. " so babe when is ur b-day". " Friday".

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