Justin and the rest

Maria Pedraza has brothers and they will do anything for get as long as she doesn't get hurt. Then there's Justin bieber the guy that Dhaka a crush on her but just won't tell her even though she knows he likes her. And then there's the rest of the friends that like her to. What will happen?


1. introduction

Well hi my name is Maria Pedraza and I'm 16 turning 17next week. I have 8 older brothers all cup and then I have my step brothers also 8 of them four on my moms and four on my dads. Well the eight that are full names are

Daniel Pedraza

Rafael Pedraza

Brandon Andreas and Juan Pedraza (the triplets)

Luis Pedraza

Carlos Pedraza

Issac and Maria Pedraza

Yep I'm a twin and it's not easy mostly when ur twin is a guy. Well then there's my step brothers which sometimes they can be pretty cool.

I live with my dad but I'm sometimes with my mom. My step brothers there are pretty cool but sometimes they decide to be mean to me. Hahaha its funny when they decide to be mean because I decide that I'm going to be a total bitch to.

Will anyways lets get to the basics of me

Fav color: blue

Fav animal: dog

Fav bro: Juan

Fav sport: idk I do a lot of them I can't just pick a favorite.

Fav football team: patriots

Fav soccer team: Barcelona

Fav basketball team: lakers

Fav baseball team: LA dogers

Basically you can say I'm a total Tom boy

Fav wrestler: John cena

I like boxing

My personality is shy sometimes outgoing and that only if I know you well.

Things I hate are bulling smoking technically anything bad. Uhm you can say I'm a goody goody but I can sometimes break that. So that is basically me.

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