Justin and the rest

Maria Pedraza has brothers and they will do anything for get as long as she doesn't get hurt. Then there's Justin bieber the guy that Dhaka a crush on her but just won't tell her even though she knows he likes her. And then there's the rest of the friends that like her to. What will happen?


2. first day of high school

When I woke up I felt a big weight on me and I really didn't like it so I punched it.

Carlos:" I was just trying to wake you up for school. Y you punch me!?"

Maria: "because you were sitting on me."

And with that I kicked him out of my room. So I could get ready. I went to my walk in closet and picked out something. My mom said that I need to embrace my inner girl I was like the closet I will ever get to being girly is getting a boyfriend having a kid and dressing up for my family's funeral. She just stood there withheld face in WTF look, so I left. 🙎🏽 that was literally her face.

So let me tell you what picked out

Blue flannel that went over my we came as the romanes, it was one of those shorts that was cut all the way down by the armpits then I picked out my black ripped skinny jeans with my all black vans and my beanie.

I went down stairs so my brothers and I could leave for school.

Skip ride

Once we got there I looked for my friends and instantly found them. They looked at me and said you'll never change will you. I just smiled.

I saw my friends staring at something behind me so I turned back to check I Instantly saw a May I say hot group of guys staring at us. So I snapped my fingers in front of my friends faces until they stopped drooling over them.

Marry:"isn't that your brother in the group there to"

Me:"yeah y"

Marry:" because he got even hotter"

Me:" nope"

Julie:" I've got to go with marry they have gotten hotter"

Me:" I'm telling them"

And with that I started sprinting off to my brothers which was with the group of boys. All I heard before I ran off was noo!!!! Once I got there Isaac said

Issac:" what u need"

Me:" my friend marry said u u u u and u got hotter" I say pointing at them.

My brothers started to chuckle and I started turning around when somebody stopped me. I turned around to see one of my brothers.

Juan:" wait which one is marry

Me:" the one with straight blonde hair and pink tips"

Juan was she talking to all of us or to a specific one"

Me:" uhm I think all of u like ur friends to. Y????"

Juan:" because she's kinda cute I just never really asked her because she was ur friend." The. One of his friends says

Friend:" wait you to dated. And your hot" then all the boys except your brothers started wolf howling while some of them laught, but then they started to process what they have said and they immediately said

Brothers:" hey hey hey no u will not go out with her she is off limits ok" so they all stared at them like WTF.

Friends:" y???"

Brothers:" because she is my sister so don't even think about"

Friends:" wait what sister??"

Me." Yep I'm their sister" u said while laughing seeing their faces.

Friend:" still I like u and I ain't going to stop until I get u"

Juan and Isaac:" will I guess your never going to stop trying because u will never get with her. She is my sister and your my friend I don't want to ruin the friendship. I started laughing and everybody else started to

Me:" u sound like a fucking girl bruh"

Friends:" what your sister said"

Friend:" well anyways I'm Justin that over there is Calum and Luke and over there that is Niall Zayn Louis Liam and Harry."

Me:" ok well hi I'm Maria Pedraza" u smiled

Me:" uhm I've got to go see u around boys and I'll see u at home bye"

Isaac:" uhm did u forget that we're twins or something and that we'll probably be in some of the same classes"

Me:" ohhhh yeah I totally forgot well anyways bye" as I was about to leave somebody asked for ur number so u turned around and saw Justin.

Me:" uhm yeah here" and u have him ur number

Justin:" thanks"

U could see that your brother was giving him the death glare.

Once u were with ur friends marry looked at u and said.

Marry:" what he say and you took forever"

Me:" uhm y don't u go find out"

Marrys pov

Maria:" uhm y don't u go find out"

I was like noo

So Maria being Maria she called her brothers over and Juan starred at me Damn Juan is to die for

Maria:" so what did u want to ask one of them"

Marry:" I like u Juan" I screamed out

Juan:" I like u to"

My heart skipped a beat when he said those words

Maria's pov

I was suprised when he said that but then the bell rang indicating school has started". As I was going to class somebody slapped my ass and then talked

?:"hey sexy" I went to turn around when I saw Isaac he was starring at u then he walked towards u guys with Juan.

Isaac:" let her go fuck face

?:" no and what u going to do about it."

Juan:" I'm going to kick ur ass so let go"

?:" I'm so scare-" and he wasn't able to end his sentence because Juan punched him. Fuck face as my brother called him feel backwards and I ran to my brother to stop him from breaking his face so I said lets go and with that we left.

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