Justin and the rest

Maria Pedraza has brothers and they will do anything for get as long as she doesn't get hurt. Then there's Justin bieber the guy that Dhaka a crush on her but just won't tell her even though she knows he likes her. And then there's the rest of the friends that like her to. What will happen?


3. during school

In first period when I walked in (late) every guy was starring at me. The teacher asked y I was late and I told her because I was in the bathroom. She was all like ok will go take a seat. When I went to go take a seat I sat all the way in the back because I don't like seating in the front because when your in the front and the teacher makes eye contact with you it gets awkward.

I noticed somebody came in there was an empty seat next to me so he took it. I could feel his eyes on me and it got very awkward. He stated talking but I knew that voice it was Justin

Justin:" hey sweet cheeks wanna go to a room."

Me:" no thanks I rather get bored than laid". U said while smiling

Justin:" oh really ok. So y u in this class this is 10th grade math not 9th."

Me:" well I'm good at math so they gave me a more advanced class."

Justin:" ok well I'm happy. Cause now I'm going to come to math earlier just to see u."

Me:" come on Bieber we know u wont."

Justin:" oh so now we doin last names huh Pedraza, and watch me come extra early.

Maria:" asta no ve no cree"

Justin:" Pedraza I don't know what the fuck u just said but ok." U started smilling

Me." I just said 'until I can't see it I won't believe it' in Spanish it's a saying."

Justin:" well ok I guess I'm also going to have to take Spanish as well to understand u huh."

Me:" I guess."

That's when the teacher looked at u guys and Said whats "2+20-10*3(23*40)"

Me:"it is 962." She looked at me like I was some type of genius. I smiled at her.

Mr.book:"that is I think correct I don't even know the answer."

Me:" then y the hell did u tell me to the Efing problem"

Mr.book:" because I wanted to see if u were paying attention in math."

Me:"well u can see I have"

Mr.book:" well ok"

Justin:" wow u are really smart damn I love smart girls."

Me:" no wonder u haven't gotten one."

Justin:" what is that suppose to mean."

Me:" their smart enough I guess not to date u."

Justin:" wow thank u I love u to" he said sarcastically.

Me:" ok I love u to" I said sarcastically. The teacher started to hand out work sheets and I was done with it before any of the other students were.

Justin:" Maria can u help me on #10 plz babe."

Me:" fist don't call me babe. Second yes."

Justin:" thank u so much baby girl."

Me:" I said don't call me that ok."

Justin:" ok baby."

Me:" stop. Ok so on 10 u do this." And I showed him how to. Once we were done the bell rang I was like thank the heavens. As I was about to leave Justin stopped me. He turned me around and kissed me so that made all the other students turn around and say awwwww Justin gots a girlfriend.

Me:" WTF Justin"

Justin:" what I had to."

Me:" we are not even dating."

Justin:" Maria Pedraza I know we barely met and all but would u do me the honor of being my girlfriend."

Me:" uhm..."

Justin:" plz say yes I like u a lot." U smiled and said

Me:" fine yes"

Justin:" I love u baby girl" and with that he gave me a kiss on the lips and I kisses back.

Me:" love u to babe." While u said that ur phone rang indicating that u have received s message it read

Juan: heard the news about u and Justin. I told u not to date him. So I txted back

Me:" ur not my dad ok so calm yo tits down bro.

Juan immediately answered saying.

Juan: ok but I'm going to have to have a long discussion with Justin on how to treat you ok.

Me: ok just don't hurt him or I will hurt u.

Juan: ok

Me being me I spent most of my time txting Juan that I forgot about class. So I had to speed walk down to the next hallway were I had my normal classes. I went straight down to my locker and found a note on The locker that read.

' hey. I'm going to get u just for my self one way or another'.

I got the creeps when I read that I was like the fuck, but then shrugged it off. Once I reached class everybody looked at me, so I just flipped them off.

Skip school end of day

When I was walking out of my last class I got pulled and shoved to the lockers immediately feeling someone's lips on mine. I looked up and saw that it was Justin he pulled away and smiled down at me

Justin:" hey baby girl ready to go."

Me:" yeah here wait I need to go grab my backpack ok." Once I said that Justin grabbed u by the waist and u guys started to walk down to ur locker. There was another note, it fell out when u opened ur locker. Justin went to pick it up and read it. Once he was done reading it he hugged u tight and said

Justin:"no matter what you'll always my baby girl ok". U looked at him strangely and said

Me:" ok baby but y are u saying tha-" but you couldn't finish ur sentence because Justin picked u up and took u to his car. He put u inside and said Justin:" I love u". U smiled and then got on top of him and started straddling him. U felt him get hard under u while u to made out. He started going down ur neck and started sucking.

Justin's pov

While I was sucking on Maria's neck I heard he moan. I started to do it harder and I started to bite down on her neck leaving marks and then swirling my tongue around them. I went back to lips and kissed her hard. Damn I was already hard the things this girl can do to me.

Justin:" baby go to the back seat." And with that she went. I hovered over her trying not to push all my weight against her. Her legs were wrapped around my waist and she was pulling me to her. Shit I can't take it anymore I started to grind my bottom half on her she started to moan

Me:" moan out my name baby."


Me:" scream out my name baby".

Maria:" Justin!".

Me:" I said scream it".


Me:" there we go".

Maria:" babe"

Me:" yes baby".

Maria:" we have to get hommme". I started sucking on her neck.

Me:" anddddd". Maria started to suck on my neck and it felt so good. I started to pull on her hair, while she already had he fingers tangled in my hair.

Me:" babe come on we have to get u home"

Maria:" ughhhh". I kissed her one last time before I started to drive.

Maria's pov

I was looking in Justin's car mirror when I noticed hickeys on my neck. Shit.

Me:" babe u left love marks in my neck".

Justin:" their love marks. Babe what u expect."

Me:" u have some to baby".

Justin:" ok. I ain't going to hide them I just means I got some from my girl right".

Me:" heah I guess but-

Justin:" no buts, ok. I love u and nobody's going to change that".

Me:" babe do u know where I even live".

Justin:" yes"

Me:" stalker".

Justin:" no ur brother wanted me come over so, now I get to spend more time with u".

Me:" ok".

U felt like u were being carried somewhere. U then felt that they put you on ur bed. U opened ur eyes and saw Justin walking out.

Me:" babe".

Justin:" yes baby girl".

Me:" stay with me"

Justin." Ok". Justin came over to me and wrapped his arms around u and put his head in the croak of ur neck. U could feel his smile against ur neck, and that made u smile. Before u knew it u were asleep.

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