Broken hearts & forgotten memories

Lyric is a teen girl (16) who has been through a lot despite her young age. She lost her parents at the age of 8 and was put in an orphanage. What will she do when she gets adopted by Andy Biersack and Kellin Quinn. What will happen when Andy gets too overprotective? When she meets One Direction , wheels start to turn. Niall, Harry, & Liam fall for her. In between love, lies, & hate, what will come out of it?


2. Who am I?

Chapter 2. Who am I?


Lyric's P.O.V

Hi! I'm lyric, and I'm your typical scene girl. I like to sing and draw. I'm very loud and very sassy, and at times I can get pretty annoying. I'm an orphan I lost my parents  when I was 8 and I was put into this orphanage. Which to say it nicely is a terrible and pathetic place or like I say it a hell hole. Today we are getting two new orphans and a couple is coming to adopt so, I'm ready even though nobody goes for the scene kids.

Kellin' P.O.V

Today me and Andy are going in to adopt a kid I mean I don't want a baby even though in love babies I want a teen from the age range of 12-17 I don't mind because most of the time they are responsible. Me and Andy have been together for a long time and we finally decided to start a proper family but with the fame it won't be easy but it'll be worth it!

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