My Crush....

So this is just a sneak peak. I'll publish the real version soon! Thanks! ~ kelsey_the_gυммyвear♡


1. A Sneak Peak

He was my brothers (Calum) best friend and bandmate. I liked him since I met him. I was 7 and he was 8. I knew he wouldn't like me. We became very close friends. But one day my brother and his friends left to go to America. To work for a big time record label. He never said goodbye. I was at my friends when they left.

10 Years Later....

I was at school with my friends and sisters. We were talking. I had just finished cheer practice. I was playing with my hair which was in its usual ponytail style. There was a big commotion. I looked at my friends but they had the same confused look on their face that I did. We heard an Australian voice say, "Thank you all. I will be happy to sign autographs later." The voice pushed through a crowd and there was my brother Calum. I teared up. I hadn't seen him since he left. I ran to him and hugged him. "Calum!" I said happily. "Carlie!" He said back as he hugged my back. We hugged for what seemed like forever. As we pulled away, I smiled. "So how was tour?" I asked excitedly. "It was awesome. But we all wished you girls could've come." He replied back with a big smile. I mumble quietly, "how is Luke?" I look at the ground as I said his name. Calum smiled and replied. "He's fine Carlie. He missed you." I looked up at Calum and smiled

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