A New Beginging (what happens after mockingjay)


2. Panem's Welcome

We see Effie and Haymitch. Effie welcomes us with a huge hello as usual. "My dear! Hello! Hello!" We exchange hugs and catch up on each other's lives. I look over at Peeta. Something is wrong with him. I just know it. Effie looks down at the children, "and who are these lovelies?" Peeta introduces Willow and Rye to the both of them. When Haymitch steps towards Willow, I become defensive. Peeta grabs my arm and whispers, "it's okay." Haymitch looks up at me, "nice to see you too, sweetheart." I nod at him. The atmosphere becomes awkward until Effie breaks the silence, "The others are in the large building a few miles down. You will be joining us for dinner, correct?" Peeta looks Effie straight in the eye, "we'll see." I elbow him and give him the death stare. After we say our goodbyes to the both of them, I ask Peeta, "What was that for?" "I don't know. I just don't want Gale to come by." By now you should know that no one in my family wants to see Gale. Gale wants to see us but we don't want to see him. I guess I do. I don't know. Mixed emotions, I guess. We walk into the very large building and see Johanna with Cassida. While one of them is waving a camera in my face, the other is butchering a deer. Johanna rips her gloves off, "Welcome back, princess. What a "pleasure" to see you." I look at her, "Nice to know you have clothes on this time." I still have nightmares of when she stripped down naked in the elevator. Johanna has a smirking grin on her face, "Mister Mallark! Last time I saw you, you pushed a team member into oil. Didn't he die?" Peeta snaps and charges towards her. I push him back, "PEETA!" He looks down at Willow, who is covering her eyes. "It's okay, sweetie. I'm okay." Cassida grabs Johanna's attention, "Why don't you go get the children some toys?" I shake my head, "No, that's okay. They are spoiled enough." Peeta and Cassida go in the next room and speak about Gale. I look at Johanna, "Annie?" She rolls her eyes, "A couple houses down. It's a shame you didn't come comfort her while Finnick died. After all, YOU killed him." I snapped. I tackled her to the ground. I punched and kicked until Peeta pulls me off. He looks at everyone, "Maybe we should go." I brush myself off, "Yea. Let's go."

We ring the doorbell at Annie's house and her son answers, "Your- your-." Annie comes and let's us inside. Rye was so happy to meet Annie. When the children played, Peeta asked about Gale, "He hasn't shown up. I heard we went searching for you." Peeta covers his face, "This isn't helping us, Annie! What if he shows up here?" I grab his shoulder, "He won't." I sit down with Annie, "How are you holding up?" She sighs, "I miss him, Katniss. I see him inside of our son everyday. I wish I could leave this world to be with him but I can't live my son here. Especially in Panem." Peeta reminds us that we have to go to dinner. I hug Annie, "You will be joining us?" She smiles, "Of course. All of Panem is invited."

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